Triple Digits at PHT World Series XVI!

A new Pour House Trivia record was set today, as we topped the century mark for the first time in World Series history.  For today’s Season XVI championship at Hager Hall, we welcomed an amazing 114 TEAMS!  Today’s winning team would certainly be a well-deserved champion with an extra $2,000 in spending cash.  The winners from each of the last 13 championships were in attendance, as each was looking to add another notch their belts:

  • Slapsgiving (III, IV, V, VI, VIII)
  • Stink Floyd (VII, XIV)
  • High School Prom (IX, X, XI, XII)
  • Dave Martinez School of Management (XIII, XV)

Before we get into the details of the game, w would like to thank every team for participating in this event.  Our success would not be possible without your constant support.  With that, let’s get to the recap:


The winter World Series usually includes a question on the Super Bowl, and this season was no exception, as we opened with a question on the big game.  We asked our teams to name either one of the two franchises that have lost to BOTH the Steelers and the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  Just under half of our teams earned bonus points with these two correct answers:

We continued with this question in the category of Coming to Netflix!:

–> Coming to Netflix later this year, a ten-episode fantasy adventure series from The Jim Henson Company will serve as a prequel to what groundbreaking 1982 film?

While a number of teams responded incorrectly with “Labyrtinth” (which was released a few years later), we were instead looking for this film:

Dark Crystal

About two-thirds of our teams earned their wager with the correct response of “The Dark Crystal”, but only THREE teams earned bonus points by also knowing that this upcoming series will be subtitled “Age of Resistance”.  We moved on to a vocabulary question, which saw many high wagers dashed:

–> Chosen by as its 2017 Word of the Year, which adjective is defined as: “choosing to be involved in an illegal or questionable act; or having partnership or involvement in wrongdoing”?

The key word to this question was adjective.  Nearly half of the field answered incorrectly by guessing collusion, which unfortunately is a noun.  However, the word complicit is an adjective, and was indeed the 2017 Word of the Year.  We closed the opening stanza with a Three Clues question:

CLUE 1: This video game was launched by the Swedish company Mojang on Nov. 18, 2011.

CLUE 2: One of the names it took on during development was “Cave Game”.

These two clues were enough for about half of our teams to earn two bonus points by going in early and giving us this correct answer:

Minecraft Video Games

We saw more than a dozen teams notch 34 points in the first round, but thanks to the bonus question on “The Dark Crystal”, we did not see any perfect scores in the first round.


The second round audio question posed a rather difficult two-point bonus, as teams were asked to name a certain hip hop artist after hearing just three seconds of a song (in this case, “The Boomin’ Sound”, though we did not give the actual title).  Those three seconds were enough for just 12% of our teams to earn the bonus, while the majority of the field waited for the full two-minute clip to turn in this correct response:

LL Cool J

After a look at some record-setting hot peppers, we continued to the subject of World Flags, by asking out teams to identify the British Crown Dependency that uses this flag:

Isle of Man

Most of the field knew that this is the flag of the Isle of Man, while 28% of our teams tacked on two bonus points by also knowing that the natives of this territory speak the language of Manx.  Most of our teams were cruising along quite nicely through the second round, until the following question in the topic of Multiple Meanings:

–> In physics, this the more common name of a capillary wave. On the internet, it is the name of the third-most valuable cryptocurrency based on market capitalization.

Sure, you’ve heard of Bitcoin, and you may have heard of the second-most valuable cryptocurrency: Ethereum.  But only 22% of our teams earned their wagers with the correct answer of Ripple.  This question proved to be the most difficult wagering question of the first half, but the difficulty was compounded by the fact that it was by far the most popular bonus category of the second round, as nearly 70% of the field chose Mutliple Meanings as its bonus category.  Needless to say, this had a profound effect on the scores.  We closed the first half with a question concerning Oscar-winning films:

–> Only two films that won the Best Picture Oscar depict the death of the title character in the first 15 minutes of the film.  One of these characters is killed in a motorcycle accident, while the other is shot.  Name either one of these films.

Though it was not quite as difficult as the previous question, this one still packed some punch, as about 43% of our teams earned points with at least one correct answer.  The teams that could remember which biographical films had earned Hollywood’s highest honor started off on the right track, but only 14% of the field earned bonus points with these correct answers:

Once again, we did not see any perfect scores in the second round.


To close out Season XVI, the visual portion of the World Series halftime page featured items connected to the number 16.  The toughest answer on this section was this cryptic picture (perhaps a preview of things to come…)

16 Sulfur

Atomic number 16 belongs to Sulfur.  In addition to the pictures, we featured an audio-themed halftime section, as we played songs from ten musical acts that all shared a certain distinction.  Ranging from Lady Gaga to Tom Petty, these were the ten most recent artists to have headlined the Super Bowl Halftime Show!  We saw an overall average score of 16.1, with six teams recording perfect scores of 20 points.  As we entered the halftime break, these were our top teams:

  • Dave Martinez School of Management:   87
  • PC Principals:  86
  • Flight Level Awesome:  86
  • Brother of Menelaus:  86
  • Gorillas With Machine Guns:  84
  • Gin and Cupcakes:  84
  • How Did I Get Here?:  81
  • It’s Mueller Time:  81
  • Killer Snails:  81
  • You Just Got Shawshanked:  80


The second half began with a question on the Mediterranean Sea, as we asked our teams to name either one of the two most populous countries which border this body of water.  Teams who were debating the population figures of countries like France, Spain, and Italy may have been doomed from the start, as NONE of those countries were included in the correct answer.  Instead, our trivia players needed to travel east to get these correct answers:


(map courtesy of

Next up, a question on “The Simpsons”:

–> Normally shown from the neck down or from the back, what non-Springfield native is the only character to be seen on “The Simpsons” with five fingers?

If any of our teams had started praying for a correct answer, it would have helped them here, as the answer we were looking for was God:

God Simpsons

After a little Periodic Table Word Play, we continued with an A + B = C question on the subject of Cell Phone Apps.

Part A = Late last year, Twitter began allowing its American followers to use this many characters per tweet.

Part B = Without using a Free Life, this is the number of questions one must answer correctly in order to win a standard game of HQ Trivia.

I can think of a certain politician that must have loved the recent Tweet expansion.  For years, Twitter’s limit was 140 characters, but that figure has now doubled to 280.  Just over one-third of our teams earned points by also knowing that a standard game of HQ Trivia features 12 questions, giving us a correct answer of 292.  After closing the third round with a question on Film Dedications, we saw our only perfect round of the day, as Gorillas With Machine Guns notched 36 points in the third stanza.

6-4-2- QUESTION:

Our 6-4-2 question for World Series XVI dealt with a certain first name:

–> After hinting at the subject in both a 2004 TV episode and a 2010 tweet, Cookie Monster recently confirmed that this is his actual first name.

Only FIVE teams earned the full six points by knowing (and being bold enough to guess) that Cookie Monster’s actual first name is Sid.  Much of the field waited to hear the four-point clue to turn in their responses, as a picture of the bully from “Toy Story” led most teams to earn four points.


The final round must have pleased our history buffs, as we began with a relatively difficult question concerning the Congress of Vienna.  In addition to exactly one third of our field earning their wager, only ten teams also earned bonus points by knowing that Klemens von Metternich served as the chairperson of this historic gathering.  Next up was an intriguing question on the subject of literature.  This was a three-part question which involved a ‘hidden connection’ among the three answers:

1)  In his will, Shakespeare left this possession to his wife Anne Hathaway.

2)  A fictional widow from this English city in the county of Somerset told one of the most memorable tales of the 14th century.

3)  This word precedes “Good and Evil” in the English translation of an 1886 work written by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Your answers?


We continued with a look at Olympic gold medalists, as we challenged our teams to name any two of the three Americans who won the gold medal in ladies’ singles figure skating from 1992 through 2002.  Despite the fact that they may be more famous, neither Nancy Kerrigan nor Michelle Kwan ever won a gold medal, with both landing a silver and a bronze in their respective Olympic appearances.  Instead, we were looking for these three answers:

From left to right, that’s Kristi Yamaguchi, Tara Lipinski, and Sarah Hughes.  Next up was a question in the category of Borrowed From Chinese:

–> In Mandarin, this word is literally translated as ‘gourd’, but it has also taken on the modern definition of ‘interactive recording’.  In the U.S., this word was adopted as a technological brand name.

It took nearly four whole rounds, but we landed on our most wagering difficult question of the day, as only FOUR TEAMS gave us this correct response:

Needless to say, we did not see any perfect scores in the final round.  Here are the top scores heading into the final question:

  • Gorillas With Machine Guns:  161
  • Dave Martinez School of Management:   160
  • PC Principals:  159
  • Brother of Menelaus:  159
  • Gin and Cupcakes:  155
  • It’s Mueller Time:  150
  • Killer Snails:  148
  • Flight Level Awesome:  146
  • Stink Floyd:  145
  • How Did I Get Here?:  142

FINAL QUESTION (30.7% success rate):

–> Despite a fairly small exterior, the inside of this fictional character’s abode includes (among many other things) a pool table, a pipe and deerstalker hat, enough room for seven siblings, a basketball hoop and net, a Jacuzzi, a birdhouse, a picture of Tiny Tim, an exercise room, and a science lab.  Name this character introduced on October 4, 1950.

Just under one-third of our teams finished their game on a high note with this correct answer:



It’s always nice to see a team win its first championship, as was the case today with the powerhouse team Gorillas With Machine Guns.  After taking a one point lead to begin the second half, this squad answered correctly on the final question to take home its first PHT World Series title. And congrats to the rest of our smiley TOP 10 Finishers.



Here is your complete list of scores:

1 Gorillas With Machine Guns 173
2 Dave Martinez School of Management 172
3* PC Principals 171
4* Brother of Menelaus 171
5 Killer Snails 160
6 Fllight Level Awesome 158
7 Stink Floyd 157
8 Breadsticks 149
9 Kitten Mittens 146
10 Hans Gruber Preservation Society 144
11 Gin and Cupcakes 143
11 You Just Got Shawshanked 143
13 Roaming Gnomes 139
14 Wiseacres 138
14 It’s Mueller Time 138
16 Stephen Hawking Karaoke Machine 136
17 Jerry Lewis Romperthon 132
18 How Did I Get Here? 130
19 That’s A Niner 129
19 Lone Pine Mall Rats 129
21 Master Blaster 128
21 Tokyo Sex Robot 128
21 Morgan Station 128
24 Uncle Jack 127
24 Five Dollar Candy 127
24 Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap 127
27 Give Us Your Beer Money 126
27 Cher’s Zombie Army 126
27 No Talent Ass Clowns 126
30 Power Vacuum 125
30 Westward Ho! 125
32 Birds of War 123
32 Capitol City Goofballs 123
32 Heisenberg 123
35 Dilly Dilly 121
35 Vitrifiers 121
37 Blood Legion 119
37 Wyld Stallyns 119
37 Foreplay Above the Table 119
37 Just Good Enough 119
41 Witiots 118
42 Sexual Chocalate 116
42 Slapsgiving 116
44 Who R Those Guys 115
45 Arrondissements of Ouagadougou 114
46 Hookers and Blackjack 113
46 Fat, Drunk, and Stupid 113
48 Southpaw Fish 112
48 Might Have a Clue 112
50 Fan Club 111
51 Momentary Lapse of Reason 110
51 Charlie and the Vodka Factory 110
53 Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends 109
53 Can’t Buy a Thrill 109
53 Aahhh!! Real Munsters 109
53 H.R. Puff ‘n’ Stuff 109
57 Quality Quesswork 108
57 Harsh Reality 108
59 Illuminati 105
60 North Country 104
61 Uncles with Benefits 103
61 High School Prom 103
63 Hoboken Squat Cobbler 102
63 Plugging the A-Gap 102
65 Breakfast for Dinner 101
65 En Fuego 101
67 Think Before You Drink 100
67 Comfortably Dum 100
67 Fourth Place 100
67 Dire Wolves 100
71 Bentley’s Buddies 99
72 Shakeweight 98
72 Teachers 98
74 Super NOVA 96
74 Smarty Pants 96
74 Syn Storm 96
74 Better Side of the River 96
78 Sad and Demented but Social 95
78 Pugalicious 95
78 Obscure References 95
81 Charging Our Fireballs 94
81 Show Us On the Doll 94
83 We Drink and We Know Things 93
84 No Bueno 92
84 B.A. Barracus 92
84 Singing Inferno 92
87 Your Mom 91
88 Faith Plus One 90
88 Indians 90
90 Half Nelsons 89
91 Tequila Mockingbird 88
91 The Gang Ruins Trivia 88
93 Steven Hawking School of Dance 86
94 Gryffindorks 85
95 Secret Garden, Hidden Cucumber 84
96 Probably Worth a Google 83
96 Gold Team 83
96 Sack of Marbles 83
99 My Favorite Team 78
100 Not Your Team 77
101 My Harry Potter Has Hogwarts 75
102 Cranius Maximum 74
103 Pi 72
104 Rural Jurors 69
105 Axl’s Doghouse 67
105 Simple Minds 67
107 Crystal Methodists 62
108 Dirty Mike and the Boys 59
109 TGLC 57
109 Les Quizzerables 57
111 Multiple Scoregasms 49
112 Trivia Newton John 43
113 Gap Band 34
114 FNQ 27