Tuesday Trivia Makes a Name for Itself!

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For the first time in Pour House Trivia history, we crossed the 200-team threshold for a Tuesday night! Including a 21-teamer at Solace Outpost in Falls Church and 20 more at Rhodeside Grill in Arlington, 203 squads attended trivia festivities on the final night of February across 16 locations.


Our great number of teams had no issues with the majority of Tuesday’s first round. We discussed Princess Aurora of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, the frequently-broken clavicle (or collarbone), and a trio of things that come fourth. At the round’s conclusion, we had this question about a certain rock frontman:

  • Billie Joe Armstrong serves as the frontman for which colorfully-named punk rock band which was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015?

Armstrong leads Green Day, which wasn’t terribly difficult. The bonus question was tougher, with just 30% of our teams knowing Dookie is Green Day’s top-selling studio album. Eight teams started strong on Tuesday with a perfect first round.


Three clips from famous TV sitcoms began round two, which then moved to Olympic volleyball and the European countries of Switzerland and Liechtenstein which use the franc as currency. For the trickiest wagering question of the first half, we filled up the trivia tank:

  • Which chain of gas stations was named not only to instill a sense of patriotism, but also as a reference to the standard octane rating of gasoline when the brand was launched in 1932?

We accepted either its original name of Union 76 or its current name of just 76; 53% of teams earned wagering points with a correct answer. The round’s last question featured the hardest wagering chance before halftime:

  • The name of what month appears in both the title of a 21st century play and subsequent film written by Tracy Letts and the name of a playwright known for his ten plays referred to as The Pittsburgh Cycle?

August is found in the name of that playwright, August Wilson, and the play August Osage County by Letts. The latter title was the bonus answer, provided by 23% of the field. A game-high 11 perfect team scores occurred in this round.


The top half of Tuesday’s halftime page asked teams to identify fast food chains by photos of promotional advertisements. After that, a mystery theme on the bottom half provided various answers that precede the word Day in common phrases (such as May and Labor). Fifteen teams earned all 20 points on this page, while the average score was 16.6 points. One team got out to a perfect start up through the halftime break:


The most difficult question on Tuesday welcomed our teams to the second half:

  • For a film released during the 1980s, who became the first woman to direct a film that grossed more than $100 million at the box office? You can name either the film or its director.

The 1988 film Big directed by Penny Marshall was the first to achieve that feat; just over a quarter of our teams had at least one of those correct answers. Teams were slightly better on this Add a Letter question:

  • The Renaissance painter born with the real name of Doménikos Theotokópoulos signed his works with a certain pseudonym. If you add one letter to that pseudonym, you’ll get the last name of Automatic Al, a kicker who spent 17 seasons in the NFL. Identify both names for credit.

El Greco and Al Del Greco were those correct answers, given by 28% of the field. Finally, a query about the animated bird Foghorn Leghorn saw a game-low nine teams earn bonus points for naming Foghorn’s love interest, Miss Prissy. The toughest round of Tuesday’s game knocked out any chance of a perfect team score.


Eighteen teams knew enough about Venus Williams to name her from a single six-point clue in Tuesday’s 6-4-2Tommy Fury‘s split decision win over Jake Paul over the weekend was the first topic covered in the fourth round, followed by a question about the barbels (or whisker-like organs) of the catfish. The month that features Presidents Day ended with a U.S. Presidential question stumping the field:

  • On June 2, 1886, who married his 21-year-old fiancé, becoming the only U.S. President to hold his wedding ceremony at the White House?

In Grover Cleveland‘s first of two terms, he married Frances Folsom; a little more than one-third of our teams named that President, while 5.9% received bonus points for naming his bride. This round ended with questions about the series finale of M*A*S*H and Three Clues about Cuba. Just one team scored a perfect fourth round: Supernovas (Dudley’s). These were the highest scores before the last question:

FINAL QUESTION (18.23% success rate):

  • Among the people who are namesakes for Elements of the Periodic Table, which person is by far the oldest, having passed away more than 300 years before the next-oldest person on the list? 

The namesake of element 112, coperniciumCopernicus is that final answer. The only team to achieve the Perfect 21 on Tuesday was Picklebacks (Dudley’s). They also took the overall gold as the night’s top-scoring team, followed by these others:


Cuginis Restaurant in Poolesville, MD: Our Defending Champions  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Game Night (film))

Upper Deck in Mount Airy, MD: Morgan Station  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: The Office)

Dudley’s Sport and Ale in Arlington, VA: Picklebacks  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Big Ten Men’s Basketball)

Ramparts Tavern & Grill in Arlington, VA: Wonderboys  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: March Madness)

Solace Outpost – Falls Church in Falls Church, VA: Pink Flamingos  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: 1960s Sports)

Smoketown Creekside in Frederick, MD: Dynamite  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: George Orwell)

Distilled in Frederick, MD: Enough Already  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Garfield)

Antietam Brewery in Hagerstown, MD: No Brainers  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: 1970s NFL)

Gentleman Jim’s in Gaithersburg, MD: DC Swampers  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: The Wire)

Nighthawk Pizza in Arlington, VA: Hoos Squad  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Marvel Films)

Coach’s Corner Grill in Purcellville, VA: Pho Q  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: You (season 4))

Elo’s Italian Restaurant in Alexandria, VA: Pew Pew Pew  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: The Greatest Showman)

Solace Outpost – Navy Yard in Washington, DC: Three Sheets to the Wind  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: The Simpsons)

Audacious Aleworks in Fairfax, VA: Below Average Franks  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: James Bond)

The Branch in Leesburg, VA: We Thought This Was Speed Dating  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Walt Disney World)

Rhodeside Grill in Arlington, VA: Uncle Billy  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Taiwanese Politics)