Thunder and lightning and live trivia on Thursday courtesy of Pour House Trivia!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday paired the evening’s thunder and lightning with a little live trivia action.

We had seven games of trivia in Maryland and Virginia, so check ’em out!

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Wow that was one tough 3rd round of live trivia here at Bunker tonight, a lot of zeroes got thrown up on the board, and tensions started to rise!

Here is how it all finally went down:
The Indians in 1st
Cake or Death in 2nd
Your Mom in 3rd

Our first category for next week will be Everybody Loves Raymond, so set your iWatch.

~ Ronnie

Everybody loves raymond trivia pour house live trivia maryland


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Well, we started off innocent enough; with scrunchies, tee-ball and run-on sentences. Round 2 had some sauce on it with a tough Juneau question and Judge Wapner made a cameo! But it was all smooth!

wapner trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Then Round 3 happened! MmmHmmmm, this round was business! A room full of bar trivia teams had to get down to it in this round. And that’s what they did. With Hannah Davis (and her TALKING horse), The Great Bear Lake and a dash of cruciverbalism – hmmph! We had a game!

And as has been a theme recently, the final shuffled some things up. It was Charlotte’s Web for the win! Who got it?

trivia pour house live trivia maryland trivia pour house live trivia maryland

trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Props Top 3-ers! Great game against a tough field! Thanks for playing tonight everyone. I wish you all a great weekend. Vitrifiers have chosen some “New Testament Trivia” as the subject of R1Q1 next Thursday night! Until then, be well. And I will see you soon! dg 🙂

bible trivia pour house live trivia maryland


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

And we keep getting new faces and I love it!!! A bunch of first timers came out to Fish tonight to try out some pub trivia. It’s always a blessing when we get these people, and I’m hoping we see you all again in the upcoming weeks!

We also had some of our old teams come back to join us after being gone for a bit (Whoever Dares Wins, Children of the 80’s, You’re Killin’ Me Smalls, to name a few). Love love love it! Keep comin’ out. Makes my job much more fun when ya do! Tonight’s game played REAL HARD but you all fought through the difficulty and finished up with us!

My lovely Katy Perry fragrance question nearly wiped out the bar (which made me die inside just a tad but I’ll get over it, haha). After all was said and done, Welcome to You’re Doom took down the win after missing last week, gaining back their winning status. #Bill’s Mom (sorry mom!) took 2nd tonight and 3rd went to our veteran team You’re Killing Me Smalls! Great game guys, keep coming back for more live trivia, prizes, competition, weird jokes, and First Lady Rhyme Time. It’s way too fun here to miss out. I’ll be back next week. Will you? Hopefully. Until then 😉

1st Place: Welcome to You’re Doom
2nd Place: #Bill’s Mom
3rd Place: You’re Killing Me Smalls

Next week’s category: War of 1812

war of 1812 trivia pour house live trivia maryland


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

It was a clash of the champions tonight at Guido’s as the old teams came out of the woodwork for one night to welcome back the former host of Guido’s – Scott for a night.

Current bar champion, Not Quite White, Old bar Champion, Stupid Sexy Scott’s Aids, and former Overall Pour House Champion – Stink Floyd clashed and took the top three spots tonight with Stupid Sexy Scott’s Aids eking out the win maintaining their lead from half time.

Next week’s category: Foods that end in amburger!




Lake Linganore Association – New Market, MD

Live trivia has returned to Lake Linganore for Session Three! Ten teams braved the cold and gathered under the tent for one hell of an intense game! We’ve now coined the phrase “Juneau moment” for when you realize what the correct answer is just after you submit another answer – reminds me of that time I wrote “KMFDF” instead of “KMFDM” and shamed my entire team. Ah, memories. 😛

The usual LLA suspects were there talking trash and being generally awesome as ever 🙂 Sloppy Seconds almost lived up to their name by taking third place with two-time house champions Faking Bad actually getting knocked down to second. It’s been my experience that if you wager 9 points on your round bonus question an miss it, it’s EXTREMELY difficult to come back from it. However, that’s exactly what Moose & Squirrel did! They pulled themselves up by their bootstraps after missing their bonus, turned in one of the only correct answers to the finale and won the game!

Ian will actually be your host next week, when the winners’ choice category will be The Civil War (the American one, not the Marvel one – figured I had to clarify 😛 ). Study up, and I’ll see you in two weeks!

– Eric 😀

Civil War trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

I always enjoy myself when I get to fill in for pub quiz at Main Street Oyster House.

Throughout the night there were plenty of lead changes. The Jaguars made a strategic wager of zero that landed them in the 3rd place spot of the evening. Second place went to Clever Team Name who held 1st place at the end of round 3. And with a single point lead First place went to Anal Bum Covers who chose the category Nursing for next week.

Thanks for having me and helping me pronounce all the big words.



Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Well, it was another ‘clown car’ edition of Pour House Trivia at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg.  We had 18 TEAMS pile in for trivia, and it was a very interesting game.  The third round separated the best teams from the field, and in the end, it was Blue Collar who stormed through the second half to take down their first win of the season.  I Just Quizzed My Pants took second, with Knock Knock taking third.  Next week, we’ll start with a question on the work of author Robert Heinlein!  ~ Matt