Thursday Trivia Can Do Bad All By Itself!

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Thursday’s game of Pour House Trivia brought a whopping 177 teams total to 20 locations!


The game began with questions about the Al Pacino film Scarface and musical instrument classifications. The first half’s toughest wagering question took us back to the 19th century:

  • Despite its name, early battles in this 19th century war took place in the Balkans and present-day Turkey, not on the Black Sea peninsula for which it is named. Name this war where an alliance of the Ottoman, French, and British empires defeated Russia.

A correct answer of the Crimean War gave roughly 55% of the field their wagering points. After discussing legendary actress Lucille Ball, the round came to a close with 21 teams sitting on perfect scores.


While the audio question on Thursday was successful in securing most teams’ wagers, naming all three food-titled songs for bonus points wasn’t as easy. Only 19% of the field were able to name DNCE’s Cake by the OceanBiscuits by Kasey Musgraves, and Labelle’s Lady Marmalade for those two extra points. An even harder bonus question came a little later in the round, with a mere 15% naming the February 2021 Mars rover Perseverance. We followed that up with a geography question that carried a little wordplay:

  • Gaining its independence from Portugal in 1975, which African nation has a one-word name containing all five vowels?

Just about two-thirds of Thursday’s teams earned their wager by naming Mozambique. The round closed out with a tidbit about items used in the Olympic sport fencing. A trio of teams were sharp enough to go perfect in the round: Alien Bounty Hunters (Aslin), Pho Q (Belly Love), and Beer Winners (Belly Love).


Thursday’s teams had to figure out historical figures by their younger selves in photographs, then match actors to their corresponding film role. The average score was 15.5 points, and 17 teams went all out with a perfect 20-point effort. After halftime, these were the top-scoring teams:


Round three on Thursday was fairly successful in terms of wagering questions, but they came with the two most difficult bonus chances of the game. The round started with topics like the ancient city of Petra in Jordan and Colin Powell’s turn as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. After that came a Three Clues question on the TV show The Sopranos, where just under 13% of teams got their bonus by naming it after just two clues, then a query about the medical condition tinnitus, or a ringing of the ears. Finally, we reached the hardest bonus of the night on this wagering question:

  • Formed about six years ago, this quartet is the highest-charting female Korean group on the Billboard Hot 100.  For your wager, either name that group or the edible title of its highest-charting Hot 100 song.

Wagering points were earned by roughly 55% of the field, which named Blackpink as the aforementioned group. However, only 7.9% of teams tacked on a pair of bonus points by naming Blackpink’s collab with Selena Gomez, Ice Cream, which reached #13 in 2020. Even with the bonus difficulty, Purr and the Kitty Kats (Solace Outpost) scored a perfect 36 points in the round!


This week’s 6-4-2 question saw only four teams earn all six points by naming Montana after a single clue. Another relatively tough bonus started the fourth round. About one-third of the field were able to recall all three wishes Aladdin asked the Genie for in the Disney animated film: become a princeget saved from drowning, and free the Genie. We continued with questions on the Piggly Wiggly grocery chain and a three-parter on words with K-E-Y contained within. The most difficult wagering question of the night dropped in here:

  • Not to be confused with a current British actor, which 19th century author write novels such as The Mayor of Casterbridge and Jude the Obscure?

You could say this question was the Bane of the game for most teams; 43% of them correctly named Thomas Hardy as that author. Six teams were able to secure perfect scores in the fourth round. As we headed into the final, these were the top-ranked teams:

FINAL QUESTION (9.6% success rate):

  • A stage play of the 1990s marked the first official appearance for which fictional character that has since appeared in a dozen feature films?

A pretty difficult question ended the night for our teams, as not even 10% of them were able to tack on final points with a correct guess of Tyler Perry’s Madea. However, there were three teams that did so on their way to a Perfect 21 on Thursday: Personal and Confidential (Pour Dog House), Cat in the Chat (Loudoun Kitchen), and Washington Foreskins (Loudoun Kitchen) answered every wagering question correctly in the game to earn the honor! They also ended up as three of the top four teams in the final leaderboard:


Smoketown Brewing Station in Brunswick, MD: Painful Burning Sensation  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: World War II Fighter Planes)

Pour Dog House in Millersville, MD: Personal and Confidential  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Dog Breeds)

Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD:  Bazinga  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: U.S. Civil War)

Loudoun Kitchen and Bar in Leesburg, VA: Washington Foreskins  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: NHL Team Logos)

Olde Mother Brewing in Frederick, MD: Triviasaurus Rex  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: PC Keyboard Shortcuts)

Belly Love Brewing in Purcellville, VA: Pho Q  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Solace Brewing in Sterling, VA: Alley Cats  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: U.S. Secret Service)

Bad Habits Bar & Grill in Martinsburg, WV: Twizzlers  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY1980s Music)

Brewery Fire in Taneytown, MD: Five Heads, One Brain  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Bridgerton)

Fourscore Beer Co. in Gettysburg, PA: Risky Quizness  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: How I Met Your Mother)

Crooked Run in Sterling, VA: Jacka’s Alpacas  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Ghostbusters II)

Solace Outpost in Falls Church, VA: Low Expectations  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: League of Legends)

Homaide Brewing in Williamsport, MD: Here for the Beer  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Friends)

Orioles Nest #331 in Frederick, MD: Just Good Enough  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Miranda Lambert — audio)

Bear Brick Oven Pizza in Silver Spring, MD: Pringles  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Children’s Literature)

Preston’s Pub in Manassas Park, VA: Pew Pew Pew  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Polish History)

Casita Romos in Mount Airy, MD: Fabulous Killjoys  (NEXT GAME MAY 12 FIRST CATEGORY: Motown)

Quinn’s in Arlington, VA: Two Non-Blondes  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Harry Potter)

Aslin Beer Co in Alexandria, VA: Guactopus  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Mayonnaise)

Kalypso’s Sports Tavern in Reston, VA: Love and Thunder  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Original 151 Pokemon)

Lake Linganore Association at Eaglehead in New Market, MD: Diamond Dogs  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: The Real Housewives of New Jersey)

Mark’s Pub in Falls Church, VA: Whiskey Business  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: SpongeBob SquarePants)