Thursday’s Pour House Pub Trivia got a little Math involved!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday gave you great live trivia at five venues, but we threw a little math in to mix things up!

Always a tough one, but we like to shake it up every now and again. Read on to see how the rest of things went!

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Nice and cool inside tonight, thanks to you all for coming in for some great food and good trivia questions here at Bunker!

‘Here are the results of our game:
Thundercats in 1st
Cranius Maximus in 2nd
Thoroughly Screwed in 3rd

Our first category for next week is The Original Lone Ranger TV Series!

~ Ronnie

Lone Ranger Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Champions! Always a pleasure, thanks for not being too upset that I wasn’t Denny 😉 I tried to crack at least one good corny joke but I just couldn’t pull it off.

Hopefully he will be back with his particular, much loved humor soon- Tough being a poker rockstar! What was also tough tonight was taking the top spot tonight- you might have had a substitute teacher but you brought your A+ game tonight! In a come from behind slide in to 3rd it was Stormy Bongo Adventure! Nice move on the sexy couples! 2nd went to Wiser but still Dead who fought the good fight and hoped like hell that Powervac wouldn’t come up with the celebrities but that hope was in vain and Power Vac held 1st with one hand while the other held a copy of esquire- I saw it!

Next week you will start out with Renaissance architecture. Beautiful.


Renaissance trivia Florence trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

It was a PACKED HOUSE at the Fish Market tonight, hitting 15 teams, a high (but normal) number of competitors here. As of late, it seems that the Fish Market is THE PLACE to play trivia on Thursday nights! The competition is fierce AND plentiful as we always have a full-house and most of those teams are veteran teams. I only anticipate growth!

Tonight’s question of the night was the MATH question we popped in to the set! Had to go back to Trig class to remember those functions. You have your sin, cosine, and tangent AND their inverses cosecant, secant, and cotangent. Of those 6, the Hypotenuse over the Adjacent side would lead you to the secant NOT the cosine, which seemed to get a bunch of teams! Great job to those of you that remembered that!

Going into the final we had Rubber Sheets Club leading the way with a big number of teams close behind. Proving a bit tough, 3 teams got the final correct. Here’s how the game turned out: 3rd place, with a correct response was Trivia Newton John in their first visit to the Fish Market! Congrats guys! 2nd place, no stranger to our Thursday night crowd, Oscar Meyer, who lost by just ONE POINT to our champions, Two Birds One Stone! That wraps up another week. We’ll see you in seven days!

1st Place: Two Birds One Stone
2nd Place: Oscar Meyer
3rd Place: Trivia Newton John

Next week’s category: Rough Ladies

Guido’s – Frederick, MD

We had a topsy-turvey kind of finish to last nights trivia game at Guido’s Speakeasy! The final question ended up being the monkey wrench that changed up the top 3 – well, that AND some of the wager choices!

Making the move from 5th to 3rd was Friends Of Dick Johnson! Moving up to 2nd was Super Happy Fun Time! Finally back in the winners circle after a long drought was Trivia Team 2: Electric Boogaloo!! I’m very curious to see next weeks winners choice question.

They picked a category that was a question asked, but never answered in the film Beerfest, “What’s a Z-jay?” That is the winners choice, so good luck, study up, and I’ll see everyone next Thursday at Guido’s to find out the answer!!

~ Jon J


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Anal Bum Covers are back and they are on top of their game!

Coming 1st by a wide margin tonight. However Livin the Vida Broka didn’t go down without a fight, coming in second place with 122 points. We had a tie breaker for 3rd place between Grundel Hammer and Fainting Goats. WHO knew hockey could be so difficult. But Fainting Goats took 3rd after a well played tie breaker.

Next week study up cause we are starting off with World Religions!

world religions trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

The summer season is rolling right along at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg! After a relatively smooth start, the last round had some bite, as we suddenly discovered that most of us have forgotten everything we learned in high school math class.

A tricky U.S. geography question also separated some of our teams. As we finished round four, there were several teams still within striking distance of a win. The final proved to be VERY interesting, as just two teams came up with the correct response.

One of those teams was John Lithgow Fan Club, who managed to hold off a tightly-packed field and take down the win. Our second-place team was John’s Morons, but they had too many people tonight, so they ‘donated’ their second-place prize to Blue Collar, who jumped up four spots with a strategic wager on the last question. Lowered Expectations rounded out our ‘official’ top three.

We’ll start next week with a question on the 2015 Baltimore Orioles!

~ Matt

Baltimore Orioles Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland