Trivia Makes Mondays Manageable!

Mondays are never fun, and rarely easy, but if you add some PHT to the end of your day it’s a guarantee that they will end better than they started! Check out how the games went down all over Maryland and Vriginia last night-


Del Ray Pizzeria

One more game to go to decide the House Champions here at DRP in Alexandria, it is a real close race! Thanks to you all again for coming out to play some PHT with me, and thank you for your help in getting us done in time for the Alabama game. Here are the results of tonight’s action:

Spider’s from Mars in 1st

Periodic Table Dancers in 2nd

MSC in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Sea Mammals, so I’ll “sea” you there. Yuck… ~ Ronnie





As this 12th season of Pour House Trivia draws towards it’s close, we had another fiery game tonight at the Roast House!

Highlights of the Night:
In “Ian-Can’t-Big-Word-Good”: REALLY?! Hexaskosiohexakontahhexaphobia?!?! What evil bastard devised that word?! Why would you ever do such a thing?! And I have to read it?! GAH!

In “Y’all-Aren’t-Nearly-Nerdy-Enough”: Tsk tsk guys. Not nearly enough teams got Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for my liking, and no one got the tricky “And Another Thing…” 2 point bonus. You guys gotta step your geek game up!

In “Ian-Might-Be-A-Bit-Distracted…”: NCAA National Championship game is on. My Clemson Tigers against the evil that is the Alabama Crimson Tide. I may be a bit animated. I may be a bit distracted. But when my boys scored, the whole bar cheered, so I’m thinking everyone is on my side on this one. Let’s go Tigers!!

After cleaning up a tiebreaker that was rather anachronistic (Pulp Fiction? Where the hell did that come from?) we had our podium!

In third place tonight, One Crow Short of a Murder!
In second place tonight, losing a tough tiebreaker, Interrobang?!

In first place tonight, Multiple Scorgasms!

Great game tonight guys! Next week we’re gonna start with the city of Brunswick, Georgia! Might be a little narrow but I was convinced. See what you can find out, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,Ian



Greene Turtle- Hagerstown

Tonight at the Greene Turtle not only was it the College Football Championship game, but they also had multiple fundraisers going on at the same time, so the place was just packed!  I had a hard time even getting a place to set up my laptop and so on.  Either way tonight’s game was still a good one, with a couple new teams joining in as well as some familiar faces.  We opened up with a question about The Breakfast Club, which ended up being a multiple choice question talking about the reason Molly Ringwald’s character ended up in detention.

Halftime asked about a bunch of seemingly random celebrities, whose link was that they were all on ‘Dancing With the Stars’, as well as a bunch of answers that had “BEST” in them somewhere.  I was amazed that “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” was allowed to be on the page, and it definitely felt weird reading that out loud.  Moving into the second half we started out talking about those AT&T commercials with that really cute girl in them, whose name is apparently Lily (I keep thinking those commercials are for T-Mobile too…).  The Mythological namesakes question we asked ended up almost wiping the room, with only a few teams managing to get to Hyacinth, although it might be because several teams guessed before the crossword-style clue.

I was impressed by how many teams knew the name Walter Johnson, although only a few teams knew his nickname, Big Train.  Tonight’s 6-4-2 talked about the Holiday Inn, which is also the name of the movie that “White Christmas” was originally written for.  Heading into the last round one team built up a pretty solid lead, and it was definitely interesting to see if they could hold that up until the final.  We started with a question about flags, asking about the flag of Lebanon, which apparently has the same colors as the flags of Mexico and Italy.  It was impressive to see so many teams know that there is a cedar tree on the Lebanon flag, although that might just be an age thing.

I didn’t know that ammonia is in smelling salts, and that’s definitely not something I would have guessed, although plenty of teams knew it.  Also, I guess Montessori schools are more well known than I thought, since almost every team knew what we were asking about.  I liked the musical first name question, even though I’d never heard of the Kenny Rogers song they were talking about (Coward of the County).  We finished the round asking about the movie “Looper” where Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a young Bruce Willis, wearing prosthetics so he looked more believable.
Heading into the final, we had a few teams close to each other, and one team way ahead of the rest of the pack.  The final question tonight asked about an organization with a really long name which was about Barbershop Quartets, with the question really just asking how many people are in these groups (we didn’t give you barbershop or quartet though, you had to figure out the abbreviation).  Third place tonight went to The Bends, with another solid performance after changing their name BACK again.  Second place went to Cotton Candy, who couldn’t seem to gain any ground on the leaders after halftime.  Winning tonight’s game with a really strong performance, especially in the second half, congrats to That’s A Niner on the victory!  Next week we start with The U.S. Military as our opening category, which is nice and broad.  See you all then!
Until next time,

Il Forno

We handed out the playoff invites tonight… It’s getting close to that time of year! Congratulations to Chicken McThuggets taking down the house championship tonight and moving onto the World Series with a FREE PASS! Everyone else, hope to see you at the playoffs in 2 weeks!
Tonight’s game featured mostly our veteran teams trying to do their best to prep for the upcoming playoff games! Leading for most of it was I’m with Sarah. Despite a small misspelling on the Sister, Sister question, they still managed to hold a lead at the half, and a pretty significant one at that!
Tonight’s question of the night was our MLB question which asked about the 2nd most wins by a pitcher behind Cy Young. Cy’s 500 is crucial but this other player hit 400 wins, a player nicknamed “Big Train”. That of course would be Walter Johnson (yeah, I actually have never heard of him but I wanted to look cool). Only a few teams picked up that name and I’m with Sarah was the only one to know his nickname for the 2 point bonus! Very good.
An impressive performance all night, I’m with Sarah had a strong lead of 7 going into the final question tonight. All they’d need was a correct response to take this one down! The final tonight played a bit easier than we’d expected so here’s how the scores are! 3rd place went to Wrecking Ball who moved up a bit with a correct response! 2nd place went to your House Champions Chicken McThuggets and the winners, two in a row now for I’m with Sarah!
Great game everyone! Still cold out, make sure you come join us INSIDE WHERE IT’S WARM next week, same time, same place. Keep bringing your full teams, only one more game until you gotta bring it at the playoffs! See ya then guys, talk to ya!
1st Place:     I’m with Sarah
2nd Place:    Chicken McThuggets
3rd Place:     Wrecking Ball
Next week:     NCIS


Spider Kelly’s

As Season 12 begins to wind don, we welcomed a few new faces to Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon on Monday night.  With the absence of our house champions, it gave some of these new teams an opportunity to gain some much-needed standings points.  Our winners tonight seem to be hitting their stride, as PC Principals made it two in a row!  Second went to the Helen Keller Birdwatching Club, with Knowers of Stuff taking third. Next week, our last week of the season begins with a question on the Periodic Table.  ~ Matt