Thursday Night Welcomed TWO New Venues!

An opening night of Pour House Trivia is always an exciting time, but we doubled that excitement on Thursday night with TWO new venues joining the Pour House Trivia family!  We now host trivia at two bars in St. Petersburg, Florida, as well as a great family restaurant in Frederick.  As far as regular venues are concerned, we had four bars top more than 12 teams tonight!  It looks like our Thursday players are ready to go as we kick off Season XV!  On to the nightly recap:

THURSDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (88 teams across nine venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Power Vacuum (Champion Billiards) with 174

** Syn Storm (Champion Billiards) and Science Police (Champion Billiards) each scored 176 while playing with more than seven people **

–> Highest Score after Round 4: PC Principals (Fish Market) with 168

–> Highest First Half Score: Power Vacuum (Champion Billiards) with 93

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Power Vacuum, Syn Storm, Science Police, PC Principals, Blue Collar (Quincy’s), Comfortably Dum (Beef O’ Brady’s)

–> About 10% of our teams ran the table on the halftime page with featured Judges (real and fictional), with the average score coming in at 17.2.

–> The 6-4-2 question played slightly easier, with 22% of our teams scoring six points by knowing that the marshmallow candy Circus Peanuts are actually banana flavored.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (41.1% success rate):

–> Historic U.S. Route 20, the longest continuous road in the United States, runs 3,365 miles from Boston to Newport, a city in what state? (you’ll find the answer in this blog)


Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, MD

Season XV of Pour House Trivia started off with a bang tonight here at Quincy’s and what a wild game it was!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Great-Last-Second-Reminder-Batman”: I’m really glad I was hosting tonight because otherwise I would’ve forgotten to record Powerless!  Clearly I was one of the few who was interested in a recollection though, because half the teams didn’t have Powerless on their radar, never mind that Vanessa Hudgens was the star (the first episode was solid by the way, room to improve)

In “Oh-Come-On-Now”:  Iago?  Zazu?  Come on guys!  “Sword in the Stone”!  One of my favorite Disney movies! Archimedes, the sassy sidekick to Merlin! How are y’all not familiar?!

In “Crucial-Finals”: With a tight race to the finish, the final question was make-or-break, and it certainly did make and break many teams. 3 possible answers made it hard to choose, and a wrong choice was costly.

In third place tonight, Blue Collar!

In second place tonight, the Fan Club!

In first place tonight, Breadsticks!

Great game everyone! Next week we’ll kick things off with my favorite TV show of all time “Scrubs”!  Let Turk know I’ll be ready to Eagle in the parking lot! Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

Scrubs TV Show Trivia


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

I don’t know if you know…. but we have celebrities in the house!  Power Vacuum!!  They threw down at our World Series last Sunday, and I mean they really threw down!  They beat out 89 teams to take the 3rd place spot, and it was nice to see the trophy gracing the table today.  Really, that was the highlight of the night so I am going to get right to the thick of it with our final standings.

So, since 32 people won tonight’s game (Syn Storm and Science Police BOTH had too many players and tied for first – no, you can’t have a tie breaker), so it was Power Vacuum who took the technical first place spot!  Big surprise there…  Second place went to Slanjava – glad you are sticking with the name this season, since it took me half of last season to learn how to pronounce it correctly!  Third place were no slouches – FNQ!  Nice to see you back in the top 3!  It had nothing to do with the delicious cupcake… nope, nothing to see here…

Next week we start off with a first category about a video game “Undertale”.  Yeah, I don’t know it either – everyone gets to Google it (not during the game of course)!  See you next week!

~ Sam

Undertale Video Game Trivia


Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg, VA

Six veteran teams showed up to battle it out here at Bunker Sport Cafe in Leesburg for our first night of Season XV of Pour House Trivia!  Our winner’s choice category featured some Beatles lyrics tonight, and we continued on with a Jamaican sports cheater and a little ‘Rhythm Nation’ thanks to this songstress:

Round two started off with an audio clue featuring famous bass lines.  We also asked about tonight’s TV premieres and Brazilian cities.   After a half time puzzle sporting a judicial spin, the third round involved some U.S. state geography, asking teams to identify the location of this rock formation:

Yes, it’s El Capitan in Yosemite National park in California.  We also talked about some prime real estate in New York currently being wasted by the United Nations.  In the final round, we enjoyed remembering an ancient screw, ate some dog food, discovered a spy in our midst, and tried to remember the OTHER actress who played this famous screen role:

In an unbelievable finish, the two teams that were tied for LAST PLACE going into the final were the only teams to come up with the correct response on the final question, forcing us into a tiebreaker to settle tonight’s winners to cap off an amazing come from behind victory for one of our teams.  Here are the results:

First Place:  Your Mom

Second Place:  Thundercats

Third Place:  Indians

Next week’s first category: Tour de France

~ Ronnie

Tour De France Trivia


Smoketown Brewing in Brunswick, MD

Smoketown Brewing!  Every time I come in, you shower me with food, beer, good vibes…. and a little bit of ribbing, but that’s what makes you guys great.  While I had marbles in my mouth the whole night (I wont live some of those words down I know), it was another night of great trivia.  It was an exciting final question to boot, where a last second change in the standings gave BHS Bitches our second place prize!  I Drink and I Know Things took third, while The Scoundrels had a near perfect game and nabbed first!

First Place:  Scoundrels

Second Place:  BHS Bitches

Third Place:  I Drink and I Know Things

Next week’s first category:  Stanley Kubrick films

See you then!

~ Zach

Stanley Kubrick Trivia


Beef O’ Brady’s in Frederick, MD

Our inaugural night of Pour House Trivia at Beef O’ Brady’s was a HUGE, nay YUGE success!  In addition to some new faces, we welcomed several PHT veteran teams to test out the new venue (meaning: test out ME).  Dare I say, despite monkey-humping the puzzle page (thank you Mrs. Chief!), we got it done.  And UNDER two hours just. like. i. promised.

Cheers to the non-playing bar area for occasionally shouting out wrong answers to questions yet unanswered by our teams. I’m hopeful it convinced them they should play again as a team with us next week, rather than be bystanders.

Flight Level Awesome.  What can I say.  You snatched defeat out of the mouth of victory.  ANY wager less than the one you chose for your final question would have made you Beef O’ Brady’s first champ.  Alas, now you go home with a well-earned second place coupon.  Kudos to the team that remembered that I used to be a (loud) part of Constantly Changing Team Name always shouting down Team Wednesday: new team Suck It, Chief. Well. Done. Bravo Zulu.

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for more for an inaugural event. Well done, Beef o’ Brady’s. Can’t wait to see you next week.  Recruit your friends!!

Fair Winds,

~ Chief

Next week’s first category:  Chief Sings Broadway Showtunes

Hamilton Musical Trivia


Morgan Ridge Railwalk in Salisbury, NC

It just keeps getting better and better here at Morgan Ridge Railwalk in Salisbury, as tonight’s trivia crowd was a real crowd!  We had numerous team which were both hefty in numbers and very knowledgeable as well.  The age range was about late 20’s to mid 50’s.  Everyone seemed very excited to play as we welcomed many newcomers to Pour House Trivia.  The only question that stumped the crowd was in the second round, asking asked a brand-new DC comics TV show that stars a former Disney actress in the lead role.  The tough answer was “Powerless” and the actress was former “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens.  No one got that one right ☹

Here are your winners from tonight’s game:

First Place:  To Be Determined

Second Place:  Slow Bro

Third Place:  New Kids on the Block

It was a great game tonight and very much enjoyable for me as the host and for crowd that showed up.  Until next time, we’ll see you next Thursday at 7:00pm here at Morgan Ridge Railwalk Brewery in Salisbury, NC!

~ Madison

Next week’s first category:  ITO



Right Around the Corner in St. Petersburg, FL

The first ever trivia night at Right Around The Corner was a huge success, with eight teams dueling it out. Our new teams caught on quickly and soon were crushing it.  It was a close game all night long.  The half-time sheet tripped up many of our teams, especially when attempting to name fictional judges.  But they made a solid comeback in the second half.  Surprisingly, more of our teams correctly answered Jackson Pollock than could name the three rookie quarterbacks of 2012.

Iago was the second most popular inaccurate question of the night. It was the final question that tripped up most of our teams, with all but one incorrectly guessing California.  Congrats to all the teams who competed! Look forward to seeing y’all next Thursday.  Here are our top teams from Opening Night:

First Place:  Better Red Than Dead

Second Place:  Welcome Distraction

Third Place:  Quiz in My Pants

Next week’s first category:  Hats of the World

Hats Trivia


Fish Market in Alexandria, VA

Fish Market was the place to be tonight!  It looked like we might have a slow night, but out of nowhere, 12 teams showed up for the game tonight!  And not the usual crowd either, we saw some returning teams that had been away a bit, and a good number of newcomers!  It was surely a fun one tonight.

Starting off strongly, PC Principals (last season’s House Champs) looked to regain their title.  They led at the half, while Poe Pouree and Ant Farm Keyboard were locked up in 2nd place.  Both teams looked to not only gain separation in the 2nd half but also perhaps claim the lead. The 3rd round didn’t stop PCP from running wild, still leading through that round AND the 6-4-2.  Poe Pouree and AFK kept hearing the scores and were just hoping PCP dropped some, but no such luck!

Going into the final, PC Principals led with Poe Pouree and AFK still locked in a dead heat.  The final was tough tonight as only a third of the teams got it correct.  Lots of misses across the board, the most crucial one was the miss by Ant Farm Keyboard which dropped them out of the money!  Moving into the $$ was Angry Groundhogs, getting the final and finishing in 3rd tonight!  2nd place went to Poe Pouree who just could NOT catch PC Principals!  What a game! Good start to the season, we’re back next week for another one!  Thanks guys!

Next week’s first category:  “The Twilight Zone” (original)

~ Bill

Twilight Zone TV Trivia


Guido’s in Frederick, MD

The first game of Pour House Trivia Season XV at Guido’s Speakeasy was a good one!  The teams were battling to be the first winner of the new season, and it was a tough fight.  Once we reached the final question, only two teams answered correctly, which shuffled up the top three to give one of our teams their first official victory!  Dropping down to third place was Tuna Noodle Casserole, while World Series champions Stink Floyd tok second.  Jumping up to their first 1st place victory was Team Yoko!!  They picked “Elements of the Periodic Table” for next weeks winners choice so study up, and come join us next Thursday night at Guido’s!!

~ Jon J