Thursday brought hectic Pour House Pub Trivia competition at SEVEN venues!

Thursday trivia nights with Pour House pub trivia continue to showcase my favorite things!

Last week, we had LEGO, the world’s greatest toy.

This week? One of the finest food substances ever concocted by man, green chile sauce!

I have been known to re-route road trips if there is promise of good barbecue, or the promise of green chile sauce. It is a small problem.

My other big observation for this set is that the Ocean’s 11/Ocean’s 12/Ocean’s 13 movies really need a unifying name, don’t they? The “Ocean’s Number” movies just doesn’t really roll off of the tongue! Somebody get on that, would ya? Ocean’s Trilogy, maybe?

Lastly, the movie Pumping Iron, is just a bit of silliness, if you haven’t had the chance. You even get to see Arnold smoking doobie!

Let’s check out the games!

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

We had some fun mistaken identity tonight at Bunkers, which was one of my favorite wrong answers of all time. This photo of the lovely Grace Jones:

Grace Jones Trivia Question MD

That photo was identified as “That Guy From Star Trek With The Visor Thing?” Hehehe. C’mon guys! 

My other favorite wrong answer, when in search of Mariano Rivera, “Dennis La-something, with the long hair!”

Since that was only two favorite wrong answers, I’ll share a photo with you, for the category of Give Me The Bird! of course!

 Give me the Bird!

 Always nice to have 50 people give you the finger at once! Those balloons you see in the back belong to Melissa, who celebrated a birthday with us! Happy birthday again Melissa!

We had a little prophesizing from the fine folks at Cake or Death – before the game, they told me they were at “Maximum brain power!” for the evening’s game. And boy, oh boy, were they right.

They rode that maximum brain power all night, staying within sniping distance and finally, on the last question, they struck, taking down first place! Congratulations guys!

We also had strong games from the Indians and Cranius Maximus, who were tied after our final. Tiebreakers seem to be a regular thing here at Bunkers!

After that split, it was the Indians who took home second place, and Cranius Maximus who grabbed third! Good game, all!

Those max brain power folks at Cake or Death chose the excellent NBC show “Parks and Recreation” to kick it off next week, so study up!

[th_youtube id=’Ish8NBunrQU’ name=’Parks and Recreation’]




Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

We’ve got about one month left in our trivia season and the race is ON for House Champion and post season invites. I always get excited about this time of the season to see how the games will will unfold and how things gear up for WORLD SERIES SEASON 9. 
Tonight’s trivia contest was a great one! And I’ve gotta give props out of the gate to Horseshoes and Hand Grenades who have been playing a very consistent season and rocked tonight’s set. The way the scores worked out, however, they decided to play the final defensively. This move earned them a very nice second place spot and 17 points toward the House Title. Great game HHHG! The winners tonight though, Shelby’s Heroes, earned THE COVETED HAT TRICK! Three Wins in a Row at Champions is a stellar feat gentlemen, much props! And our leader board was rounded out by the crew over at We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat. Very nice game ladies and gents! I’d also like to give some props to fourth and fifth – Aesops Foibles and Vitrifiers, who will get a little extra point-age for their climb tonight. 
I liked tonight’s question set…had some fun answers…my favorites were:
– Tweety Bird – I’m a long time fan…don’t hate!
– bunion – and thank you to the guy from the pool table area for showing me yours after the game because you overheard the question in the trivia room and wanted to ask me about it…
– Chip and Dale Earnhardt Jr – cuz it gave me a chance to telll my Sammy the Snail joke! Seriously though…get it?!?!? “Look at that ‘S’ car go! Like…cuz he’s a snail and all… hmmmph :/
Sammy Snail Pour House Pub Trivia MD
LOL…Love me some Thursdays 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone! Study up on some Family Guy as that will be R1Q1 next Thursday night! ‘Til then…
Be well – dg 🙂
Family Guy Pub Trivia Category Maryland



Dan’s Restaurant – Boonsboro, MD

Give it up for Slaphappy’s first win tonight at Dan’s Restaurant and Taphouse in Boonsboro, great job tonight!
It was of course a very close game, with Fisted Sister coming in second, and BTI in third.
Join me again at Dan’s next week for our first category, the American Civil War.
~ Ronnie
Civil War Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland



Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

I got a very warm welcome tonight at the Fish Market as I set up for yet another Pour House Trivia night. Gone Squatchin’ came out firing (without one of their usual team members), took an early lead and didn’t look back! They were in first going into the final and held on to secure the win! Congrats Gone Squatchin’! You’ve got a great story to tell the one who didn’t come out tonight.
Second place goes to Humantaray and Domari Nolo snipes third with a defensive wager of zero on the final (though they did come up with a correct response). I’ll see you all next week!
1st Place: Gone Squatchin’
2nd Place:  Humantaray
3rd Place:  Domari Nolo
Next week’s category: Mortuary Science.
Mortuary Science Pub Trivia Maryland



Guidos – Frederick, MD

I had a fun night filling in the last time before I take over permanently at Guido’s Speakeasy as host last night! (did that make sense?) It was a tight game most of the night… until the 4th round, then some separation started happening. The final question still ended up deciding the winners however, and this is how it played out… Moving UP into 3rd place was We Made a Huge Mistake! Hanging on to 2nd place was Hate and Spite, and your game winners… Left Pizza with None Beef!! Nice Job to everyone and I guess I’ll be back NEXT Thursday and a lot more as I take over for the BEAUTIFUL Miss Torrie!! You will be missed!! See everyone next Thursday Night at Guido’s Speakeasy!!  ~ Jon J


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Tight race tonight between Pazullies and Clever Team Name, but in the end Pazullies took the top slot by just one point!
They finished the game with 151, leaving Clever Team Name behind at 150.
Making it to the leaderboard for the first time, Hard Dixon Cider came in third with 137!
Let me just say tonight was a great game! Next week we are starting off with a little Bon Jovi
“Woooah we’re half way there, OHHH Oh livin on a prayer, take my hand we’ll make it swear OOHH living on a prayer!”
[th_youtube id=’lDK9QqIzhwk’ name=’Livin’ on a prayer!’]



Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

A record night at Quincy’s as 15 teams piled in for a little trivia.  We had two teams bring so many people that they had to split into two teams each!  Yes, it was crowded.  After a week off, it was Uncle Jack who pulled away from the field and nailed the final to end up back in the winner’s circle.  Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends had their best finish so far this season with second, and Blue Collar rounded out the top three.  Next week begins with a question on “Downton Abbey”.  See you then!  ~ Matt