Tuesday Night Trivia- we missed you…Happy 2014!

Can I just say that Tuesday night trivia rocks around the horn. From Virginia to Maryland to more Maryland…the teams the bars, the staffs the patrons – top notch folks and full of love. Its been 3 weeks since we’ve hung out, but tonight was incredibly fun all around. Happy New Year Tuesday friends :)

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

In spite of “Real feel” at -10 outside tonight it was rocking all night inside the La La-ness. Monkey La La is just fantastically good times! 

With all the post-season 8 battles getting ready to go down; I must say Stink Floyd seems primed up and ready and came out firing tonight. And did not stop firing…until the final question. That small opening was big enough for Phlitches to sneak on in for the first win of 2014 at Monkay La La. Congrats Phlitches. Stink Floyd did take 2nd Place, but they also earned the Monkey La La House Championship Title for Season 8! Awesome stuff Stink Floyd – we will see you at the World Series on Jan . 25! And rounding out the leader board tonight –  3rd Place winners this evening: Army of Dorkness. GG AoD! We will see all 3 of you att the World Series…

In the meantime, next Tuesday we start off the game with a question in Dr. Who, the new one. Til then…stay warm and be cool :) dg

dr.who trivia

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

So glad to see that Champions in Frederick was packed with those lucky few not to be sucked into the polar vortex! There was a knockdown, drag-out battle royale for house champion, but the honor belongs to BOTH , co-House Champions: Thundercats (who finished 1st tonight) and Wiseacres (who took second), with W rounding out 3rd. Champions is where I cut my hosting teeth, and I was happy to come back for a great night! Sam will be back next week where the winners’ choice category will be Women of Motown!
And good luck to all of the teams in the post-season. 
– Eric :D

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Welcome to 2014 Hollywood Casino- Team Freedom held strong to their crown as house champions at 144, but Breakin Winz, and If we only Had a brain had their eye on the prize and earned a nice 2nd and 3rd for their effrorts.  New Year yall… it’s anyone’s game! Next week we are throwing it back old school with the Apple 2 E Oregon Trail computer game…… will you make it all the way to the end of the trail?

 See you then… Natalie :)

apple computer trivia history

Griff’s Landing – Frederick, MD

Beer is Good were the winners tonight at Griff’s after a strong run all evening. 

Second place went to That Good Team, who got the final question right to take their place.

The Know Nothings took home third.

First round next week is WWE Superstars. Have a good week everyone! See you next Tuesday at Griff’s – Tripp

Cugini’s – Poolesville, Maryland

Eight wonderful teams for our inaugural night of trivia at Cugini’s in Poolesville, Maryland! I can tell this group is a wild bunch and are going to be a lot of fun to play with. Belligerent Midgets were our first place winners, walking away with a $50 bonus! The Murphs played a strong game, and took down 2nd place, and The End is Beer was our 3rd place finishers! C’mon back and see us again next Tuesday, where our first category will be the Die Hard film series. Cya! ~ Ronnie

die hard film trivia

Jekyll and Hyde’s – Frederick, MD

 We had a great first night back and Jekyll & Hyde, and coming out of deep freeze and taking top honors were Sux Not 2B Us!  Great game!  Second went to Dalek Dance Party, and third went to Brownie Points in a tiebreaker!  Awesome work everyone.  Next week’s first category is going to be Boardwalk Empire, so fire up some Netflix and I’ll see you next time! – Brad

Ramparts – Alexandria, VA

Three weeks seemed like a long time, but that’s how long it had been since our last game at Ramparts Tavern in Alexandria.  It had been so long, I had forgotten who our “last week’s” winners were.  It turns out it was our House Champions Is This Your Homework, Larry?, who led wire-to-wire during each of the four rounds, but only had a very slim lead over Bored of Education.  Both teams were able to come up with the correct final answer, and so Larry was able to finish the season with another win.  Sorry Folks, Park’s Closed snuck into third place.  Even though this is the end of Season VIII, we’ll be back every Tuesday, including next week, when our first question will be on SNL’s “Celebrity Jeopardy”.  See you then!  ~ Turd Ferguson

Celebrity Jeopardy Trivia