Tuesday Trivia Is A Busy One!

Tuesday night sure packed our teams in to those venues! Pulling out all the stops and lining up to hand in bonuses! It’s a good thing you all get along so well, elbow to elbow. See how all those teams played in the recap.

Whole Foods in Ashburn, Va 

An amazing night of trivia as 9 teams came out and packed the place. All the teams were also keeping pace and and ended up being a “final question decides all” kind of game which are always fun! The final question ended up “Thoreau-ing” everyone for a loop, which decided the game!

1st Mini Van Mafia

2nd Jimmy’s Beard Scruff

3rd Kelly’s Heroes

The first catigory next week is “Star Trek-The animated series” see you there!



Season XIII rolls along in Shirlington Village, with another edition of Tuesday night trivia.  Tonight, it was a stellar performance by the Capital Hillbillies, until a couple of questions tripped them up in the final round.  The game ended quite interestingly, as every team was thrown off by the anagram question, as we certainly ventured off of our normal path for that one.  On the final, it took a strategic wager for our winners to pull it off, as the Capitol City Goofballs jumped three spots and took down a win, even without the correct response on the final question.  Second place came down to a tiebreaker, with Valley Girls triumphing over We Picked the Wrong Week…

We’ll be back next week with a


19 teams packed in to Champions tonight, we needed all of those folding tables by the time we were ready to roll! Was a good night, as usual on these Tuesday nights.. I laughed, you laughed at me, we all laughed together at the Just the Tip audio… Honestly, I am curious to see if anyone actually released a Just the Tip song but am too chicken to google it. Learned a long time ago that you just can’t unsee some things.

There were quite a few zingers tonight, I don’t think I was anyone’s favorite person after that whole on the ground vs. in the trees animal question. Sheesh, not my fault you got excited and didn’t listen when I talked! Teams just ordered a few more rounds and powered through until that final.. Oh mn, that final. Any time I use the word anagrams, I can physically feel the people recoil from high wagers. It’s amazing really.

Once we all made it through the Literary final, we had a pretty big shake up! Crystal Methodists rose up from 9th to 3rd! Awesome! 2nd went to Comfortably Dum, and 1st was Wiser but Still Dead! Nice job. Next week we will start out with Famous Bastards. See you then! ~Samantha

Cugini’s in Poolesville, Md

 Thanks again to everyone for coming out to Cugini’s for some PHT! Congratulations to Fried Brains for their very FIRST win here in Poolesville, great job!!!
Here are the results of tonight’s game:
Fried Brains in 1st
MoMo in 2nd
That’s What She Said in 3rd
Our first category for next week is right in my wheelhouse, GUITARS! ~ Ronnie



Tonight’s game started with a question about the volcanoes of Hawaii, which featured a bunch of names that I had no idea how to pronounce. We also had a question about Donald Trump come up, mentioning how Johnny Depp played him in a TV Movie recently.  The toughest question of the first half asked about the movie ‘Miracle’ and asked for the name of the coach on the team, as well as the actor who played him. Most teams knew Kurt Russell played him, but nobody got Herb Brooks (although I did get the scribble strategy from a team!).

Tonight’s halftime page asked teams to name TV shows based on the cast photo, as well as matching literary brothers to their source material. Toughest show on there was Drake and Josh, which only a few teams got. The second half opened up with a question about Robert Downey Jr, which was an odd category to have. The question asked about his appearance on Ally McBeal as a guest star, which won him a Golden Globe.

I was surprised how many teams knew the Mae West quote we asked about, because I don’t think I ever would have even guessed her. An Island question that came next had me read some hard to pronounce names for the two islands of New Zealand, as well as asking for the most populous city, which was Auckland. The animal kingdom question ended up being a toss up between groundhog and Guinea Pig, especially since we gave a swine clue. However, only one of those two is in the squirrel family, which is the groundhog!

The baseball question was amusing because it talked about how A-Rod had the two biggest contracts in US sports history, until he was beaten by Giancarlo Stanton’s massive contract.  In the final round we asked about the method the Ancient Egyptians used to determine the start of the new year, which was marked by the annual flooding of the Nile river.

Funniest question of the night was definitely the triple 50/50 famous brothers question. I was shocked how many teams thought Eli had a better career passer rating than Peyton (it’s really not close, Peyton crushes him). The Wright brothers was definitely a toss-up, and asking about Luke vs Owen Wilson was funny, as Owen is the one with an Oscar Nomination, although it’s for writing, not acting.

The final question for tonight was a literary anagram, and it proved to be a bit tough. Half the teams managed to figure out that A VERY HIDDEN AUTHOR unscrambled to give you Henry David Thoreau. Taking third place tonight was the Book Club Babes, while second place went to Suck It Trebek. Taking down the win, their second in a row, congrats to I’m With Sarah! Next week we start with a question about Minecraft, so good luck with that!

Until next time,


It was good to be back this week, and just in time to celebrate a very trivia birthday with Will on Poovey Farms! Happy Birthday!!

This week, teams answered questions all about New Zealand, Porky Pig’s favorite instrument, and the highest paid baseball player in history. Meanwhile, I got to answer questions on, “Where the hell were you last week??”
As our game wound down, a couple of late misses changed the scoreboard completely, leading to an exciting final!
Third: FUBAR
Second: Poovey Farms
First: Dewey Cheatum and Howe
DCH has chosen, “Queen” as next week’s first category, so hit those high notes and I’ll see you next week!


Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, Md

With underdogs looking to defend their title, traveling teams without a home for the night, and a handful of up and comers trying to break out, we had a heated night of Pour House Trivia tonight at Senor Tequilas!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Am-I-The-Only-One-Who-Wants-To-Know…”: Where was Johnny Depp playing Donald Trump?? WHY was he playing Donald Trump?! I have so many questions about this supposed performance!!

In “Wrong-Rodent-People”: The swine clue in the Animal Kingdom question got some teams hung up on the wrong rodent. I ask you, what does Guinea have to do with actually being able to climb trees? Gotta listen to the clues people!

In “Puzzles-Are-Hard”: An anagram for the final had most teams scratching their heads, so a correct answer was crucial tonight!

In third place, Axl’s Doghouse!

In second place, the John Lithgow Fan Club!

In first place, Uncle Jack!

Good game everyone! Next week we’ll kick things off with some Audio 80’s Music! Should be a good one; study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,


I’ve come to realize that I do indeed long for my La La Tuesday-ness! I’d get all jittery if we would miss a night – the La La Jones! It’s a thing!

Thanks for coming out Tuesday and playing y’all. It was a fun night indeed – and a rowdy one for sure! 8 teams packed into La La and threw down for a bit! Some tough meanies of questions jumped out last night too!

  • Burgertime – Brings back memories of my “going to the arcade” days! I miss those!
  • Groundhog – Guinea Pig was a seductive wrong answer…and it had a bite!
  • Nile River floods and old school New Years celebrations – it’s a thing

Great game the whole way as well! Congrats to our TOP 3 crews who grappled for that W. Took us all the way through Henry David Thoreau to get a firm leader board! GG my friends.



And that is a good Tuesday night in the books. Next week at LA La we kick off with a question about Cormac Mcarthy:

Until then, have a great week my friends. And I will see you soon 🙂 DG