Tuesday Night Trivia Was Not Tame!

Oh what a night! 9 venues popped off a night of ups and downs for some of the smartest smarty pants in Md and Va! That final was a blast! Not often we see words like that one a final question.. Curious yet? Let’s see how it all played out.


Whole Foods, Ashburn

A hilarious night at whole foods (Pontious Pilate anyone? Ugh) but an epic game that came down to the last question. I love it when a team comes from behind to secure a top three spot! Grats to the lovely ladies of Taco Tuesday for winning tonight!

1st Taco Tuesday

2nd Mini Van Mafia

3rd Jimmy’s Beard Scruff


  Don’t have a cow, man. First category next week is The Simpsons Tree House of Horror! See you th








With just a couple of weeks to go before World Series XII, our top teams are in fine form as they get ready for the big money.  Our house champions Capital Hillbillies squeezed into a one-point lead heading into the final question, and hung on for another victory.  Our second place price went to Feces Pieces after a long hiatus, with Gus Polinski and Kenosha Kickers back in the top three.  We’ll begin next week with a question on “Les Miserables”.  ~ Matt







We laughed, you groaned, and I may have even cried a bit when my computer decided to test my improv skills.. always a good night out at Champions. We even saw snow tonight! The threat of snow didn’t scare off any of my regulars tonight, was a packed house- breathlessly waiting for those playoff invites 😉


That final was a good one- Axe or Old Spice? Which camp dd you fall in?? I still stand by the belief that the only thing that is on the back of an Axe bottle is – “Will get you Laid!” Once all the body spray had been used, it was an awesome line up for the top 3- Brannigan’s Law pulled 3rd! Yes, the three gentlemen made an apperance and managed to pull a nice little gift card for their time. 2nd went to Hate us cuze they Anus, with an approperiate final score of 169! 1st went to those quiet but deadly Jungle Fever. They aren’t foolin around guys and gals- next week’s first category is Stamps.. Let’s hope for your sake Rick is there 😉 Be well and I will see you next week! ~Samantha






 “Well the weather outside was frightful…”, for a bit anyways tonight as we had the first snow of 2016 blowing around! Nothing stops the folks here at Cugini’s from coming out to play though, and we had a number of cheers tonight in this hotly contested trivia battle! We’ll have to wait till next week to see who the House Champion is… Here are the results of the game:


Drunk N Disorderly in 1st


You Never Know in 2nd


U Talking to Me in 3rd


Our first category for next week is the Schwarzeneggar film “True Lies” ~ Ronnie






Today we got our first snow of the winter season, finally! Sadly it pretty much lasted for like two minutes, but hey, it’s a start! Tonight’s game featured a tie at the top between two teams for pretty much the entire game. Starting out the game was a question about the Family Guy parodies of Star Wars, which asked about how Meg plays all the weird monsters that show up throughout the movies.

The audio clue got tons of excitement when the category was announced as boy bands, but that went away when I explained it wasn’t actually about bands like N*SYNC, but actually about bands with ‘Boy’ in the title.  I liked the sports headlines question only because it asked about my favorite baseball player getting into the Hall of Fame, Ken Griffey Jr. (Congrats to Mike Piazza also!).

We ended the first half asking about the Battle of Fort Sumter, which surprisingly didn’t have any casualties somehow. We also asked what month and year the battle happened in, and I was impressed that so many teams knew April of 1861.  Halftime featured actors/actresses that had an eye patch on, which taught us that nobody knows who Allison Williams is yet, except for one team.  It also had teams match literary couples together as well, which everybody did really well with.

In the third round we started with asking about Jodhpurs, which are apparently pants that people wear when horseback riding, and come from India.  Also, almost everybody knew that Danny Elfman was the frontman for Oingo Boingo, which definitely shocked me. The Bible question led to some confusion since in different versions, slight differences occur that can cause some serious confusion. This time the confusion was in the languages that ‘I am the King of the Jews’ was written in by order of Pontius Pilate.

The final round also featured a question about the longest bridge in the world, the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, which is in China and runs parallel to the Yangtze River (and will be important later too).  The physics question actually ended up being about cereal, asking about snap crackle and pop, which are apparently derivations of position with respect to time. We also learned that apparently Gesundheit means ‘good health’.

Heading into the final things were still all tied at the top, and the final about Old Spice didn’t change that. So to break the tie, we asked for the length of that bridge I mentioned earlier, which broke the tie (turns out it’s 102.4 miles long!!) Third place tonight went to Ignorance is Bliss with a nice jump up on the final. Second place went to Fractured But Whole, who lost the tiebreaker. Taking down the win on the tiebreaker, congrats to Eddie Money’s Kids on the win! Next week we start with a question about David Bowie, so study up!

Until next time,






With World Series on everyone’s mind, we dove into our second game of 2016 with a few new teams along for the ride. As we quizzed through four rounds, our teams battled for those last few points of the regular season.


We learned all about the MLB Hall of Fame, the heaviest “G” metal, and even had another moment where everybody knows Danny Elfman’s band but me. (I did know OF the band Oingo Boingo, I just didn’t know he was the leader). Teams dispatched our questions with ease, leading to some big scores at the end of the night.


With a 50/50 final (Axe and Old Spice being the only two answers), our leaderboard was locked up. Taking third was At Least We Tried, followed by Poovey Farms in second, and taking it down by a single point was Duchess! They’ve selected, “Classic Southern Rock” as next week’s first category.


See you next week!


Senor Tequila’s


Coming Soon… 



Ever think of giving it all up and becoming a World Strongest Man Competitor? This trivia host just might! I think I’d have a good shot! This is me recently…
OK…maybe not so much, but I still think I might be a good candidate for it! Protein shake anyone? We had some trivia stud of our own come out and brave the elements Tuesday night at Monkey La La. Teams flexed some trivia muscle fo sho!
And there were some feats of strength and shear will that were splashed in that set! My fav’s were:
1. Oculus Vitrual Reality –  personally I can’t wait until virtual reality gets to a viable place. (Virtual Strongman? Now that might be my niche)
2. Statler & Waldorf – I do need to work on my impression! 
3. Snap – Crackle – Pop — whooda thunk they were physics experts?
Thanks everyone for coming out to play some La La trivia! And congrats to all of our Playoff Semi-finalists who will be competing on the 23rd for some loot! 
Great game everyone…and congrats to our Top 3:

Have a great week my friends! Next Tuesday we kickoff with “David Bowie! – R.I.P – a true great he was. See you soon my friends 🙂 DG



Playoffs happening in about a week and a half and SO MANY TEAMS COMING OUT to try to prep for that! We had a record breaking number of teams tonight at Quincy’s with a field of 16 competing for the top prize! It was quite the interesting finish as well! More on that in a bit.


So tonight we handed out the playoff invites to our veterans, giving the teams who played all season a chance to win some big cash after putting in the grueling time and effort. Tonight’s game wasn’t all about the vets though as the newcomers seemed to put on a clinic tonight! Teams like Heroes in a Half Shell, Big Ole Balls and Soft Beef and others had amazing games against teams that have been practicing together all season!


Going into the half, however, it was our veterans Uncle Jack who held the lead, but not by too big a margin as Big Ole Balls were within striking distance. Going into round three it seemed to be anyone’s game. A few stumpers in round 3 helped shift some things around as well. Tonight’s question of the night was in round 3, our Songwriters question. We were looking for the director who famously paired with Danny Elfman on a majority of his films and Danny Elfman’s band. Only a few teams getting either part but Big Ole Balls were able to get BOTH and be the only team to come away with an extra 2 points.


With that 2 point bonus, newcomers Big Ole Balls moved into the lead going into the 4th round. A strong 4th gave them the ability to hold on to that lead! It would all come down to the final! The final question played about 50-50. Half the teams gave us “Axe”, the other half went “Old Spice”. This proved for a very interesting finish! We had a big clump of teams tied in 4th and 3rd place. A team that was up at the top missed the final and dropped a bit, giving way for a FOUR WAY TIE for 2nd place!


Your winners tonight were Big Ole Balls after playing an AMAZING GAME in what was their 2nd time here! Hopefully they bring it back next week! They’ll be a threat in Season 13, can’t wait! Our next 2 places would go to two of the four winners of a tiebreaker question, closest to the number of miles of the longest bridge in the world. We had guesses of 5, 20, 30, and 69 for the longest bridge in the world… Turns out it is about 120 miles long! Holy cow! That being said, your 2nd place finishers are Heroes in a Half Shell! 3rd going to Rachel’s Responsibility!


A field of 16 teams with most of our regular crews here and the top 3 rounded out by the newcomers! Wow! This place might get ultra competitive in the near future! Excited to see what happens! Back in a week, hopefully as packed as we were tonight! Until then, later!


1st Place:     Big Ole Balls and Soft Beef

2nd Place:    Heroes in a Half Shell

3rd Place:     Rachel’s Responsibility


Next week:     Generation 1 Pokemon