The Three Best Qualities of a Pub Quiz Host!

We won’t lie to you – it’s not easy to host a pub quiz night. As a host, you’ll have a lot of things to deal with, like keeping score, mediating disputes and perhaps most importantly, being entertaining, which can be the toughest part of all!

But backed up with our years of experience, Pour House Trivia presents this guide, where we’ll hit the three most important qualities of a bar trivia host: Confidence/Comedy, Fairness and Timing!

There are other important things to have as a host of a live trivia competition, but these three are of major importance to consider when you’re hosting a pub trivia night – or trying to hire someone to do it for you.

1. Confidence/Comedy

You don’t have to be a professional comedian or actor, but it definitely is a benefit when you’re hosting a pub trivia night. You’re not on stage per se, but you’re pretty close to that type of experience when you’re hosting a game.

Above all else, project confidence on stage. Your confidence will give you the respect and authority from your players, but DON’T ever be so confident as to not admit your mistakes! There’s nothing worse than a smug host, and it will kill your games quickly.

Smug Pour House Trivia Maryland

2. Fairness

You’re going to be judging people’s answers, and whether you determine them to be right or wrong is going to directly affect how people feel about you as a host. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call answers wrong when they’re wrong, but you have to keep in mind a little leeway.

Should you take MacDonald’s instead of McDonald’s? Of course! Let’s not be silly here (unless, of course, you were doing a spelling question).

McDonald's Pub Trivia Maryland

Now if you get McDowell’s for the famous fast food franchise…well then you’d have to think a bit!

McDowell's Live Trivia Maryland


The absolutely most important thing you need as a host is timing – both comedic timing (a well-placed joke, even at your own expense, can do wonders for a game) as well as the speed of your game.

How to Host a pub trivia game  Words Per Minute Bar Trivia Maryland

(Note: Hitting 300 words per minute, while impressive, is a TERRIBLE choice as a trivia host!)

You want to make sure you keep your games moving, flowing and progressing, even if you need to stall to look up an answer, or mediate a dispute with a player. In that case, I like to grab an upbeat song as a bit of a distraction (we’ll cover some of those later!).

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