Tuesday was for High Scores!

That scoreboard though! Teams were putting up giant numbers at venues across Maryland and Virginia tonight. No foolin’, these teams are getting locked and loaded for the post season!

Whole Foods in Ashburn, Va 

An exiting night of Trivia-our race for house champion is heating up and will come down to the wire! Kellie’s Heroes and Mini Van Mafia have been battling it out for weeks, but it was Mini Van’s turn to take the lead-and it was Taco Tuesday’s turn to finally get a win after so many 2nd place finishes!

1st Taco Tuesday
2nd Mini Van Mafia
3rd Pi
The first category chosen by the all women team of Taco Tuesday is….the Female Reproductive System. Oh man. See you next week!

Nice to finally have some nice weather along with our Tuesday night game at Zepheira Sports Bar! Spring finally showed up for the close of season 13! Ending last night we had Nobody Home in 3rd, I’m Just Making This Up As I Go Along in 2nd and Sanford & Son stepped back into an easy 1st place win! They picked “NON- Rob Zombie Halloween Films” for next Tuesdays winners choice, so study up and come join us for a game at Zepheira Sports Bar!!  ~  Jon J

We’re down to our final two weeks of the season, and the race for the house championship could not be any tighter!  With two wins in the last three weeks, the Capital Hillbillies have closed the gap to just four points over the Capitol City Goofballs, whose domination over the first half the season has subsided a bit.  Tonight’s game however was about neither of those teams, but Menace to Sobriety!  They took the lead on the 6-4-2 question and never looked back.  It’s their third win of the season!  The Capital Hillbillies took second, and overtook the overall lead by just a few points, meaning it will come down to next week’s game for the title!  See yo u then, when we’ll be opening with a question on Obsolete Technologies!  ~ Matt



Our first place team tonight had been struggling for a bit but they came out in true form here at Cugini’s, great job! House Champion will be settled next week so make sure you’re here. I had mentioned to the trivia writers that we hadn’t seen any Game of Thrones questions lately and sure enough, and without any influence from me, karma provides. Here are the results:

Drunk N Disorderly in 1st

Lightfoot in 2nd

MoMo in 3rd

The first category for next week is the CURRENT season of Game of Thrones! ~ Ronnie

One of the final games of Season 13, tonight we saw a LARGE number of teams come play. The team count was one fewer tonight because Quiz in My Pants decided to join up with a half-as-big If We Lose the Terrorists Win tonight. If We Lose is no stranger to victory while Quiz in My Pants has yet to win a game since their first visit to Quincy’s. This pairing might make for some fun. The other teams would have much to say about that.
Starting off the game, right out of the gates we smacked down some heat with a terribly difficult Civil War question. I’d personally never heard of The Battle of Five Forks but when you pick a category like “The U.S. Civil War”, you’ve gotta be ready to do some knowledge diggin’. Proving to be tough, even stumping 2 teams who elected to choose it as their bonus, this one might have broken the game early for some teams. Grats to If We Lose and Big Ole Balls for getting points on this one!
If We Lose was leading most of the way tonight, seeming nearly flawless as they entered the final question at 164 points. 140 is pretty standard, 150 more so for the very strong teams; to be over 160 on any given night is impressive. We did have a few teams close however, with Uncle Jack and Big Ole Balls locked in a tie, very close to the lead. Either of them would have to hope for a final that’d stump the lights outta If We Lose.
Final played easy tonight, easier than many had hoped, though not If We Lose who, with a correct response, were able to lock down the victory tonight! Grats guys, this team’s gonna be a THREAT in the post-season! 2nd place tonight goes to Uncle Jack who gets it on a TIE BREAKER over Big Ole Balls who take 3rd. Playoff invites went out tonight. Hope to see most of you next weekend for that affair. Until next Tuesday, later all!
1st Place:     Quiz in My Pants
2nd Place:    Uncle Jack
3rd Place:     Big Ole Balls
Next week:     Three Part Ska Covers AUDIO

Well today we started with one of the more absurd winner’s choice categories we’ve ever had. This time we asked teams to ‘Name the Norse God in the Amon Amarth song’, which ended up asking for the God mentioned in their song ‘Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags’ and is played by Idris Elba in the Marvel films. Only one team knew it, and they only knew through the Idris Elba hint, and that is Heimdall.

The audio question tonight asked teams to name groups who had a common link to their names, which was the word ‘down’, as in 3 Doors Down, Shinedown, and System of a Down.  I was impressed by how many teams remembered the name of the the mobile game that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been doing ads for, which is Mobile Strike.  Halftime asked teams to identify the famous Eds, Eddys, and Eddies, as well as answering questions where the answers were two word rhyming phrases.

The second half had a couple difficult questions, but none was harder than the art question we had, which asked about the Barbizon art movement, which is apparently also the name of a fashion and modeling school. The shared last name question proved to be pretty tough as well, with the question asking about (Katy, Oliver Hazard, and Gaylord) Perry.  The third round ended with a question about the song ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ by Falco, which most teams managed to get to.

The final round opened up asking about the Broadway show that recently set the record for most Tony Award nominations at 16, which was the show Hamilton. We also learned that it barely overtook Billy Elliot and The Producers for most nominations, as those both had gotten 15 of them.  I was impressed with how many teams knew the credit companies of TransUnion and Equifax, although I guess it could be because I don’t really check my credit score all that often.

We ended the final round with a question about the E! talk show host who recently got a show on Netflix, which is none other than Chelsea Handler. However, we also asked for her book title which is a parody of a young adult novel, and most teams got so so close, giving me ‘Are You There God, It’s Me Chelsea’, but the actual title is ‘Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea’.

Tonight’s final question was about European geography and asked for the French territory that was colonized by Vikings in the 900s, and is named for them. Most teams actually managed to get the answer of Normandy, and the standings didn’t change too much as a result. Third place tonight went to the Book Club Babes, who managed to leapfrog a few teams. Second place went to Suck It Trebek, who just couldn’t quite catch up to the leaders. Winning tonight’s game, congrats goes to Fractured But Whole on the win! Nice work! Next week we start with a question in the category of ‘Washed up Vikings Quarterbacks’, and there’s a lot to choose from, so study up! I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time,

With only one week left in “regulation”, Tilted Kilt is still very much undecided, with the House Championship still hotly contested. It’s going down to the wire, folks!

Teams answered questions all about Rock Me Amadeus, Office Depot and even Hamilton the Musical in their quest to notch one last win on their belt to close out the regular season. With all eyes on the two teams battling for dominance, the sage was set for a walk-off home run…
…and a critical mistake on the final! Second place moved up at the last second, and the final three were set.
Third Place: FUBAR
Second Place: Poovey Farms
First Place: Axis of Ignorance
AoI has chosen, “Famous Robots of TV and Film” as next week’s first category. I can almost here the theme song now… DUNDUN DUN DUN DUN

Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, Md

Another Tuesday night, another great game of Pour House Trivia at Senor Tequilas! The teams who braved the absolutely gorgeous day to come out and play battled hard all night!

Highlights of the Night:

In “First-Category-Blues”: As far as audio questions go, tonight’s WC category of Prince was a bear; knowing the backing band for specific songs?? Yikes! A couple teams managed to pull it out, but they were far and few between. Tough one!

In “Well-That-Seems-Odd”: The Guess the Year question was an odd one tonight; everyone either got it exactly correct, or missed it completely. There were no “ballpark” correct answers. Nothing malicious certainly, but I still thought it was interesting that it happened that way.

In “Third-Quarter-Nose-Dives”: The third quarter tonight was absolutely devastating; a few teams managed to squeak by mostly unscathed, but overall it was a crippling round of trivia!

When all was said and done, the final didn’t matter much, and we had our podium.

In third place tonight, Axl’s Doghouse!

In second place tonight, the John Lithgow Fan Club!

In first place tonight, Beer Pressure!

Great game everyone! Next week we’ll kick things off with a category on the TV show Futurama! Study up, and ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,


11 of the area’s finest groups of trivia lovers bum-rushed La La Tuesday evening for a trivia extravaganza!!! We had birthdays. We had send offs to Japan for the military. We had a room full of trivia love baby! What a fun night it was! And loud! We had a “muse” question early on which prompted me to create a Google Play station based on Starlight, by MUSE. And the tunes were poppin’ – a pretty lively and thumpin’ atmosphere was moving through La La!

We covered a lot of ground too. Old school Richard Gere opened it all up with some An Officer and a Gentlemen throw back!

movie trivia night in maryland

And oh my goodness that MOBILE STRIKE question! This one was on the tips of a lot of tongues but many could not spit it out, so to speak!

video game trivia maryland

I haven’t played it but I’ve heard good stuff about it. We rocked and rolled through dome Taylor Hicks, Falco and Chelsea Handler pop culture stuff and landed on a tough final that solidified our TOP 3 as follows:


Put it in the books! It was a good ole’ fashioned La La romp! Next week we crown the House Champion and give out World Series Invites. Hope to see you there. We will start it off with “French Impressionists.” Yum yum 🙂

art trivia night

See you there…Luv ya! DG