Tuesday Night Trivia, Pour House Style

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Boot Sector? I hardly know her! Oh yes…La La was a barrel of monkeys Tuesday at trivia night! The Brrrrrrrr factor was delightful so first and foremost I’d like to THANK YOU FOR COMING OUT IN THAT stuff! Goodness it had a bite! In spite though, we had a great game of trivia at our Tuesday night pub. My favorite mentions of the night:

1. Vomit Flavor jelly beans


2. Murder, She Wrote – we read an interesting aside about this. The sheer number of murders in that little area she was in, Cabot Cove, would have rocketed this area to FBI murder capital of the world! Maybe Jessica is behind it all? Mooooohhhoooohahahahaha…

3. Bishop – I miss playing chess. It has taken a back seat to playing poker for me. I need to get some chess games in.

Great game tonight everyone! Thank you again for braving that cold! And congrats to our TOP 3:

And that officially brings in our 2016 Trivia at Monkey La La! Have a great week my friends! Next Tuesday we start it off with Episode 4 of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Until then, may the force be with you… Dg ūüôā


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD


Champions is the home of some of the most adorable answer runners in the trivia nation. Hands down. I’m half convinced you all are enjoying flirting with those child labor laws ūüėČ My heart melted a bot on that I love you question when it was handed to me by a huge smile wielding soon to be 3 year old.. Well played Jungle Fever, affection points. You got’tem.


Turns out quite a few of you are still watching Friends, but unfortunately the smelly cat song never mentioned the atomic number of Sulfur but it did spawn a fun conversation of smite vs. smitted vs. smote.¬† Thank you for setting me straight. Come on though, while I predictably butchered the pronunciations in the mythology question, weren’t you proud of me for rattling off Vallandingham? Without even a pause or a studder? Come on. I know, I know, its a good thing I’m pretty ūüėČ For some of you, it’s a good thing Mudwall Jackson didn’t show up in the Civil war final! Long live Button Gwinnet!


Was a pretty straight forward final, was sorry to tell you that even though the Cobras and Garters would be awesome Civil war Gang names, it was the copperheads who took the day, awarding 3rd to Jungle Fever (I swear it wasn’t the affection points) 2nd to Hate us cuze they Anus and 1st to Wiser but still dead! Next week we start with a triple 50/50- Ants or Anteaters. Well then. See you then! ~Samantha


Whole Foods – Ashburn, Va

A fun night at whole foods as my regular teams came out to grab some glory in the new year. It was a close game all around with most of the teams only being a few points apart, but Donald Trump Speech Writers ended up taking the goldtonight!

1st Donald Trump Speech Writers

2nd Taco Tuesday

3rd Mini Van Mafia

First Category next week is Who said it- John C. Rielly or Will Ferrell. See you then!



Cuginis – Poolesville, MD

You gotta hand it to the folks here at Cuginis for hanging in there to play some trivia with the heat on the fritz, you are all certainly dedicated! I promise that next time we have a Harry Potter question I will bring my wand. Here are the results of tonight’s game:

MoMo in 1st

U Talking to Me in 2nd

Will & Friends in 3rd

Remember the World Series and Pub Crawl are only a few weekends away, our first category for next week is the TV show M.A.S.H.

~ Ronnie




Orioles Club – Frederick, MD

Tonight¬†was the first game of the new year, so it was only fitting that we started out with a question about headlines from 2016. We asked about the standoff that’s happening at a nature reserve in Oregon, just asking teams to name the state.

The first half had several teams come close to perfect scores, and things were pretty even among the top four teams or so. I did enjoy the Harry Potter question we had which talked about Bertie Botts’ Every Flavor Beans; I can’t imagine a candy with flavors like earwax and booger could really sell that well though.

Halftime¬†tonight¬†had teams naming famous Bears, including Bear Gryllz and Bear Bryant, as well as matching famous Joes to the different awards they’ve won. I loved the inclusion of Joey Tribbiani as the winner of a Daytime Soap award, which apparently doesn’t exist.

The second half opened with a question about pop song lyrics, this time asking about the Black Eyed Peas song ‘I Gotta Feeling’ which features them singing about the days of the week for whatever reason. I thought the toughest question of the round had to be the President question, where we asked who the sitting President was during different events, such as the creation of YouTube or the release of Star Wars.

We even had a question about ‘Murder, She Wrote’ which brought about the humorous fact that there are fan theories that the main character is actually responsible for the murders, due to the sheer number of dead bodies she somehow finds.¬† ¬†Heading into the final round things were mostly the same, and the 6-4-2 about chess pieces scrambled things up a bit.

The final question¬†tonight¬†was in the category of Civil War Lingo and asked about the term that refers to northern Democrats who opposed the war, which is also a type of snake. About half the teams knew the term we were looking for was Copperhead, which caused some moving in the standings.¬† The team that led the whole game, Eddie Money’s Kids, missed the final and dropped out of the top three as a result; sorry guys!

Third place¬†tonight¬†went to Black Steel with a defensive water even though they ended up knowing the answer.¬† Second place went to The Know Nothings with a correct answer on the final. Winning¬†tonight¬†however, congrats goes to Fractured But Whole on taking the victory! Nice job guys! Next week we open with a question about the Family Guy Star Wars Parody episodes, so I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

Cap City Brewing Co. – Arlington, Va

Ho Hum… Another week at Capitol City brewing Company, and another win for the Capital Hillbillies. ¬†Tonight, they were playing as ‘We Got Chile Up in Here’, and there was certainly an opportunity for some of other teams to end that winning streak, but a couple teams fell just short. ¬†It’s now for in the for the Hillbillies, as they look to improve on last season’s 8th place finish at World Series.

Second place went to ALL CAPS, who made a serious move at the end of the game thanks to their knowledge of “The Real Housewives” franchise (seriously). ¬†Third place went to Capitol City Goofballs. ¬†In honor of our winner’s¬†temporary team name, our first category next week will be Chilean Food! ¬†~ Matt



Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD


As I sat down to my desk to write the night’s recap, I couldn’t help but feel like the great mystery writer detective Jessica Fletcher, pondering over what had happened during the night’s actions. Well, that’s not actually true but it seemed a fitting way to open¬†tonight’s¬†game recap by alluding to “Murder, She Wrote”, one of our questions from¬†tonight. It was a dark and stormy night as we entered the spooky restaurant to join in the fun and games… Okay, that one isn’t even “Murder, She Wrote”, that’s “Paul Clifford” by Edward Bulwer-Lytton… And it wasn’t even stormy¬†tonight… I’m going mad… Forgive me!

Let’s get into the game, shall we? Lots of our veteran teams returning for the 2016 finish to Season 12 of PHT!¬†Only a few more weeks until the season ends and with the playoffs just around the corner, everyone was doing their best to bring their “A” game! One of those teams was Quincy’s frequent Uncle Jack who led for the majority of the game. The only major mistake they seemed to have was botching the 6-4-2, which only closed the gap to first a bit but they still managed a lead going into round 4.

Round 4 seemed to play a bit easy as we moved into the final question¬†tonight, no one gaining much ground on Uncle Jack. The team that consistently held 2nd place throughout the game was a newcomer team calling themselves… Well, their name was a bit “adult” for the online blog, let’s just call them “Microphone”…¬†Tonight¬†was their first time at Quincy’s and they put on a good show, gaining over 150 points going into the final question. Not bad at all for a new team. They were beating most of the regulars¬†tonight, hoping to have them back again in the near future!

Going into the final question, Uncle Jack held the lead with “Microphone” solidly in 2nd place with If We Lose the Terrorists Win in 3rd. The final played at about a 50% get-rate so with that here are your final scores. Heroes in a Half Shell managed to snipe a correct response BUT they were over the max team limit so they forfeit their prize money to 4th place finishers “Les Quizerables”. 2nd place would go to “Microphone” and winning¬†tonight¬†in solid fashion was PHT veteran Uncle Jack.

Two weeks or so for the regular season. Our house champ will be crowned and the post season will begin. I’ll have some invites to hand out next week, keep an eye out for that! Come back next week to get those invites and for some last minute practice before the $$$ games start at the end of the month! See ya¬†in 7 days!

1st Place:     Uncle Jack

2nd Place: ¬† ¬†“Microphone…”

3rd Place:     Les Quizerables

Next week:     Animal House


Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

We kicked off 2016 with some new teams, fresh new questions, and… well, no, I’m pretty much the same. Our level of competition was high, as teams scrambled to lock up their House Champion bids. But who would be victorious?

We learned all about “Friends”¬†tonight, as the Winner’s Choice category also happened to reappear later in the night! A few teams seemed puzzled by this, but in this rare occurrence we DID have two questions on the same topic in one night.

As our game reached it’s conclusion, it all came down to betting on the final. Taking third¬†tonight¬†was Ignorance Is Bliss, followed by Duchess in second and Poovey Farms claimed their second first place finish in a row. They’ve selected “Gilmore Girls” as next week’s first category, so pay Stars Hollow a visit and I’ll see you next week!

Image result for gilmore girls meme


Senor Tequila’s – Germantown, MD


The first game of Pour House Trivia of 2016 is in the books for Senor Tequilas, and it was a spicy one! With several new teams mixing it up with house regulars the game took several unexpected turns!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Nomination-for-Greatest-Team-Name”: It’s no secret that there are plenty of teams out there who do everything in their power to come up with funniest team names they can.¬†Tonight¬†I nominate Out of Work Hand Models Seeking Hand Jobs for one of the funniest team names I’ve heard in a long time!

In “Real-Smart-Ian-Real-Smart”: I’m a movie geek, and proud of it. I annoy my friends with movie references constantly, and am passionate about my movies. So when someone doesn’t recognize a character from a loved movie, say the villain Lotso from Toy Story 3, I sigh and shake my head. When the question “Who is Lotso?” is repeated several times after the fact, and my only thought is to respond with a quote from the movie, it doesn’t occur to me that if they don’t know that character, they probably don’t know the line either. It made a whooshing noise as it sailed over their heads, and I sat back and quietly wept for humanity.

In “Wait-Who-Are-You-texting?”: I have never heard of 143 being used as “slang” for I Love You. ILY, ILU, I<3U; those are all texting abbreviations. 143 is not in my lexicon of textchat. However, someone called out that it is not in fact texting slang; it was PAGER slang. It was used heavily back when pagers were a thing. So whoever wrote that question has seriously dated themselves. Especially since with most smart phones having practical keyboards these days, most texting abbreviations aren’t even as widely used anymore. It’s ok people! You can write out full sentences! You’re not generally constrained by character limits anymore! Let the 143s die!

The final was crucial, and we had a last second shakeup leading to a thrilling tiebreaker!

After missing the final they ended up in a tie with another team, and got Benjamin Franklin’s birthday exactly correct (though to the other team’s credit, they were only 1 year off from that; I’ve never seen anything like it!); in third placetonight, the Hobgoblins!

A new team, who was stuck in the middle of the pack all night, pulled out a correct answer and took second place¬†tonight, Amnesia! I hope they don’t forget to show up next week! (rimshot)

And taking it down¬†tonight, they’ve been in the hunt for a few weeks now, and finally pulled out the win, Beer Pressure!

Great game everyone! Next week, the Beer Pressure boys want to show off some swagger and kick things off with a category relating to their job: Nuclear Engineering! Have fun studying for that one kids! See you next week!

Until then,