Tuesday Night Trivia was a Splendor in the Bar!

The first Tuesday night of Pour House Trivia after the holiday featured a wide array of questions, although the most interesting fact may have been that the Gilmore Girls were named after a mythical creature of folklore who lured sailors to their deaths.  Just like on the show!  Maybe not…   Anyway, we had a few VERY high scoring teams last night and a few that showed off their detailed knowledge of a certain Oscar winner’s childhood.  Who were the best of the best last night?

TUESDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (79 teams across 12 venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: And We’re All Out of Bubblegum (Champion Billards) with 173

–> Highest Score after Round 4: And We’re All Out of Bubblegum (Champion Billards) with 161

–> Highest First Half Score: And We’re All Out of Bubblegum (Champion Billards) and Momo (Cugini’s) with 89

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Capitol City Goofballs (Capitol City Brewing), Salt and Pepper (Capitol City Brewing), Screaming Death Monkey (Quincy’s South), Poovey Farms (Tilted Kilt)

–> The halftime page played slightly tougher than normal with an average of 15.7, as only four teams (Charlie and the Vodka Factory, We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity, Sofa King Smart, Hookers and Blackjack) aced the halftime round.

–> The 6-4-2 started off with a very difficult clue, as only TWO teams (Jive Five and Barflies) knew that George Clooney attended a tryout for the Cincinnati Reds in the late 1970s.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (38.2% success rate):

–> Collectively, the group of universities known as the ‘Seven Sisters’ can be found in which three U.S. states?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Capitol City Brewing in Arlington, VA

What a night!  The trivia regulars at Cap City had their hands full, fending off a lot of really strong newcomer teams who definitely made an impression.  “Show Me on the Doll” posted a perfect Round 1, and held onto a modest but consistent lead throughout the night.  Although the Goofballs, Green Machine, Menace 2 Sobriety and others stayed in the mix, by the end of Round 4 it looked like yet another cakewalk for the SMotD barflies.  BUT THEN!  That Final question turned the whole leaderboard upside down: SMotD, the Valley Girls, and others fell off the map, clearing the way for the Goofballs to surge into first!

Tip of the hat to sometime-regulars “Salt & Pepper”, who always play hard and bring a lot of energy (and brilliant joke answers), but somehow rarely crack the Top 3.  Their persistence paid off “bigly”, however, with these young’uns taking home silver medals this week!  And double tips of the hat to the Valley Girls, who surprised the host with a box of pens to replenish our supply.  Always appreciated!  Your top three teams:

First Place:  Capitol City Goofballs

Second Place:  Salt & Pepper

Third Place:  Green Machine

Next week’s first cateogry: “Project Runway”

Get ready to “make it work” next week at Cap City!

~ Austin

Project Runway TV Trivia


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

One of my favorite parts of this job is watching the team rivalries develop and get to be just fun.  We reached a new high between Jungle Fever and Crystal Methodist tonight as they started the new (fun) tactic of handing in wrong answers with each others team name on them….  I don’t suggest you try this when there’s 20 teams or a new host but it was damn funny tonight..  I always look forward to my Tuesday nights at Champions. The cookie was a nice touch, thank you and Happy Birthday Deb!

Was a fun game to watch, and a great final to announce! So many of you were THIS close to getting it… There can only be three up on that podium and it was Rack and Sacks who kicked a tough final square in the behind and helped themselves back up on to the podium!  Nice job! 2nd went to Other Sarah, climbing up from 4th place.  No surpise that first went to And We’re All Out of Bubblegum!  Gotta give love to Jive 5 who were the only team to pull the 246 on the 6- everyone else was on the 2 if they got it correct!  Impressive.

See you next week when we start out with a question under the general category of Westward Ho!

~ Sam

Westward Ho


Cugini’s Restaurant in Poolesville, MD

Thanks again to you all for coming back from your turkey comas to play a little Pour House Trivia here at Cugini’s in Poolesville.  The first round went relatively smoothly for these seasoned trivia players; the only consistent hiccup was The Rock’s portrayal of The Scorpion King.  We took a trip through wine country and a disaster zone in round 2, and dealt with some “parental” subject matters for the puzzle. The third round proved to be fairly uneventful though my French pronunciation is understandably abysmal, and although tempted, I did not do my Trump impersonation of the word “China”.  Here are the results:

First Place:  MoMo

Second Place:  Never Mind

Third Place:  Damn Maidens

Next week’s first category: “Grace and Frankie” (Season 1)

~ Ronnie

Grace and Frankie TV Trivia


Orioles Nest in Frederick, MD

At the Orioles Nest in Frederick tonight we started out with a question on the topic of Robert Frost works.  The question asked for the exact title of his work “The Road Not Taken”, which only a few teams didn’t manage to get.  I was glad to see several teams do well on the halftime page, which asked for famous mothers based on pictures of celebrities (I didn’t even know who several of the pictures even were!).  However, the final question of the night didn’t go so well, with everybody missing it.  Turns out this only changed standings a little, as we even had a tie to settle.

Winning the tiebreaker by being just a little bit closer to the year that the first Starbucks opened (sorry Know Nothings!), congrats on third place to His and Her Peas!  Second place tonight went to Suck it Trebek, with the win going to We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity!

Next week we start with a question in the category of Triple 50/50: Star Wars or Star Trek?  I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

~ Chad

Star Wars or Star Trek Trivia


Tilted Kilt in Frederick, MD

With the date set for World Series, teams pushed hard to secure those crucial points on the home stretch of Season XIV. With such a high level of competition, every team was within reach of a first-place finish, but who came out on top?

First Place:  Hookers and Blackjack

Second Place:  Poovey Farms

Third Place:  Book Club Babes

Next week’s first category:  “Star Trek: Deep Space 9”

Start cramming knowledge about Sisko and his crew, and I’ll see you next week!

~ Nick

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Trivia


Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, MD

Fresh faces and a brief respite from the cold weather made for a great game of Pour House Trivia tonight here at Senor Tequilas!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Same-Wavelength-Spooyness”: Four or five times tonight, we had the majority, if not the entire field, put the same wrong answers on various questions. Pinot Grigio, Newt Gringich, and our answer for the WC category, all with high numbers of the same incorrect answer. You guys gotta get off that wavelength pronto!

In “Need-a-Bit-More-Culture-In-Here”: That three clues one word question was a doozy tongiht. clearly y’all need to watch more movies, look at more art, and read more poetry! Culture people!

In “Ian-Can’t-Say-Complicated-Words”: Batrachology, Pripyat, all the French, and all those wine varieties; I swear the writers have it out for me cause I was getting tongue tied tonight! Thanks for bearing with me gang xD

After taking care of a tricky tiebreaker, our podium was set.

In third place tonight, Quiz in My Pants!

In second place tonight, losing a tough tiebreaker after a come-from-behind-push, the Fan Club!

In first place tonight, taking the tiebreaker and the match, Axl’s Doghouse!

Great game everyone! Next week we’ll kick things off with a category on Scientology…must…bite…tongue…study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

Scientology Trivia


FireFlies in Alexandria, VA

Well, Milwaukee Beers made it interesting: some missteps in the first half resulted in a tenuous lead that was finally cemented in the final question, a tough one: the Seven Sisters schools.  They were the only team that got the correct answer (Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania), and resultantly, they remain the Fireflies Champions in that they have been winners for 11 weeks straight!!

Barflies, limited to one persistent player and having missed the entire first round, still managed a very respectable finish, and Pour House is very happy for their continued presence and persistence.  As always, of course, we are very happy for Fireflies great service with a smile. There’s no better venue for Tuesday trivia.  Here we go:

First Place:  Milwaukee Beers

Second Place:  No Tears for Beers (sooooo close!)

Third Place:  Spanish Inquizition

Next week’s first category: “Back to the Future”

Time to brush up on the series, yo!  Fair Winds, and see you next week!

~ Chief

Back to the Future Trivia


Quincy’s in Bethesda, MD

Word of mouth is spreading, and people are loving live trivia at Quincy’s in Bethesda!  Four teams battled it out over classic sitcoms, obscure French paintings with hard-to-pronounce titles, and what wine goes best with an Arby’s sandwich 😛

Catching Planes created a massive lead early on, but the other teams quickly moved in to close the gap as the game progressed.  In the end however, Catching Planes managed to eke out a win by just two points while Team Trump took second and Team Black & Yellow rounded out third.  Pour House Trivia always bases our questions on facts, but we’re going to deviate from that for next week’s winners’ choice category – Donald Trump Tweets 😉

See ya next week!

~ Eric

Trump Trivia


Blue Parrott in St. Petersburg, FL

Our teams recovered from their Thanksgiving food comas and made it out to the Blue Parrott Tuesday for another intense round of trivia.

All five teams were separated by only a handful of points at the halfway mark, but QuizKnows and Hot Chicks started to pull away during round three. Seems like all of our teams had the turkey-eating part of Thanksgiving down, but not the football watching. Several got tripped up on what a “play action” consisted of.

In the end, it was the final question about elite female colleges that decided the standings.  All of our teams named Massachussets, but only two correctly included Pennsylvania.

Congrats to all the teams, and a shoutout to GTS, who had a formidable showing with only two people. Here are the standings and next week’s winner’s choice category:

First Place:  Hot Chicks

Second Place:  Parrotheads

Third Place:  QuizKnows

Next week’s first category: “The Big Bang Theory”

Big Bang Theory Trivia


Monkey La La in Frederick, MD

It was a real barn-burner at Monkey Lala tonight!  After a couple of teams artichoked on the first question, it was a battle of attrition to take home the top spot.

In the end, 3rd Quarter Nose Dive edged out Sumatran Storm for first place in a tierbreaker!  Southpaw Fish rounded out the podium at 3rd!

After five lead changes, it came down to our teams’ knowledge of the Seven Sisters colleges.  Less than half of the teams got the final correct, which knocked Stink Floyd, who had been leading most of the night, down to 4th!  I love when a trivia game has swings like this one!

Thanks to everyone for coming out – go smoke some l’herbe and come see me next week.  Same time, same place!

~ Colin

Next week’s first category: 1990s Sitcoms

1990s Sitcoms Trivia


Quincy’s South in Rockville, MD

I’m back after a short holiday-hiatus, lucky to see I didn’t lose any of mah peeps! Glad to see everyone back, ready to go for another trivia night! Starting to get cold again, and rainy too, luckily the weather did not keep us away tonight!

Though every team seems to be competitive week after week, our 3 most consistent teams are Sofa King Smart, Uncle Jack, and Screaming Death Monkey. All 3 seem to trade wins every week and going in, no one team seems to be the clear favorite or the clear underdog. Tonight, the game was ALL Sofa King Smart, holding a 5 point lead at the half after picking up the only perfect 20 Halftime page.

Sofa King held on to the lead throughout the second half, including picking up the 4 point bonus on the 6-4-2, the only team to get more than 2 points. It seemed the game was going their way and that they’d be taking down the win. BUT we did have one more question to go: the FINAL.

Sofa King and Uncle Jack held the top 2 spots with a Colleges & Universities question coming at them. BOTH managed to miss this one and fall back a bit, leaving room for the teams to get it correct to move into the $$$.  Third place to Sofa King Smart who missed the final but bet low enough to stay in the Top 3. Second place went to Brio who nailed the final and jumped a significant amount of spaces! Winners tonight: Screaming Death Monkey! A correct response on the final locked up the victory for them, their 3rd or 4th of the season! Great game, back in a week!

Next week’s first category:  Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Trivia


Stone’s Cove in Bel Air, MD

We like things fast here at Stone’s Cove Kitbar in Bel Air.  The bar team didn’t waste anytime getting into 1st place. Boogie Friends boogied their way into 2nd, and the newbies Backstreet Boys took our third place slot.  Next week we’ll remember the good old days of 2013 via the Ravens.

~ Natalie

Baltimore Ravens Trivia