This Pour House Pub Trivia Tuesday blog post will self destruct in 10…9…8…

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday had eight tantalizing games of live trivia! Totally NOT TRUE facts of the night!

  • Billy Blanks originally planned to call tae bo “Fake Karate Dance Punching,” but people didn’t enjoy that name!
  • Monterey Jack was originally David County cheese!
  • Prince was approached to re-do “Raspberry Beret” for the Green Berets, but ultimately passed!

Check out the game recaps!


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Coming soon!


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

It is always a fun night in Poolesville when we get together at Cugini’s to play some Pour House Trivia, thanks to everyone for making that possible! MoMo was our winner tonight in a hotly contested game, with Quizzed My Pants nailing the final to take 2nd. Lightfoot was shy a few members tonight and still managed to grab 3rd, great job! Our first category for next week’s game is 90’s Disney Channel Original Movies. ~ Ronnie


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

It was a packed house for live trivia tonight at Hollywood!
Old Champs: Freedom/Gorams came in first place with 163, Pomeranians did well and came in 2nd place at 152, Dud-a-Lanni was 3rd place at 149!
GoRams went the education route and next week we will be starting with US Government.
US Government Trivia Pour House Pub trivia Maryland


Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

We had a great night of pub trivia tonight at Jekyll & Hyde! Third place tonight went to Black Steel! Great game! Second place went to J&H, being the only team to get the final question correct, and first place went to Beer is Good, utilizing some strategic wagering! Awesome night everyone! Next week’s first category is going to be the Washington Nationals! Torie and I will see you next week! – Brad

Washington Nationals Pub Trivia MD


Lake Linganore Association, New Market, MD

It was a dark and stormy night, but we had all kinds of fun with bar trivia under the tent at Lake Linganore! Tonight we discussed Harrison Ford playing in the Big East, Superman doing the jitterbug in Nicaragua, and River Phoenix fighting in the battle of Gettysburg! Faking Bad took the top spot with Grab Some Buds taking second and Pinehurst Winers in third. It’s been real, folks – I’ll see you next time!! – Eric 😛  


Markham’s – Frederick, MD

Huge steins of beer! Universally despised winner’s choice questions! Babies! Markham’s had it all tonight for Pour House Trivia! With returning teams and a few new ones, the live trivia family is steadily growing here, and tonight it was hopping! Highlights of the night: Last week’s winners The Snowmen picked a winner’s choice that was booed the moment I mentioned it. Unfortunately, the Snowmen were among the teams who didn’t get it right, and promptly announced they would pick better the next time they won. Would it be tonight? It’s not often where I have to compete for my team’s attention, but when there’s an adorable baby girl cooing and gurgling at the other teams, it’s not easy to call things to order! Things got a little heated in round four, with several teams having rough rounds. Who would recover and who would crumble? The final caused a last minute podium shuffle, and when the dust cleared, it went down like this: In third place, jumping up from behind after a correct answer on the final, came the Chronic Underachiever, as a solo! Good job; it was a tough set for every team, let alone one with only one player! In second, wagering defensively, came Sad Tom Brady! Great game guys; tough break on the Las Vegas question though! But you still managed to take top three! Holding the lead all game and one of only two teams with a correct final, Congratulations to the Two Pages! Way to go guys, great game! The Two Pages have chosen a similarly midwest category for next week: Movies that are Set in Chicago! The crowd agreed this was an acceptable category 😛 Study up guys, and until then, Ian Ferris Bueller's Day Off Pour House Trivia MD


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Toto had other songs besides “Africa,” and “Rosanna!” Admittedly, none quite as catchy! I did have fun, however, singing a little “Georgy Porgy” for the fine folks of Monkey La La tonight at our first official Fall Season pub trivia game! Besides TOTO, we had some other fine “stroll down Memory Lane” cameos this evening…among them… – Mr. Tae Bo, Billy Blanks – The Mormon Tabernacle Choir graced us with Battle Hymn – But my fave was “Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” himself…Bond…James Bond! kiss kiss bang bang trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland All make for a doggone good time on a rainy Tuesday for trivia night! Thanks for playing tonight everyone. We had a close 12 team trivia go down this evening. Stink Floyd decided they wanted to  – at some point in the game – be in each of the TOP 5 spots, and they accomplished that with a very dynamic game. Wrecking Ball showed off some stuff tonight and wound up in a tie with Stink at the end; only to have the decision be made by the colossal failure of a film, Superman 4! Flip Flop also stayed steady and strong this evening and maintained a good spot going into the final. And the TOP 3 turned out like this… Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland   Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland   Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland Awesome game everyone! And Happy Fall…it’s gonna be a fun one! We always have a fun time at La La with all of our end of the year festivities – can you believe it is going by so fast? Seems like yesterday we had our White Elephant gift exchange! Have a wonderful week my friends. Next Tuesday we kick off with the category of “80s Punk Rock.” Til then…have fun and I will see you soon 🙂 dg 80s Punk Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA


Another great night of trivia at Ramparts Tavern in Alexandria!  As usual, our top teams were jammed at the top the standings all night long.  Lloyd’s of London looked like they were going to pull away, but a small hiccup on the 6-4-2 cost them the lead.  They were able to get it back with plenty of correct 2-point bonuses in round four, and hung to a one-point lead heading into the final.  Both our third place and second place teams got the correct answer on the final question, but LoL was on it as well and took home the win!  Two in a row!  Zissou took second with Ramparting Ways (with Unlimited Mussels) taking third.

Don’t forget that starting next week, October 7th, we will be moving just down the road to the Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington Village.  Same night and time (and yes, all of your standings points will carry over to the new venue).  Most importantly, the same host as well.  Our first category for next week is Famous Goodbyes!  ~ Matt

Capitol City Brewing Company Trivia