The Thursday Throwdown – Trivia Style!

I got a fever, and Christopher Walken is always there to cure it! Yup, the CW (Walken that is) reared his head in Thursday’s trivia final question and changed everything at many venues! Great night at the trivia games everyone! Thanks for coming out to play! Remember Pub Crawl, Playoffs, and World Series Season 12 at the end of this month! INVITES BEGIN GOING OUT NEXT WEEK!

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Was so very nice to be back in Champions on a Thursday night! With the holidays, we all haven’t been together in far too long! I wish I had better news for you all but that second half schooled some eggnog soaked brain cells, and you all were working hard enough to burn off some of those NYE beverages! We definitely didn’t ease in to 2016- it was a show up and stand up sorta evening. I’m proud of you all to rising to the challenge without resorting to trying to cheat like miserable people do 😉 I guess that wish for the year you deserve hit a nerve. hehe.
You know who came out of the gate swinging this year? Just Good enough! They beat off the competition for the majority of the game, while exhibiting some slick dance moves, but it was Moose and Squirrel who used their Pulp Fiction knowledge to lock down the 1st spot on the first podium of 2016. 2nd went to JGE and 3rd was my favorite teaam name of the night- Dewey, Cheatham and Howe. Just fun. Next week we will start out with the book(s) of the Lord of the Rings.

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, MD

It was only three weeks, but it felt like much longer since the last time we all got together at Quincy’s for Thursday Night Trivia.  A few of the teams needed to shake off a little rust after the holiday break, but our current season leaders, Blue Collar, picked up right where they left off by storming through tonight’s set, and mounting a 12-point lead heading into the final question.  Despite landing one of their weaker categories, they felt confident enough NOT to play for the the tie and go for the outright win.  Luckily, the final was a doozy, and essentially stumped our field tonight, meaning that no one could overtake Blue Collar tonight.  Another win next week will clinch the house championship!  Second place went to Lowered Expectations with Breadsticks taking third.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on 1980s Hair Metal Bands!  ~ Matt


Bunkers – Leesburg, VA

We had a few questions stump the folks down here at Bunker tonight, I guess we can just chalk it off to the two week holiday break we had so don’t worry much! Remember World Series and Pub Crawl are coming so think about those dates and your availability. Here are the results of tonight’s action:

Indians in 1st

Cranius Maximus in 2nd

Your Mom in 3rd.

Our first category for next week is a bit narrow but should be easy to research, the 1968 Detroit Tigers! ~ Ronnie

Guidos – Frederick, MD


Main St. Oyster House – Bel Air, MD

It seemed like tonight everyone’s new years resolution was to come to trivia! What a crowd. What a game! Black dogs started the year off right in First place! Followed closely by In Bocca, don’t we wish we all were there? Clever team name made a good effort on his own, making it to the third place slot. New year new you! Trivia is the place to be on Thursday nights in Bel Air! Next week we kick off with Iraq!

Fish Market – Alexandria, VA

Our first game here at Fish Market in about 2 weeks! We were away for a bit because of the holidays but now we are BACK ON to finish off the 12th Season of PHT! Glad to see some of the regulars returning tonight to get their world series points and to try to smash the competition! We also had a good number of new teams tonight; as always, that was great to see! Let’s jump right into the action!
Tonight’s story was all Welcome to You’re Doom. Coming back after almost a month, they did NOT miss a beat. They BARELY even missed a question, holding a double digit lead at the half. That lead was in SPITE of a crucial round 1 question in Change a Letter. Only 2 teams knew the Galaxian sequel (Galaga) but NO ONE got points because of the African mammal known as a Galago… It was brutal! Lots of teams missing out on points there, Welcome to You’re Doom making the most of the rough question.
Going into the final question, Welcome to You’re Doom held roughly a 20 point lead which we know means that they essentially LOCK the game if they don’t Clavin it. They were tempted to bet hard after hearing their category Oscar Winning Actors. Alas, strategically, they could not allow themselves to go hard on that one and risk the free win.
Only 1 team picks up the final tonight; that team, who else, Welcome to You’re Doom. They put on a clinic. It was glorious. And painful. At the same time. Ugh, scary what these dudes might do in the post season. Guess we’ll wait and see! Playoffs coming up in a few weeks, invites coming out next week too! Stick around for those! Good game all, I’ll be back in 1 week for another game. Lata!
1st Place:     Welcome to You’re Doom
2nd Place:    Bergdahl’s Retention Officier
3rd Place:     You’re Killing Me Smalls
Next week:     the State of the Union Address

Blue Parrott – St. Petersburg, FL

It feels like nearly a year since we last played at the Blue Parrot! Oh wait, its because we went from 2015 to 2016 and with that, we had the most teams we have ever seen! With 9 teams, all were in it to win it! Bandits brought their extra bandits for the holidays, and Shore Nuff invited so many friends to trivia, they had to make 4 separate teams! Thanks to all of those who participated and I hope you had an amazing time. It was a fight to the finish. Bandits lead the way at halftime, with the next team trailing by 13 points! Most of the other teams at halftime were within 10 points of each other. Second half seemed tough for some, and assisted others in catching up. Ruthie’s Marauders, a new team who branched off of Shore Nuff, was in 7th place at halftime, but pulled out a 3rd place going into the Final! The Final question came down to wagering, given that no teams figured out a correct answer. And once again it was the Quizknows who pulled out the win at the very last question. Congrats to all who play, and I look forward to seeing you all next week!

The First Category for Next Week is 1950’s Movies.