Tuesday Night Trivia was Rocking!

Tuesday night had a lot of good questions, but it was that damn hot potato that stood out tonight! Personally, we loved the Hardy boys or Stephen King question! Check out the recap for the other good ones tonight.

Whole Foods in Ashburn, Va 

A crazy night at whole foods as we packed the house to the brim! While we played “hot potato” all night with some of the difficult questions in the end, it came down to the last one, which switched up the final scores immensely. A brand new team, 4 dirty dipers (and yes, they had four infants with them) took first!

1st-Four Dirty Dipers
3rd-Mini Van Mafia
First category next week is 20th century presidents! See you then!


There seemed to be lots of ups and downs with some teams at Zepheira Sports Bar for Tuesday night trivia. The only question was, who would be on the up after the final was answered! After a tough battle, Sanford & Son finished 3rd, The Avengers took 2nd, and in their first Tuesday game at Zepheira, Cato was our winner!! So Matt, they want some form of match up question about U.S. National Parks for next weeks winners choice category, so I’m thinking “Triple 50/50: U.S. National Parks”, but using 2 different Parks for each question choice. I hope that made sense! So study up and stop in for a game next Tuesday at Zepheira Sports Bar!!   ~  Jon J

Another great night of trivia at Capitol City Brewing, with an extremely contested race for first place.  In fact, we needed a tiebreaker to settle tonight’s contest!  In the end, it was Valley Girls taking down a win followed by the Capitol City Goofballs, with Law & Order Another Round scoring a nice third place finish after jumping up a few spots on the final question.  Next week, we will return from the holiday weekend with a question on the comic book character Thor.  See you then!  ~ Matt


It was, for the second time, a bleak and rainy Tuesday at Champions, but this didn’t keep attendance down. A nearly full house broke into chaos (not really) when “Hot Potato” and “In a Pickle” became the contested answers of the night. Everyone knew Selena Gomez and gamblers have something in common: Monte Carlo. Coincidentally, one of the questions was one Chief was well prepared to answer: its subject was a Swahili word. (Not “hakuna matata”, incidentally.) As is usually the custom, it really all came down to the final question, and boy does one team regret wagering zero: apparently, Sarah Palin holds the record for the most-searched person on Wikipedia in a 24-hour period. WHY WASN’T IT JOHN CENA?

In 3rd tonight it was Swipe Left for a better team name, 2nd went to Crystal Methodist and 1st went to Comfortably Dum! Nice pull on that final!! First category is Miami Vice for next week.

Chief had fun finishing up his training with Sam and thanks all in attendance for their patience as he over-enunciated his “p”s. Fair Winds!

Cugini’s in Poolesville, Md

Tuesday shenanigans once again here at Cugini’s in Poolesville, and a very close game of PHT as well. Half of the teams were in the running going into the final, and it was a strategic wager that won the day! Here are the results:

WWBS in 1st

Never Mind in 2nd

Lightfoot in 3rd

Our first category for next week is “Animals of New Zealand” ~ Ronnie

Another summer night here at Quincy’s. The rain was POURING but it did NOT keep our teams away! Lots of the regulars, some new teams too! The Big Fact Hunt took down the win last week as they had full strength for the first time in a bit (a chunk of their team moved to the West Coast a few months back).. The West Coast players bring something real special to that team apparently. They are a strong contender at full strength! Tonight they had full strength again, we’d see what would happen.
Question of the night was a powerful one, going 2/12 in the bar! A children’s game, an uncomfortable confrontation. We originally were taking “Hot potato” but teams made a good case to accept “(in a) pickle” so we conceded on that. Tough one overall though, grats to the ones who got it!
Going into the final, If We Lose the Terrorists Win lead by 9 and would lock the game with a correct response. 2 teams got the final, If We Lose was NOT one of them. Team Brio gets the final and jumped into 2nd place! A strong finish for them! Winning tonight, 2 in a row for The Big Fact Hunt who jumped up from 2nd with a correct response! Great game! Back in a week!
1st Place:     The Big Fact Hunt
2nd Place:    Team Brio
3rd Place:     If We Lose the Terrorists Win
Next week:       Figure Skating

Tonight’s game opened up with an audio question in the category of 90s video game theme songs, which was actually a pretty fun question. We ended up playing theme songs from Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat (although it might have been from the movie, but still fun!), and Super Mario Kart.  I was glad that everybody remembered something from high school literature class, with everybody knowing who wrote The Scarlet Letter and The House of the Seven Gables, which was Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Tonight’s audio clue asked for three different TV shows based on their themes. Most teams knew I Love Lucy (which is NOT The Lucy Show), and Knight Rider, but only a few got The Voice.  It turns out that one of the hardest questions of the night actually showed up in the second round, which almost never happens. The question was in the category of familiar phrases, asking for an ‘edible’ phrase for a difficult situation or unpleasant conversation that takes its name from a children’s game. Turns out the answer was hot potato, which proved to be tough.

Halftime asked teams to identify the different baseball movies, as well as matching countries to their longest river.  In the second half we opened with a math question, asking about the alternate name for Pi, which is also known as Archimedes’ Constant.  I was also impressed by how many teams knew that the Spanish golfer with the highest career earnings without ever winning a major was Sergio Garcia.

In the final round we had a rather silly question, with the category just being Triple 50/50: Book Titles. The question gave three book titles and asked whether they were Stephen King novels or books from the Hardy Boys series. The question was pretty hilarious, but most teams did well in identifying them.

Tonight’s final question proved to be rather tough, with the category being Internet Hodge Podge. The question asked for the celebrity whose Wikipedia page currently holds the record for most page visits in a single day for a living person, which happened on August 29, 2008.  The answer to this one, which nobody got (some teams were close though!) was Sarah Palin, which makes perfect sense, considering my response when she was announced as McCain’s VP choice was basically ‘who is that??’

Third place tonight went to Ignorance is Bliss, and second place went to Black Steel. The win for tonight went to a new visiting team, congrats to Three Fingers Worth! Next week we start with a question about US Presidents of the 1840s, so study up! There’s like five of them! I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time,


More and more veteran teams keep arriving at Tilted Kilt this Summer Fling, so I guess the word is out that we’re the best, coolest venue on the circuit! Right?

*looks to the judges, who shrug*

Anyway, we got underway with seven veteran teams, scores staying very close all through the first half. As more challenging questions arrived (including a children’s playground game that left everyone stumped), the field began to widen, with the top spot never out of reach for a few teams.

As the final approached, the top three was anything but secured… and a complete stumping left the field intact.

Third Place: Harsh Reality (formerly Book Club Babes)
Second Place: Axis of Ignorance
First Place: Suck It, Trebek

The Suck It crew (hmm… maybe not the right phrasing) has gone 2-0 on the Summer Fling season so far, and hope to make it a threepeat with the first category of, “Iron Maiden”. See you next week!

Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, Md

We had another spicy one tonight at Senor Tequila’s! Our game of Pour House Trivia was one of new teams and traveling teams mixing it up with the house regulars in a close battle right to the end!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Ian’s-Second-Puberty”: Let’s get it out of the way right now; I was struggling tonight. After seemingly getting my voice back yesterday, tonight’s game saw more cracks in my voice, than an old sidewalk. Clearly the gallons of hot tea I’ve been chugging haven’t been enough!

In “Who-Who-Who?”: Pretty much every question tonight asking for a person had the teams scratching their heads. Perhaps a game of Guess Who next time guys?

In “Make-The-Host-Facepalm”:Guys, come on now. Operation has more than 5 letters in it. Kung Fu Panda is not a foreign film. Sarah Palin is not a celeb…oh wait, no that one was right, ok my bad!

After all was said and done, defensive wagering was key on the final!

In third place tonight, Axl’s Doghouse!

In second place tonight, Uncle Jack!

In first place tonight, the Pat Summit Fan Club!

Great game everyone! Have a happy Fourth of July, and we’ll see you back after the holiday by kicking off the game with the 2016 PGA Tour. I’ll be sure to wake you up from your naps after the question is done 😉 Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,


Well, I dunno about you guys, but I had a killer time tonight subbing for Denny at Monkey Lala tonight! I gotta say, you’re a fun bunch! And we even had some newbies in the house to make things interesting. Our first half was filled with audio clues and “honorable-mention” wrong answers (which are always my favorite). At the halftime I quizzed you on your baseball movie prowess and your geographical chops, and one team still managed a perfect score! We turned up the heat for the second half with a slurry of 3-parters and just a little more music, all leading up to the final, most ambiguous category to date… INTERNET HODGE PODGE. So who came out on top with their Internet genius? Taking home the 3rd place prize was Come From Behind! In second place after a hard-fought battle was 3/4 Nose Dive!! And up top, being the only team with a perfect puzzle page AND the correct final answer…. CHIMPAN A! Their choice of 1st category next week? The 4th of July! See you next week! -Torie