This Weekend’s Winners!

Teams seem to be taking advantage of all these weekend games, racking up the points! Every point matters, can make the difference in a double venue card for the World Series! Here’s how it went down around the PHT nation this weekend..

Belles’ in Frederick, Md

Fifteen teams battled it out tonight here at Belles in Frederick, and it wasn’t long before I top team got out in front and never looked back. We had a heckler screaming out how easy the questions were at the start, but man he shut up real quick heading into the second round and sat there with a blank look on his face. Oh well, at least he didn’t come up like the last game (as a non-player did) and incorrectly corrected PHT on the capital of Amsterdam to everyone’s chagrin. Anywho, here are tonight’s results:
Feagyvillians in 1st
Flight Level Awesome in 2nd
Wiser but Still Dead in 3rd
Our first category next week is essential a free for all open category entitled “The Correct Answer to This Question Is?” ~ Ronnie


Pizza and Pretzel Creations in Hagerstown, Md

We had a really close finish at last night’s game at the new Pretzel & Pizza Creations in Hagerstown! It was one of those games where either your wager or knowing the answer to the final was going to decide the top 3 spots, and after the answers were turned in, this is how it ended…. Moving up into 3rd was Reality Check, holding onto 2nd was Give Us Your Beer Money and pulling out the 1st place win by one point was Danny Glover!! They picked ” Wrestling Tag Teams when it was still the W.W.F.” for next Saturdays winners choice, so study up and come check out the new game at Pretzel & Pizza Creations!!   ~   Jon J

1. Danny Glover
2. Give Us Your Beer Money
3. Reality Check
4. Rice, Rice Baby
5. Backstreet Boys
6. Screw Prozac, We’re Unicorns


Cpt. Benders in Sharpsburg, Md

The first day of Spring brought out the best of the best for our game of trivia at Captain Bender’s tonight! The place was packed to the gills with trivia players and March Madness fans alike, so naturally we had to start the night with an NCAA Basketball question. You guys set the pace early with some super-close scores going into the halftime puzzle page where we tested your knowledge on some front-page historic events! With a couple of perfect scores on those, you guys seemed unfazed. But as usual, things started to shake out a bit after the 6-4-2, all leading up to the final, where many came close, but only two answered correctly. So who took home the prizes? Fisted Sister took home the 3rd place prize following on the heels of FUBAR who stole second place! And in first, jumping ahead of them all was Boh’s & Hoes!! Their choice of first category IN TWO WEEKS (Remember: no trivia next Sunday for Easter!): The Movie Tombstone! See you in 2 weeks! – Torie


The Beacon in Frederick, Md

We had another busy night for our Sunday trivia game at The Beacon yesterday! The crazy thing was seeing a bunch of the teams that are usually super clutch, blowing the question they picked for their bonus category in either round 3 or 4! Because of that, we had a good amount of shuffling going on in the top 3 spots until the final question was answered. After that, this is how it ended…. Moving up to 3rd place after the final was Poovey Farms! One of the few teams that didn’t blow their bonus category choices to make a great second half comeback and finish 2nd was Comfortably Dumb!! Only one team played the whole game with hardly any mistakes and rightfully walked away with 1st place, so congratulations to Smarty Pants on their win!! For next Sundays winners choice category, they picked the American version of the t.v. show “The Office”, so study up, have a Happy Easter, and I’ll see everyone after their family dinner at The Beacon!!  ~  Jon J

1. Smarty Pants
2. Comfortably Dumb
3. Poovey Farms
4. Witiots
5. John Lithgow’s Fan Club
6. Trump University Valedictorian
7. Vitrifiers
8. Beasts of Bourbon
9. Southpaw Fish
10. RD 3