Thursday nights are a perfect way to transition to the weekend with a round of Pour House pub trivia…even if you’re working the next day! See how it all went down!

 My, oh my, it was a packed-to-the-gills Thursday evening of Pour House pub trivia! 

We kicked things off early with a Seinfeld-ian candy bar lineup, discussed how Erik the Red duped people into moving to Greenland, and wound down with a little Miley Cyrus!

A full recap is below:

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

I think my announcement that funny answers get posted on the blog might have been taken to heart in Bunkers, because I am getting things that make me laugh my butt off at the podium. You are all even making impressive doodles on the slips!

Some highlights from tonight:

  • The ol’ Uranus for a planetary question…it may be old, but I still giggled.
  • The site of a treaty meeting between Churchill and other world leaders…not Casablanca, but White Castle! I think they would have been unable to create a treaty under those conditions.
  • And the best of the night, the one that made me lose my composure…Clinton & His Pussy(cat). You guys are awesome.

And the game was a rip-roarer as well – we had a FOUR-WAY TIE after our halftime puzzle page, which was crazy!

Things sifted out slowly from there, working toward a difficult final question, where smart wagering was the way to win. 

Third place went to Thoroughly Confused!

Second place went to Cake or Death!

And the winners, by just a single point…The Indians!

They want to tee things off next week (note my terrible pun!) with the golf film, Happy Gilmore!

See you then! Tripp

Happy Gilmore Pub Trivia Maryland

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

I can’t stop thinking about my vote for “Old School” Farrah Fawcett or “Old School” Suzanne Somers. Goodness its a tough choice! Myself and a few gentlemen had a heated debate over half time about this very subject 🙂
 I was proud of myself tonight though…I made no jokes about the Clinton’s and “Socks” the cat, even though it was dangling there. I was strong! We did coin a new term though “Testicular Whiffling” – which is the act of staging a home video of yourself getting hit in the groin with a whiffle ball and subsequently getting a spot on America’s Funniest Home Videos! Ha! Yes we accomplished some stuff tonight at Champions trivia night! It was a great times all around! 
And between our retro-hotttie debate, and expanding the English language, a 17 team throw down transpired tonight in an epic pub trivia game! Awesome game this evening my friends. I’d like to congratulate our leader board on some darn good gaming! Top 5-ing against a 17 team field  is no easy feat. Props all around…
1st Place: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
2nd Place: Just Good Enough
3rd Place: Cha Chas
4th and 5th: Laqueefah; One Night Stand (tied) and Aesop’s Foibles 
Great time tonight everyone. Our friend Ken Kerr from Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is running for a spot on the Board of Education and has appropriately chosen “Parts of Speech” for next week’s 1st category! So brush up on them adverbs! Until next Thursday, enjoy your weekend…and seriously Farrah or Suzanne…grrr! All weekend I am contemplating this one… 🙂
Be well.. dg
Parts of Speech Pour House Trivia MD

Dan’s Restaurant – Boonsboro, MD

Another great game of trivia at Dan’s Restaurant and Taphouse in Boonsboro, these folks are a lot of fun.
BTI were our first place team tonight, with Team Drizzle strategically wagering to move up into second.
The Bends played a strong game as well, and rounded out the top tier with third.
Join me again next week, where our first category will be founding father George Washington. ~ Ronnie
George Washington Pub trivia category md

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Put It on Seabass’ Tab was leading going into our final question tonight. A rough question knocked most of the field back but Seabass’ lead was too strong to pull them out of the lead. Congrats on your win fellas! Second Place went to a defensive wager by Gone Squatchin’ who pulled into second from fifth place. Third place finishers were Humantaray, after a strong showing. Our regulars are showing up, playing strong, and finishing high. Should be an interesting season! Until next week! 😉
1st Place: Put It on Seabass’ Tab
2nd Place: Gone Squatchin’
3rd Place: Humantaray
Next week’s category: Three’s Company
Three's Company Pub Trivia Category Maryland

Guidos – Frederick, MD

We had a sick game of trivia tonight at Guido’s Speakeasy! The whole place was white-hot with competition and it came down to the final question to shake out the top three spots.

Rounding it out in third after an impressive jump in the ranks was TNC! Just in front of them with one of only two correct final answers was our new team to watch, Norfolk & Chance!

Up top, holding on tight to their first place spot was Stink Floyd! Their choice of first category next week? CELEBRITIES WITH AIDS! ~Torie

Celebrities with Aids Pub Trivia Question MD

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

The questions were tough, but the players were tougher! Main Street Oyster House played a intense game of trivia tonight.
Clever Team Name maintained their hold on the winners slot with 152, while If We Only Had a Brain came in second. Newcomers to the venue Cats Will Be Cats came in third with 92 after a TOUGH final question.
Next week we’ll be look at Curb-ing your Enthusiasm
Curb your enthusiasm Pour House Trivia Maryland

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

A great night of trivia at Qunicy’s in Gaithersburg as a dozen teams enjoyed a round of questions and answers.  The game was capped off by the first win EVER by the Sneaky Geckos!  They had to hold their breath on the final question, but no team was able to overtake them for the lead.  Uncle Jack took second with Blue Collar rounding out the top three prizes.  Next week begins with a question on “The Lord of thw Rings” film trilogy.  ~ Matt

Lord of the Rings Trivia