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Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday got into the 007 spirit with Pierce Brosnan and his tuxedos, plus a whole bunch more!

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Check it, gang.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

After a week off from trivia, I was glad to be back at Applebee’s with all my teams, I definitely missed you guys. It was great to see everybody again, and to see a few teams I hadn’t seen in awhile. Tonight’s game started out with a WWE question, courtesy of the Carolina Reapers, winners of the game two weeks ago, which asked about “Mean” Mark Callous, who became The Undertaker when he joined the WWE, way back in 1990. I can’t believe he’s still wrestling, he’s been in the WWE almost as long as I’ve been alive, what a legend. The hint of the day question ended up being about things that have “KEY” in them, such as the QWERTY keyboard and Francis Scott Key.

I also thought it was interesting that Pierce Brosnan signed away his right to wear a tuxedo in any other film, which I suppose makes sense, because that tux is so iconic for Bond. Hagar the Horrible stumped a few teams to end round one, but things started to get difficult early in this game. The second round started with Movie Musicals, and only a few teams knew we were asking about Rock of Ages, and although plenty recognized Foreigner, Tom Cruise stumped quite a few teams, and nobody got Malin Akerman. The Flags of the World question came next, which asked about the common symbol on the flags of many Caribbean nations, as well as the state flag for one particular U.S. State. We were talking about the Union Jack, but several teams went with the palm tree as their answer for pretty high wagers, which was rough.

The bowling question that came next was a bit less difficult, but the bible question proved to be tricky as well, asking about the first person mentioned in the New Testament besides Jesus himself, which was King David. Halftime tonight had celebrities whose initials were also a position in sports, like Sylvester Stallone would be Shortstop or Strong Safety, etc. as well as being a bit of a literature quiz, all about answers with ‘edible’ titles. That proved to be a bit tougher than usual for teams, with nobody getting a perfect score on it. The next round opened with a really tough question in the category of three clues/one city. The first two clues seemed to almost certainly point to New Orleans, being settled by French explorers and being home to the world’s biggest Jazz festival. Several teams went for that guess as well, betting the farm only to hear the third clue, which was that the city was the second most populous city in Canada, with the answer being Montreal. Yikes.

The MLB Hall of Famers question was a bit tougher as well, asking about the Georgia Peach, which is the nickname for Ty Cobb. I also was surprised at how few teams knew the band Of Monsters and Men, although it was entertaining to see how many people came up to me and said “hey that’s them, isn’t it??” after the question when I specifically queued up ‘Little Talks’ on the playlist. The 6-4-2 question ended up almost being another complete trap, with the six point clue being that it is the country where Barack Obama attended Elementary School for several years, with quite a few teams guessing Kenya almost immediately, although one team DID happen to know the actual answer, which was that he was in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

I liked the literary lines question that started the final round, although I always tend to like literature questions, they’re always fun to me. I was impressed with how many teams got the math question right, when we asked about the term ‘Reciprocal’, and some teams even managed to spell it right, which is more than I hoped for! The question that came next asked about the last state of the original 13 to ratify the US Constitution, doing it about 150 years after the document was written. We also mentioned that it was the Nutmeg State, which is Connecticut.

Abbreviations asked about the A and P in the term RAP sheet, whenever talking about a suspect’s criminal record, which stands for Record of Arrests and Prosecutions. We ended the night with a question about Kingdom Hearts, one of my favorite video game series, which combines Disney characters and Square Enix characters (Final Fantasy) into the same universe. I love those games, can’t wait for KH3 to come out soon! Heading into tonight’s final question we had a tie for second, as well as one team who had a pretty sizable lead. The final question was in Box Office Records, and asked about the highest grossing R-Rated film of all time for about 10 years, which came out in 1973 and got 10 Oscar nominations. The question ended up with EVERYBODY guessing either “The Godfather” or “The Godfather: Part II”, although the answer was actually “The Exorcist”.

Unfortunately we still had the tie to settle, which ended up being between We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity and The Carolina Reapers, so I asked the two teams to guess when Margaret Mitchell published “Gone With the Wind”, which was in 1936. Mediocrity ended up almost getting it exactly right, guessing 1935, which Carolina Reapers guessed 1932. So tonight, third place goes to The Carolina Reapers, with second place going to We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity. Winning tonight, managing to hang on since nobody got the final right, congrats to Suck It Trebek on another strong showing! Nice job you guys! Next time we will start with a question about the band Slayer, which will be in two weeks, as we will be off next week due to it being the night before Thanksgiving. I will see you all then!

Until next time,



Who wants to go candlepin bowling? I guess it’s a thing!


I’m more of a duckpin guy myself, but hey I am up for new things!

Great game of trivia Wednesday in Hagerstown, MD my friends. Thanks for coming out and playing. It certainly was not one of the easiest sets of bar trivia I’ve ever seen. There were a few monsters lurking in the trivial corridors. Yes I am talking about you Montreal, and you Square Enix, and you reciprocal! And let’s not forget about you “The Exorcist!” But hey, it is still a fun time grappling with some toughies!

Congratulations to our Top 3 for earning a leader board spot against some tough teams!

20151118_221906.3 20151118_221551.2 20151118_221621.1

Great night my friends. Remember NEXT WEDNESDAY WE ARE OFF. We are BACK ON the week after Thanksgiving. And we will kick that game off with a question about the Steel Curtain (Steelers). So enjoy studying up on that over some good turkey and mashed potatoes. And good luck to you if you are the wishbone contestant! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving y’all – see you soon 🙂

steel curtain

happy thanksgiving

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

It was good to be home! I missed you guys at Belles on Wednesday! Was a bit of a rough start as we learned that not only do I not like Jimmy Buffet, he doesn’t like me very much.

Oh well, the week of Sam sings everything is over! Hallelujah! At least it gives me a new threat for my semi-famous no cheating speeches.

Apparently one week without me threw you all off your game, teams were wagering badly, missing bonuses – it was haywire all over the scoreboard! Hell, I think poor Flight Level awesome only got one of their 9 pointers! And they STILL didn’t come in last! That’s an impressive feat all of its own.

Let’s see, you all nailed the pretty much nailed the math question, few of you knew the nutmeg state, I pronounced all the foreign stuff correctly and Glenn missed an amazing PENIS! joke set up – everyone was off their game.

The only team to recover in good fashion were Wednesday, who had a helluva lead going in to a miserable final and pulled the 1st place spot tonight! 2nd and 3rd came to a tiebreaker between Killin’ me Smalls and Constantly changing team name – Frankly, Constantly changing gave a big ol’ damn and were with 3 years on the Gone with the wind publishing date- got themselves a 2nd for it while Killin’ me Smalls were happy to end up in the money with 3rd!

Can I just say how much I love that you ALL gave me the same wrong answer for the final? Great minds and all that 😉 Next week we are on!! Yes, I will see you on Drunksgiving for a first category of Constantly Unchanging Thanksgiving Food.

If I don’t see you. have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving! But I think you should come see me, we can do a bar wide shot and get some Christmas card photos. 😉


Happy Thanksgiving

What a great turnout tonight at Bennigan’s! We had our best turnout of the season with 14 teams all fighting to win the prize tonight! One of those teams was Matt William’s School of Management. They’ve joined us for the third or fourth time tonight, undefeated in their previous appearances. Sometimes just a trio, usually just a duo, tonight it was just two of them. Even with just two, they were still the favorite to take it down, winning quite effortlessly and definitively in the other games they’ve played.

Tonight’s game had a plethora of very difficult questions so it was hard to pin point just ONE that was the definitive question HOWEVER I think I will be backed up by the other hosts if I say that the question of the night was our 3 Clues 1 City. A French discovered city with a huge Jazz Festival. Sounds easy, New Orleans, right? Wrong. People were droppin’ 9’s like a German pessimist on that one but most everyone MISSED it big and hard pre-clue 3. Some teams decided to wait for the 3rd clue, and it proved wise, giving them a huge advantage on the field.

Going into the final tonight, Matt Williams held an 18 point lead, which, as we know, is a lock game at PHT. They are a very strong trivia team, to say the least. The battle for 2nd was real though. Blue Steel held 2nd, Knock Knock was 3rd. Interesting wagers as Blue Steel bet 2 while up 3 and Knock Knock bet 0, back by 3 points. Therefore, Knock Knock was, unbeknownst to them, guaranteed 3rd at best. Only 1 team got the final question correct so here’s what we saw at the end. 3rd place went to Knock Knock. 2nd place, with the SOLE correct response, Blue Steel. And your winners, Matt Williams School of Management. Great game, we are OFF next week so I’ll see you all in 2 weeks! Happy holidays erry body!

1st Place: Matt William’s School of Management
2nd Place: Blue Steel
3rd Place: Knock Knock

Tonight’s game at Hard Times was all about one team: Jimmy’s in Vegas.  They only pop in from time to time, but it is always an impressive performance.  Tonight might have been the most dominant of the night.  They were one of the few teams not to fall for the “New Orleans Trap” in Round 3, and that maneuver may have cemented their victory, as they had a 20-point lead heading into the final question.  Needless to say, they were our winners tonight, with Washington is better Than Jefferson taking second, and Humanta Ray in third.  We WILL HAVE TRIVIA NEXT WEEK!  Our first category: Virginia Tech Football!  ~ Matt



Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

Memories Charcoal House is always a family affair, and tonight was no different! It was our last game before the impending turkey comas of next week’s festivities, so you all brought your A GAME!

For this one, we had not one, but TWO audio questions (which, yes, I did fumble a bit in the beginning haha). Between the Indigo Girls and Tom Cruise, who can tell the difference anyway, am I right? Anyway, about those scores. Taking home the third place prize were our Polyamorous Virgins! In second just ahead of them with the ONLY correct final answer were the Men & Pausers! And in first place, not to be underestimated was See What Had Happened Was!

Their choice of first category IN TWO WEEKS (No trivia next Wed. 11/25)? The Brady Bunch See you in TWO WEEKS!

– Torie

Brady Bunch Trivia pour house live trivia maryland

The Overwood – Alexandria, VA

We had another fun game at Overwood, as the defending champs Anne’s Birthday Gun took on the challengers in Natty Boh and the house team of Wood is Good. Despite being down one Anne (and presumably her gun), would our champs pull off another win?

We learned all about the Montreal Jazz Festival, the different types of bowling, and all the things no one knows about Of Monsters and Men. Because no one knows anything about Of Monsters and Men. I thought their songs were all from Mumford and Sons, to be honest.

As we came down to the final, Anne’s Birthday Gun had run away with the lead. They took home first place for the second week in a row, and chose, “John Moses Browning” as next week’s first category. Y’know, the machine gun guy.

See you next week!


The Tavern – Olney, MD

Another packed house for trivia last night at The Tavern in Olney! Lots of teams usually means a good battle for the top spots and last night did not disappoint!

After the tie-breaker had to be used (like I said, it was a good battle) this is how the top 3 stacked up:  Winning the tie by giving the EXACT year of the answer was Olney the Lonely in 3rd! It was great to see one of last weeks first timers team back again and with a 2nd place finish, congratulations to Bart’s Best!! With a second 1st place finish in a row, John Lithgow’s Fan Club is once again champion of the week!

Now, we are OFF next Wednesday for trivia because of Thanksgiving, so the winner’s choice category for TWO weeks from now is Classic Looney Tunes Cartoon Characters.

So enjoy your week off, Happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll see everyone in 2 weeks at the Tavern!!!

~ Jon J

Looney Tunes Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

We had another wild night at the Revolution Bar! The competition (and smack talk) has been an all time high during this season of Pour House Trivia, and tonight was no exception!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Right-Series-Wrong-Actor”: Too many Sean Connery answers on the actor’s question tonight. Come on guys, he’s Scottish, not Irish!

In “Inferior-Product-Placement”: Toaster Strudel is the worst. The absolute worst. Pop-Tarts are the best and if you say otherwise you’re wrong!

In “Everybody-Geek-Out”: When you got a few minutes at the end of the game, and the question happens to be something you’re passionate about, you like to talk about it! When you get the “Move on” wave from a team, you hang your head in geek shame and finish the game.
We had a total whiff on the final tonight, so the podium was pretty much set.

In third place tonight, E=MC Hammer!

In second place tonight, Mess and Jegg!

In first place tonight, Green Machine!
We are off next week for the Thanksgiving holiday, so we’ll see you in two weeks! When we do, it’ll be starting with Pennsylvania, the Keystone State as our Winner’s Choice category! Study up, and a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Until then,


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

It was quite the battle here at Valley Grill in Middletown, until one team broke out in the second round and never looked back!

The final question was a tough one, but don’t be upset as The Godfather was a great answer!

Here are the results of the game:

Fat Kids are hard to Kidnap in 1st
Southpaw Fish in 2nd
Drunk Savants in 3rd

Our first category for next week is an interesting one: the Characteristics of Trees.

~ Ronnie

Song Lyrics Pour House Pub quiz maryland

Wolfie’s – Smyrna, DE

Tonight at Wolfie’s Bar & Grille we had four teams playing. Some new teams and lots of new people jumping in. First and second round all teams were neck and neck fighting for first place and they were not giving up at the puzzle! Then it came down to the third and fourth round, answers were tougher, the bar was getting louder, and players were running out of time. Teams started to get further away in points with the other teams.

All teams did great and answered questions fairly fast. I was impressed! We will not be having Trivia Night, Wednesday November 25, 2015. Looking forward to the teams returning and more teams joining us on December 02, 2015. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and please be safe 🙂

1st Place: Team Mike’s
2nd Place: Team I know nothing
3rd Place: Team Awesome

Team Mike’s picked the category of European Geography for December 2nd Trivia Night.