Thursday brought us the first day of spring, the hope that Old Man Winter is gone for the year…and some AWESOME Pour House Pub Trivia!

 Can you smell it in the air? It smells like spring! All that warm weather brought out some full spots for a Thursday evening of Pour House pub trivia! 

 And what a game it was! We had quite a game tonight, and one that seemed to cover quite a bit of the United States!

We took a Journey to New Jersey with one of biggest television shows of all time with our old pal Tony Soprano (bonus points if you get my dumb pun!), hooked a left turn and punched it to make our way to Chicago, THEN hopped in the Delorean with Doc and Marty to hit Georgia in colonial times, hopped to the present and went Walkin’ In Memphis and took a final romp with the Delorean to meet Ethan Allen and those Green Mountain Boys!

Here is my VERY ARTISTIC map rendition!

Pour House Pub Trivia Map

Take a ride through the games with me, won’t you?

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

 The Birthday Lemons sprouted from the Combustible Lemons for a special birthday round for team member Laura, and If you ask me, they looked pretty fabulous in their crowns! Thanks again for passing one along so I could be part of your festivities!

Combustible Lemons Pour House Pub Trivia

In addition to Laura’s birthday, we had one of the strangest things I’ve seen as a trivia host – a completely perfect round!

I got a little anxious as it went along, but we ended round three with ALL of our teams answering every question correctly. What I’m trying to say is…Bunkers has some smart folks!

Three thoughts of the evening:

  • Apparently I’m not the only one who learned Georgia was the westernmost colony tonight!
  • I am very upset I forgot to do a Hulk Hogan impression for our EAT YOUR VITAMINS, BROTHER question.
  • I’ve had The Sopranos opening credits stuck in my head for hours now. “Woke up this mooooorniiiiinnnnn'”

Here’s how the game went down!

In third place, we had Cranius Maximus! 

In second, Combustible Lemons!


They chose the TV show turned movie Veronica Mars for our first category!

See ya next week!


Veronica Mars Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s BIG question was not one on the pub trivia set! It was one of merit! Will Horseshoes and Hand Grenades do what no team has done at Champions Thursday game – put down the 3-peat? That  question was answered among many others tonight. I must say any night that kicks off with Deion Sanders, Tony Soprano and Freddie Prinze, Jr…I mean…is just simple foreshadowing of a stellar night! Ant that prophetic tool certainly was spot on tonight! 
Tonight’s game was an amazing one! Horseshoes and hand Grenades did in fact take the lead early and held it all the way into the final question…and then…Julia Roberts entered the game. The gatekeepers to the “Castle of 3-Peatness” are strong and their names tonight were FnQ and Vitrifiers! 
After a few minutes of grappling between hot Oscar winning actresses of the 90s, the final question played out. And Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, as amazing as they played, had to step down and settle for a Top 5 finish along with Quiz in my Pants and Just Good Enough (in a tie for Top 5 as well). Good game yall…there is still enough time left to snipe the 3-Peat in Season 9! 
The Top 3 all bumped up and leap frogged a bit with a correct Julia Roberts pull! And third place went to the crew at “We’re Gonna Need a BIgger Boat,” who stayed within striking distance all game and did just that on the final! Nice work y’all. First and second was decided by a Sopranos tie-breaker between FnQ and Vitrifiers, with Vitrifiers edging it out for one heck of a win! And FnQ, props to yall as well for staying in there tonight and throwing down that endgame mojo for the Top Three! 
Excellent excellent times tonight my friends…and some of that is attributable to my 
Top 3 Unexpected Moments this evening:
1. The moment whhen the Tonya Harding question threw me back to a time when I swore Nancy Kerrigan would someday marry me!
2. The moment tonight when I came to terms with the idea that Nancy Kerrigan never married me
3. The moment when all of the above was soothed when two teams did jazz hands and jazz squares when choosing…not Broadway…but Science and Physiology :)…Ahh the power of dance as a healing tool (or in healing a tool….doh!)
Have a great weekend everyone. Next Thursday’s Winner’s Choice category was chosen by Vitrifiiers and they have chosen an all time classic film: The Goonies! Have fun re-watching that one…See ya soon ….dg 🙂 
Goonies Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Dan’s Restaurant – Boonsboro, MD

Happy first day of spring to all the folks here at Dan’s Restaurant and Taphouse in Boonsboro, we had ourselves a blast of a game! Cracken and Town Drunks jockeyed back and forth in first for most of the game, but it was Cracken that came out on top. Town Drunks were satisfied with second, and Slaphappy came in third.
Our first category for next week’s game is 80’s TV Characters. Cya then! ~ Ronnie
1980s TV Characters Pour House Pub Trivia MD

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Crazy night tonight at the Fish Market. Scores were jumping all over the place… At halftime our top 2 teams were The Predators and West Virginia Pride, who were formerly one full team but decided to split because of cultural differences (and too many people… hehehe…) and by the end of the game it looked much different. 11 is a Prime Number pulled the lead going into the final question, with Gone Squatchin’ and Put It on Seabass’ Tab lagging behind at 2 and 3. But there is a final question for a reason…. Of the 12 teams, only three of them were able to snag a correct answer. 11 is a Prime Number dropped down, so did Gone Squatchin’, and the win tonight went to our veteran team Put It on Seabass’ Tab for the third week in a row! These guys are on a hot streak! Come by next week and try to bring them back down to earth, haha. Until then 😉
1st Place:  Put It on Seabass’ Tab
2nd Place: The Predators
3rd Place: Team Bill
Next Week’s Category: M*A*S*H the Movie
MASH Film Pub Trivia Category

Guidos – Frederick, MD

 What a night at Guido’s! March Madness was definitely in the air tonight and the competition was white-hot!! Our top three looked a little something like this: Third Place went to TNC after being tied going into the final! In second place was the dastardly duo Stink Floyd! The top spot was reserved for the team that really brought the heat tonight… NONE PIZZA WITH LEFT BEEF!

Their choice of first category next week? TRIPLE 50/50 ROB FORD OR BETTY FORD. See you next Thursday! ~Torie

Rob Ford or Betty Ford Pub Trivia Category maryland

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Packed house tonight at Main street Oyster house! Spring is in the air, and people are ready to play! Some new names in the top three: Tonight Pazullie’s took first place with 152, while the usual champs, Clever Team Name, came in second.
Clooooose but no cigar, Our third place winners were The Jocks, up two slots from the last time they played. Nowhere to go but UP. It’s gonna be an interesting spring at Main Street! Next week we are starting off with 80’s hair bands!
80s Hair Metal Bands Pour House Trivia Maryland

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Anotrher full house at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg on Thursday night, as ten of our regular teams battled it out for a couple of hours.  70 Bags had their best start ever, leading the pack with 85 points at the break.  They faded a bit round four, and Depends took command with a sizable lead, but they could not snag the final answer, and it was Uncle Jack who swooped in and took down their first win of the season!  Great job!  I’m Not a Gynocologist took second while Boats and Ho’s took third.  See you next week!  ~ Matt