Monday Night Was All Iced Up…

Only one Pour House venue was open tonight as the ice storm rolled over us, one solitary spark of light. Like a trivia mecca located right in Arlington, Va.

Spider Kelly’s in Arlington, Va

Like Robert Scott making his way through Antarctica, we had seven trivia teams manage to stave off hypothermia and… Actually, it wasn’t that bad.  At least the trivia action inside Spider Kelly’s was hot.  After a week away from the medal stand, High School Prom was back in peak form, storming through four rounds to a healthy lead heading into the final question.  Our Grammy-themed final was a toughie, and High School Prom was NOT able to come up with the correct response!  However, our only correct answer came from deep in the pack, so HSP hung on for a win.  Kitten Mittens snuck into second with a strategic wager, while Heavy Metal Parking Lot took third.  Our first cateogry next week will be the (first) “Pitch Perfect” film!  ~ Matt