The Tribes Showed up on Monday!

Monday night is fierce! Everyone grabbed their best backup and came out to battle. Read on to see how the team strategies played out.

DRP in Alexandria, Va 

So the BIG game changer for tonight was our Munsters question here at DRP, which shook up a number of teams that were cruising right along to the top three. Congrats to the teams that pulled out the correct answer, and to the others, better luck next time. Here are the results:

Wingardium Mamosa in 1st

Worst Case Ontario in 2nd

Better Looking in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the film “The Mighty Ducks” ~ Ronnie

Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, Md 

So in tonight’s game we started with a question about a show called Pretty Little Liars, which is something my little sister loves.  It’s about a bunch of girls who lied about something (I think their friend died?), and there’s apparently a jock of the group, who was a really good swimmer or something. The question was literally about her, asking what Olympic sport she was good at.

Today’s audio question continued the Olympics theme with a question about Olympic films like Munich and Cool Runnings. We even had an Olympic spin on halftime, as we asked teams to identify American Gold Medalists by picture; it turns out that nobody knows what Summer Sanders looks like.  Tonight’s final question asked about abbreviations, looking for the element with the lowest atomic number among the ones whose two letter symbols are identical to US postal abbreviations.  A few teams got the right answer, which was Neon (NE for Nebraska).

Third place tonight went to 404: Answer Not Found, and second went to That’s A Niner, who led the whole time. Tonight’s winners, thanks to a correct final answer, congrats goes to Cotton Candy! Next week we open with a question about African Capitals OUTSIDE of Egypt, so study up! I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

Il Forno in Frederick, Md 

A heated match up tonight at il Forno saw a number of veteran teams competing for the top spot! The A Team won last week but after a fairly easy time accumulating wins throughout the summer, it’s gotten a bit tougher in August. They’d lost 2 or 3 in a row coming into last week’s game and just barely took a W on a tiebreaker against the Dire Wolves. Tonight was a heated match as well as Three Fingers Worth put up a hell of a fight!
Going into the half, I had The A Team leading solo at 89 points with Three Fingers Worth down by 2 points, but a scoring error on my end netted them tied with each other going into the 3rd round. A bunch of teams missed points on the Munsters question, mistaking Eddie Munster for a Vampire instead of a Werewolf (he’s got them hairy hands!)… That cost about half the teams some BIG points. After the 3rd, Three Fingers Worth were able to pull into the lead.
A miss on the 6-4-2 didn’t help The A Team’s cause, as Three Fingers Worth added to their lead and held a significant distance from The A Team going into the final. The final tonight played quite difficult as only 3 teams were able to pick up correct responses. The A Team were able to convert the final into points and moved into the lead, only hoping that Three Fingers Worth would slip up and miss. They did just that, missing the final and moving into 3rd place. What a game though! A Team take down the win tonight with Chicken McThuggets rounding out 2nd! Good game, we’re back next week guys, until then! 🙂
1st Place:      The A Team
2nd Place:     Chicken McThuggets
3rd Place:      Three Fingers Worth
I’m not going to lie, I wish I could host Spider Kelly’s full time! Fun crowd, good atmosphere, and great trivia games! Nonetheless, I do enjoy my time there when I get to host a game like Monday’s little throw down.
The set was a fun one, albeit tough at times! (Yes I am looking at you ROY ORBISON)!
Inline image 2
But the trivia crews at SK were on it for sure! It was a good ole’ fashion bar trivia throw-down for a couple hours! And the final question, in the category of “Fun with Abbreviations” was the decider! Great game everyone! We do appreciate you spending some time with us Monday nights and playing some PHT!
Congrats to our TOP 3 GOLD – SILVER – BRONZE winners in the Pub Trivia Event:
1st: Kittens Mittens
2nd: The Helen Keller Bird Watching Society
3rd: Walking, Talking Stephen Hawking
And that my friends was a fun Monday evening! I will be back next Monday for some more shenanigans and our friend and new PHT host, Pete, will be hosting the game. Fun times for sure. And we will kick that game off with a category of “Characters that Died in the Harry Potter Series.”
Have a great everyone – see you next Monday…DG

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