Three Games of Trivia in One Weekend? Why not!

As if our Summer Fling Championship wasn’t enough, we decided to run our regularly scheduled games on both Saturday and Sunday night this weekend!  We crammed three original games of trivia into 24 hours of fun!  So after all that, how did things pan out.  Read on to find out.


Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD

Our second game of the day here at Belles’ Sports Bar went off without a hitch, although the final did wipe out the bar.  I guess when you’re in a bar asking a question about the Prohibition Party, you shouldn’t be surprised when there are very few wrong answer.  The difficult final did not affect And We’re All Out of Bubblegum, as they cruised to a large lead after round four, cementing a wire-to-wire victory.  Thanks again for coming out, and here are the results:

First Place: And We’re All Out of Bubblegum

Second Place: Demented and Sad But Social

Third Place: Smarty Pants

You’ll have a guest host next week, and your first category is the island of Zanzibar!

~ Ronnie




Pretzel and Pizza Creations in Hagerstown, MD

Hello Hagerstown!  Jon may be M.I.A. tonight, but it gave me an opportunity to come up and see all of your smiling faces – and your crazy good food!  It was totally worth dealing with the festival traffic, lack of parking, and closed roads.  hehe…  I hope you had as good of a time as I did, as you were certainly on your game!  We even threw a new team into the mix just to keep it interesting!  😉

After a hard fought tussle, it was Danny Glover in third place after a tough tiebreaker (and crazy close – I had to do math!), while second place went to our new team of In the Lead with 200 Points!  Way to start a tradition.  First place tonight went to Give us Your Beer Money, who were back in action!  Well done my dears!  Next week you will start out with the Fundamentals of Sailing.  Good luck with that.

~ Sam

Sailing Trivia Maryland



Captain Benders Tavern in Sharpsburg, MD

’Twas the first night of the new season, and all through the house, team names were changing, and beer poured by the ounce.  (I tried, ok?!)  It was awesome to see you all back at Captain Benders for our first night of Season 14!  We also had some newbies join us from outta town night, and they definitely gave it their all against our ferocious veterans.

Round 1 was full of laughs as usual, starting out with a question on “Eastbound & Down” (all right, all right, all right), and ending with my personal favorite of the the round, my home sweet home New York City!  Round 2 began with something everybody’s after: Job Security! (Hey, Mr Postman!), and we wrapped up the first half with some pre-Reagan Republican Presidents.

The halftime puzzle page was either a cake walk or a nightmare for you guys tonight, with scores ranging from a perfect 20 to single digits!  I guess 2016 wasn’t the best year for movies 😉  Round 3 kicked off with some Worldly Journalism and wrapped up with some NFL Hall of Fa(r)mers (you had to be there).

When it came time for the 6-4-2, you guys didn’t let me down. We had a landslide of answers on the 6, but surprisingly no one beat their chest…  Round 4 brought the heat beginning with some Literary Romances (swoon!), and ending on a freaky note with Sci-Fi films.

It was anybody’s game going into the final, with a single point separating 1st and 2nd place… and the prizes rested squarely in the hands of… A BOX OF CRAYONS.  So who then took home prizes tonight?

First Place: What Else Could It Be?!?! (Formerly Rice Rice Baby)

Second Place: Fisted Sister

Third Place: Manischewitz and His Grapes of Wrath (Formerly Dave’s Not Here)

First Category for next week will be the 2016 Denver Broncos

See you next Sunday!

~ Torie

Denver Broncos Football trivia



The Beacon in Frederick, MD

Our Sunday night game at The Beacon started off competitively, bet after the halftime puzzle page, one team just started destroying the competition!  By the time we reached the final question, our first place team had a 43 point lead!  Although, after the final was answered, we did need a tie breaker to settle second and third place.  Finishing in third place tonight was In Last Place, winning the tiebreaker to take home the second place prize was The Survivors, and with a serious beat down, our first season 14 winner here was the Witiots!!  They picked “Triple 50-50: The Godfather or Godfather II” for next weeks winners choice, so study up and I hope to see everyone out next Sunday at The Beacon!!

~  Jon J

Godfather Movie Trivia