Tuesday Night Trivia Can Be a Real Jungle Out There!

Our Tuesday night players probably noticed a few bits of holiday trivia being snuck into the regular Pour House Trivia games.  You can expect a bit more next week as we gear up for the end of the year!  But back to last night…  Tuesday is always my favorite night to run down the stats and facts, as we have so many teams enjoying our game.  Those teams that reach the top of the leaderboard definitely deserve an extra shout out…

TUESDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (88 teams across 12 venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Capitol City Goofballs (Capitol City Brewing) and Sofa King Smart (Quincy’s South) with 173

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Sofa King Smart (Quincy’s South) with 164

–> Highest First Half Score: Capitol City Goofballs (Capitol City Brewing) and Milwaukee Beers (FireFlies) with 90

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Axl’s Doughouse (Senor Tequila’s), Beer Pressure (Senor Tequila’s), Milwaukee Beers (FireFlies), Sad and Demented But Social (Monkey La La), Sofa King Smart (Quincy’s South), We Drink and We Know Things (Quincy’s South)

–> The halftime page played on the easier side tonight, scoring an average of 17.8, with about 20% of our teams scoring 20 points.

–> The 6-4-2 question was even easier, as about half of our teams earned six points by recognizing the advertising jingle for “FarmersOnly.com”.

–> The hardest question of the night actually landed in the second round, as teams struggled coming up with the highest possible number on the B column of a Bingo card, leading to less than half of our teams scoring points there.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (74.1% success rate):

–> Who earned Time Magazine’s Person of the Year honor for 1999, featured on its cover with the headline “E-commerce is changing the way the world shops”?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Capitol City Brewing in Arlington, VA

Many of us might be feeling exhausted already from holiday shopping – but the diehard regulars of Cap City Brewing came energized and ready to fight for a spot in the winner’s circle!  Tuesday night’s set had a few softballs, to be honest, but was punctuated with some real head-scratchers – Konstantin Chernenko!  The details of a standard Bingo card! – so that the seriously hardcore trivia minds could break out of the pack.

We had our first three-peat of the season Tuesday night, as the Capitol City Goofballs locked down yet another win!  This team has really come into its own, and the other teams are just itching to be ones to break their streak.  Honorable mentions to “Hillary Did Harambe”, who cracked the top three for the first time in a while, and to spirited newcomer team “2.5 Million People Can’t Be Wrong” (do I detect some post-election saltiness?) who mounted a remarkable comeback from bottom-of-the-barrel to third place, via tiebreaker.  Your final standings:

First Place:  Capitol City Goofballs

Second Place:  Hillary Did Harambe

Third Place:  2.5 Million People Can’t Be Wrong

Next week’s first category:  “Christmas Vacation”

Christmas Vacation Trivia


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

Tonight was a roller coaster of emotions for me!  I loved getting some smiley giggles from one of our trivia babies (Quiz was back in the house – Whoot Whoot!) but then there was one of those damn spelling questions!  You almost got me with the “can you spell that…”

Next week our yearly Christmas tradition continues and there will be cookies!  Feel free to bring some to add to the pile, just don’t tell your dentist, or your hips! 😉

Was a fun game tonight, a good pace and some great teams! In 3rd tonight, it was Charlie and the Vodka Factory. 2nd went to and we’re all out of Bubblegum while 1st went decisively to Team Other Sarah! Was a fun game to watch. Next week we will start off with a WWII Aircraft question. Going to be a good one.  See you next week!

~ Sam

WWII Aircraft Trivia


Cugini’s Restaurant in Poolesville, MD

It was another fine Tuesday night, and it was a full moon version of Pour House Trivia here at Cugini’s. (NO… not that kind of moon). We went back in time for a little black & white TV, played a Roman version of bingo, spoiled a few movie endings for ya, and had ourselves a little spelling bee.  Looks like were bringing out some holiday confections next Tuesday so I’ll bring my elastic band jeans.  Here are the results:

First Place:  Five Must Get Beers

Second Place:  MoMo

Third Place:  Lightfoot

Next week’s first category: “Elf”

~ Ronnie

Elf Film Trivia


Orioles Nest in Frederick, MD

Tonight we started out with a question about the band Incubus, and it was actually an audio question! The question asked about the song ‘Wish You Were Here’, which one team got BEFORE I played the song based on the Pink Floyd clue.  The audio clue for today was neat, which featured foreign language covers of famous pop songs.  I liked the halftime page today, which featured several films that had a (secret) theme that the main character(s) (SPOILER ALERT) died at the end.  Teams also had to match Nobel prize winners to their country of origin.

Tonight’s final question was interesting, asking about a famous entrepreneur. Most teams did well on the final, with third place going to We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity, second going to His and Her Peas, and the win tonight going to Suck It Trebek! Next week we start with a question about the musical and/or movie Rent, so study up! I wonder how many minutes until our next game… I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

~ Chad

Next week’s first category:  “Rent”

Rent Musical Trivia


Tilted Kilt in Frederick, MD

We had a fun game this week, with teams from other venues coming in to the Kilt for a guest spot, and a few teams completely new to Pour House Trivia.  With the holidays close by, all eyes turn to World Series XIV on Jan. 29.

A close game brought out the strategic betting, but did it make a difference?

First Place:  Book Club Babes

Second Place:  Poovey Farms

Third Place:  Momentary Lapse of Reason

The Babes take this one down, and get in the holiday season by selecting “Elf” as next week’s first category.  See you next week!

~ Nick

Elf Film Trivia


Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, MD

The weather may be turning colder and colder, but the heat goes nowhere but up during our games of Pour House Trivia here at Senor Tequilas.

Highlights of the Night:

In “Tripping-Out-of-the-Gate”: Winner’s Choice categories historically tend to be on the easier side of the spectrum. Pop culture questions doubly so.  So when even I hadn’t heard of the answer to tonight’s Fantastic Four question, I knew we were in for a long night, as teams had to pop early ones going into the game.  Tough way to kick of the game!

In “All-In-Favor”: Conversely, the foreign cover songs question was met with unanimous approval, even if not everyone was able to get all the answers correct.  The Japanese cover of “Roar” was a particular favorite.  All in favor of more foreign covers say aye!

In “Hecklers-Go-Home”: I haven’t had a day off from both jobs in over a week. I’m tired. So I’m really not in the mood for “Can woman play handball comments?” from drunk patrons at the bar. Unfortunately, I’m also supposed to be professional so snapping at them isn’t gonna do anything productive.  So it’s always nice for someone else to come to my rescue and tell a heckler off for me.  Thank you random patron who walked by and told him to shut up! Kudos to you!

Correct answers on the final were crucial tonight!

In third place, the Fan Club!

In second place, Axl’s Doghouse!

In first place, Beer Pressure!

Great game everyone! Next week we’re gonna kick things off with a WWII Aircraft category! Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

~ Ian

WWII Aircraft Trivia


FireFlies in Alexandria, VA

Nine teams.  Nine teams!  An all-time high at Fireflies, and it was extraordinarily competitive.  That being said, our perennial if not beatable champions, Milwaukee Beers consistently choose a first category (usually baseball) that ultimately proves difficult to the majority of trivia players other than themselves.  This seems like an almost unfair advantage, but then again, I always root for the underdogs.

Surprisingly, “foreign language covers” was very well-played throughout the restaurant. Of course, when further challenged during a free-for-all to identify the language, absolutely no one knew their Spanish or Italian. Shame, Fireflies players. Shame.

Lastly, absolutely no one at this venue can spell.  Like, no one.  Everyone should bone up on spelling bees, given that they were challenged by “frankincense”. 🙂

Here are your finishers:

First Place:  Milwaukee Beers

Second Place:  The B-58s

Third Place:  (Almost-newcomers) Eric Who?

Next week’s first category:  “The Sandlot”

Fair Winds,

~ Chief

Sandlot Movie Trivia


Quincy’s in Bethesda, MD

Live trivia at Quincy’s Bethesda just keeps on truckin’! We had four teams who were oddly excited by diseases and disorders, giving Alzheimer’s disease the warmest reception it’s ever gotten…  They were also big fans of Switzerland! It wasn’t just the flag, but the flag was a big plus. I know, I hate me too 😛

It was a whole night of newcomers, as DBBQS dominated the scoreboard all night.  They secured the win for themselves with Mike & Juli in second and Go Nadz in third.  Get ready to rock your popped collars and side ponytails – next game’s first category is One-Hit Wonders of the ’80s!


– Eric 🙂



Blue Parrott in St. Petersburg, FL

Another exciting night at the Blue Parrot. A total of 8 teams survived this round of trivia! All teams staying close throughout the night, but it was Memphis Blues who came out on top. Quizknows won second and Romeo’s Revenge went for the third place prize of a bottle of Jim Bean! Congrats to all who played and see you next week for the festivities!

Category next week is Australian War History.




Monkey La La in Frederick, MD

Coming soon…

Next week’s first category:  A + B = C (“Twelve Days of Christmas” style)

12 Days of Christmas trivia


Quincy’s South in Rockville, MD

And just when it was feeling like it was getting a bit warmer, the cold comes back to bite us! Cold outside but HOT inside as we had our weekly game at Quincy’s with a double digit team count! Lots of veterans playing, wouldn’t be betting money on any one team to win tonight.

At the half we had a close one but it was Sofa King Smart who led the field. They looked very strong, getting a perfect halftime page, and only missing one or two of the 2 point bonuses, contributing to a score in the high 80’s. Uncle Jack was RIGHT behind them, looking to gain some ground in the 2nd half.

Round 3 seemed pretty tame, most teams getting through unscathed. SKS led going into Round 4, their lead getting bolstered by the fact that Uncle Jack missed the wager on the Current TV question. This allowed Screaming Death Monkey to move into 2nd place before the final question, with SKS holding a strong lead.

The final was an easy one, most teams getting it, and that’s all she wrote! 3rd to Uncle Jack, 2nd place to Screaming Death Monkey, and the winners tonight are Sofa King Smart! Pretty tame night, the consistently strong teams taking the top 3 tonight. The other teams gonna need to bring their A game if they wanna knock em down next time! Until then, I’ll see you guys in a week!

Next week’s first category: “It’s a Wonderful Life”

It's a Wonderful Life Trivia


Stone’s Cove in Bel Air, MD

After weeks at the top, Stone’s Cove Bar team was taken out by the Scottish Girls!  The Scottish Girls started late, but was able to come up with the correct response of Jeff Bezos on the final to give them a come-from-behind win in their debut appearance came in First place!  Five Ladies and Shannon’s Baby also made a good show ingtonight – when you have a health teacher on your team, that’s a game changer.  Next week we will be discussing the Environment – Al Gore has a few things to day about that.

~ Natalie