Tuesday’s Pour House Trivia brought on anisette and classical music!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday welcomed Orioles Nest #331 to the family!

We’re up to EIGHT great spots for you to wrinkle your brainy bits on Tuesday nights!

Check the recap for Orioles Nest and more below.

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

Season XI is off and running in Shirlington!   Our regular crew was in the house, along with a couple of Pour House Teams trying out a new venue for the first time!  Glad to see everybody ready to go for another great season, and I hope that you make CCBC your permanent home.  I hope the new teams realize that it might be a bit of a tough field week in and week out.  We had THREE Capitol City teams finish in the top 11 at last week’s World Series.  That is impressive!  Also impressive was the run by the Capitol City Goofballs in the second half, as they did not miss a question coming down the homestretch.  Well, that is until the final question was asked.  They were not able to hold off the teams behind them, and so it was I’m a God, Not The God, But A God (thanks Bill Murray!) taking down the first win of the season.  Menace to Sobriety took second with the Valley Girls in third.  Next week, we begin with a question on the late, great Ernie Banks!  ~ Matt



Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

I want to take a hot minute of your time and congratulate our Champions teams who managed to land in the top 10 at our World Series this past weekend- Big Test Icicles (The gentlemen otherwise known as BTI) who hit a tie for 7th out of 88 teams and are no strangers to the top of the WS pack- Thundercats who came in with a 5th!

I’m quite proud of you all – nice job! And to my teams who were there for the beer- I salute you 😉 Thundercats were riding the high from the weekend and managed to put a smackdown on our final answer, making themselves heard and moving in to that 1st place spot for the night. 2nd went to the Crystal Methodists, who had a helluva good time gloating over their arch rivals, Pulpit Fiction who came in 3rd.

It was a good game with a fun final. Season 11 is going to be a blast! I will see you next week when we start out with Freshwater Fishing.


Fishing trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

We had a packed house tonight at Cugini’s in Poolesville, I love to see every seat filled with pub trivia players!

The final question flipped the script for tonight’s game and it was Lightfoot with the only correct answer to attain 1st! MoMo, the World Series second place finishers, took 2nd with a strategic wager, and How I Met Ronnie was our 3rd place team.

Join me again next week where our first category will be Latin Mottos and Phrases.

~ Ronnie

Latin trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

We kicked off Season XI with some new teams, returning veterans, and, surprisingly, no team name changes. Guess they’re sticking with those…

We learned about the biggest city in Missouri, the narrowest margin of victory in luge, and just how much we remember from our periodic tables. (More than we thought, less than we hoped)

We had a nail-biter of a final, which dramatically turned the leaderboard on it’s head. Only one team remembered that the word “Lacrimal” relates to tears, and pulled off a come-from-behind victory. Taking third this week was last season’s House Champion (and 5th place finisher), If We Only Had a Brain. Second went to Jersey Shore, and in first this week was American Outlaws!

For next week’s category… I place my fate at the feet of our talented trivia writers on this one, Due to their long-burning hatred of me, American outlaws has selected, “Nick Acts Out ‘Orange is the New Black’.” I can’t even fathom what this will lead to, but I guess we’ll all find out together.


See you next week!

~ Nick


Markham’s – Bethesda, MD

We kicked off Season 11 of Pour House Trivia with a bang at Markham’s tonight! From an appropriate winner’s choice category to a couple wild cards, tonight was a blast of an opening night!


In “I’m-The-Host-and-I-Say-Its-Gross”: I’m surprised so many people know about anisette, considering how gross licorice is! I don’t care what you all say, it’s disgusting!

In “Points!-Points-For-…No-One”: We haven’t had a total stumper in a long time, but several arguing teams were definitely eating Humble Pie after that question! Tough one!

In “Close-But-No-Cigar”: The Classical Music question saw sooo many teams getting soooo close, but no cigar. I saw the Leipzig Boy’s Choir, the Austrian Boy’s Choir, the Vienna Orphan’s Choir. And the Mormon Tabernacle which wasn’t close at all, but worth mentioning 😛

The final was crucial tonight, and it drew last blood for several teams!

In third place, jumping up from the pack and into third place, Where’s the Makers?! Good job guys, way to hang tough!

In second place, after leading the whole night they got bit on the final, Quiz Me Baby One More Time! Tough break guys, but still a great game!

Taking the first victory of season 11, jumping up with a last minute correct answer, came Uncle Jack! Congratulations guys, well earned win!

For their first round category next week, Uncle Jack has chosen the Oakland A’s! Study up on your baseball and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

Oakland A's Trivia Pour House pub trivia


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Packed with FUN, ENERGY, CRAZINESS, SHOOTERS and some Bad A$$ Pub Trivia teams, we threw down a serious Season 11 Opening Night Tuesday at Monkey La La. The place was packed, and the shooters were a’flowin in true La La style. And in the midst of it all, a Pub Quiz Night broke out…

And IT-WAS-A-GREAT-DAG’ON-GAME! If this one is foreshadowing of the season, then we are in for a mighty tasty winter and spring of trivia!

And I must say I am excited to be joining the company of the rest of the 21st Century. I have embraced technology and decided to put my iPod Classic into retirement, reluctantly! (It will be there for emergencies). The ALL REQUEST TRIVIA NIGHT is my new thang, and I am excited (and nervous about it). But we did get to hear a ton of tunes last night that we never have before. So 21st century..I say I am finally with you…don’t hurt my feelings. And to all of the La La teams, come in to trivia night with some tunes you want to hear and we will rock it!

My Fav Answers of the Night:

1. Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da — The Beatles are my fav’s (and incidentally, have not released their tunes on my new, aforementioned, Google Play library).

2. HEAL – CUTE – WIFE was a fun mix of science and brain pudding fun – totally my thing!

3. And I liked the ONION final! LAchrymation is FUN to say…

That said though, the ONION final did send shock waves through the room and change the game entirely! When it was over, the Top 3 La La Season 11 Opening Night Leader Board looked like this:

bar trivia company in MD

bar trivia companies in va

bar trivia companies in DC

Thanks everyone for coming out to La La and pub quizzing it for a bit with me. I hope you enjoyed. Next week we continue our Season 11 fun, and will start it off with the category of  “Classic Rock AUDIO LAst Word First Words.”

Until then…be well…and I will see you soon 🙂 dg

Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Today was the inaugural trivia game at the Oriole’s Nest, and there were many familiar faces, but also a ton of new players getting their first tastes of the wonders of Pour House Trivia.  Based on today’s turnout I’m excited to see what the future brings.  Unfortunately, what I like to call the “dreaded” Classical Music question reared it’s ugly head, and it definitely claimed a few victims.  Even more vicious than that, however, was a real gamechanger of a final question, that stumped the majority of the room.


With that being said, taking third place was Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap, who survived due to some crafty wagering.  In second place was the team who led throughout the entire night until the very last question, Book Club Babes, who begrudgingly accepted the second place prize (their words, not mine!).  In first place was the only team to get the final question right, correctly recognizing that Lachrymatory led to Lacrimal glands, AKA your tear ducts, and realizing that onions always seem to make people cry.  Nice job to the Know Nothings, who clearly went against the premise of their team name on that one!  We start off next week with constellations, courtesy of our winners, so consult those star maps and get ready for that!

Until next time,

~  Chad