Tuesday brought a little warm weather, but it was way hotter inside with Pour House pub trivia! Read on for a recap!

We got a little reprieve from winter on Tuesday, and then we had packed houses for a round of Pour House pub trivia!

We learned so many important things!

The correct spelling of rigor mortis!

What not to feed President Bush the first if he comes for dinner!

British folks would be really confused if you told them you had to stop walking because of a rock in your boot!

Read on for a recap!

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

You were all so kind to me, filling in for the lovely (but sick!) Ms. Samantha.

Fun facts of the evening!

President Bush the first was a broccoli hater!

Tripp has difficulty saying musculoskeletal!

He also struggles with arboreal marsupial!

A very, very close game all night was capped off with a flurry of correct answers during our spacey final question!

Third place was the Thundercats! Ho!

Second place was jungle fever!

Winning with just a SINGLE point was Wiseacres, with a score of 158!

Next week’s first category is Samantha sings broadway musicals, complete with jazz hands! In case she vetoes that, the first category will be the year 1914

Have fun with Samantha next week!


1914 trivia category maryland

Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Another really close game of PHT at Cugini’s in Poolesville, and the front runners jockeyed back and forth all night!
It was Neverlands that pulled out their first win, great job!
The Murphs are a strong team, and rolled into 2nd by a very close margin.
The End is Beer mounted a heck of a comeback to position themselves in 3rd.
Join me next week where our first category will be University of Maryland Men’s Basketball.
~ Ronnie
university of maryland basketball trivia maryland

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Team Freedom back on top with a win at 158.
Pinky and the Brain were back in action as well taking second place at 145, and Breakin Winz finished up the night in third place.
Everyone now knows what Bartlett means, and who doesn’t love the Jersey Shore?
It’s almost spring time, but in the mean time the action is at Hollywood casino.
Next week’s first category is Harry Potter!
 Harry Potter pub trivia pour house

Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

Lots of laughs and surprises at Jekyll & Hyde in Frederick tonight!
Twelve teams battled it out in one of the closest games I’ve ever seen – third place was separated from first place by only 4 POINTS going into the finale!
In the end, some score-jostling placed Cranius Maximus in third, I Knew It! in second, and gave a come-from-behind win to Brownie Points.
As sure as Voltron defends Angel Grove from Veronica Mars (or something like that), Brad will be back next week where the winners’ choice category will be the TV show “Ancient Aliens.” Thanks for havin’ me over tonight, I’ll be back soon!
ancient aliens trivia category

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

I will write 100 times “I will not mispronounce Jean Valjean ever again!” :) Other than that little hiccup La La was off the charts tonight – a wild one indeed!
14 teams threw down in what was one crazy Tuesday night bar trivia contest. It was so close right on into the payouts. 3rd Place went to Phlitches, who won in a dicey Bob Dole tie breaker over Sleepy Blue. 2nd Place tonight went to Master Debaters who stayed strong after a few tough second half questions. And earning two W in a row was Stink Floyd with their WIN tonight. Congrats everyone! Well played.
Some highlights from La La Questions Tuesday Night:
Toughest answer of the night: The English Patient
Most lovable answer of the night: Koala Bear
Most memorable answer of the night: Hugh Jackman (“I will not mispronounce Jean Valjean ever again). :)
Great times everyone. I do so love my Tuesday night La La-ness. Enjoy your week. And I will see you next Tuesday night for some more trivia. We will start that night with “Time Travel Films that Do Not have the Words ‘Back to the Future’ in their Titles.” LOL. I like it! Til then…be well… dg :)
and P.S. I will not mispronounce Jean Valjean ever again!
time travel pub trivia maryland

Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA

Some of our new teams have become regulars at  Ramparts, as we rolled into Week Four of Season IX with over a dozen teams ready to go.  Things were rolling along quite smoothly until a few teams hit a bump in the road on the 6-4-2, and that opened the door for We’re Not Porn Stars Anymore to get back into the winner’s circle with a perfect fourth round.  Great job!  Whatever took second and Valley Girls took third.  One VERY happy member of our winning team was ecstatic to announce that enext week’s first question will be on “Veronica Mars”!  ~ Matt

Veronica Mars Trivia Alexandria