The Summer Fling is here! Pour House Pub Trivia Monday roundup!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday kicked off the Summer Fling tournament in style!

We had five awesome games of live trivia to tantalize you with – read on and check it all out.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

We’ll we kicked off Summer Fling here at DRP with 15 teams battling to draw first blood! Mucho props to High School Prom for winning Season 11 of the World Series, making it a THREE-PEAT, but they found themselves up against some stiff competition in our game here tonight.

Here are the game results:

Periodic Table Dancers in 1st

Still TBD in 2nd

Attila the Pun in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the home of Corporal Max Klinger, TOLEDO, OHIO.

~ Ronnie

Ohio Trivia Pour House Trivia

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

We officially kicked off the new Summer Fling season today, and we had a great game as usual. There were more than a few new faces at the Greene Turtle, as we had a few teams decide to start earning their points early while paying me a visit, which was definitely a blast. I always like meeting new teams, but then again what trivia host doesn’t? Starting out with a question about Dumb and Dumber, courtesy of last weeks winners, was a good way to start our game out. Although I think the funniest answer of the night, at least for me, HAD to be Stupider. As soon as I saw that was the answer, I couldn’t help but crack up laughing.

Tonight’s halftime sheet proved to be rather difficult for several teams, and led to probably the funniest challenge I’ve seen in awhile. I had a team (jokingly) argue that “Ticket to Ride” and “The Train Game” were the same thing because when he googled “The Train Game” images of the board for Ticket showed up, and initially I couldn’t tell if he was serious. I also loved the answer for Monopoly Jr. of Cheese Whiz Monopoly, which would be amazing if that actually existed haha.

Tonight’s finale ended up being a narrow finish between our top three contenders, with the three of them being separated by two points total. In the end, our third place team ended up being one of the new faces in the bar, congrats to Sad Fat Dragons with starting out the season with a nice game. Our second place team was one of the more familiar faces, Cotton Candy! Well done tonight! However, winning tonight for the first time EVER as a team, the victory belonged to Danny Glover tonight! Way to go guys, congrats on the first ever win on the first week of the new season! Next week, courtesy of Danny Glover, we start out with #1 pop music hits of the 1980’s, and they specified that it will NOT be an audio question, so no worries about that happening. Hopefully I’ll see you all again next week, and good luck in the rest of the Summer Season to you all!

Until next time,

80s music trivia company

il Forno – Frederick, MD

We began the SUMMER FLING tonight at il Forno and had a great turnout! All our vet teams seemed to come back for more trivia action just ONE DAY after the completion of our World Series tournament! Great to see the passion in the veins of these rock stars! Tonight’s Question of the Night I’m deeming SEUSSICAL!

Based on the work of Theodore Geisel, I’m not sure if it played hard because people hadn’t heard of the musical or if Dr. Seuss’ real name wasn’t as well-known as I’d might’ve thought but either way, it killed here at the bar. Grats to teams that picked up points on that bad boy, it was a doosy! The final tonight made a huge impact on the game as we had I Thought This Was Speed Dating leading the way, with I’m with Sarah behind by just 1 point! It was bound to be a good finish. Speed Dating wagered 0 on the final, in hopes of a crowd stumper.

In retrospect, it was a great bet because most teams got negged on the final AND Speed Dating did not come up with a correct response. 2 teams did manage to nail the final however, and one of them was our winning team tonight! 3rd place goes to Piggy Doodles, who made a big jump from behind after hitting the final correct! Grats guys! 2nd place was Speed Dating, with their defensive wager but taking down the win tonight, two in a row now, for Chicken McThuggets who jumped up 2 or 3 spots with a get on the final! Great game all, excited to start the new season and continue trivia with you all throughout the summer! Until next week, stay classy 😉

1st Place: Chicken McThuggets
2nd Place: I Thought This was Speed Dating
3rd Place: Piggy Doodles

Next week’s category: Baltimore Orioles

Orioles Trivia Pub Trivia MD

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia at the Roast House was a whirlwind
game! And not just because it was storming outside! Hope everyone got
home safe!
Highlight’s of the Night:

In “I-Am-So-Getting-Stabbed-Later”: One of the great things about
being a trivia host is getting to interact with your teams. Some teams
its just great to see week in and week out. But others like to vocally
join the festivities. Sometimes to our chagrin but mostly for our
amusement. So when one team is being especially feisty, having a
category like “Calm Your Hormones” can be used in all sorts of amusing
ways. 😉

In “Interesting-Use-of-Your-Time”: I’m not sure which is sillier: the
fact that Cambridge scientists watched coffee on a webcam, or the fact
that Multiple Scorgasms knew that Cambridge scientists watched coffee
on a webcam. What do you do all day that you actually know that??

In “Synchronize-Your-Pineal-Glands-Sounds-Dirty”: The melatonin might
have been flowing a bit early tonight, because while everyone got the
question right, everyone put Pituitary gland for the bonus. Game’s not
over guys, gotta get them bonuses!
The final was a tricky one, but a few teams did pull out the correct answer.

In third place tonight, Much More Deeper!

In second place, the Ollie Monsters!

And in first place, Multiple Scoregasms!
Congrats everyone on a great kick-off to the Summer Fling, and a
special congrats to the Ollie Monsters and Multiple Scoregasms for
taking 10th and 4th respectively at the World Series on Sunday1 You
guys make me so proud! :.)

Ok enough sappy crap; next week’s round one question one category
should be a riot: Triple 50/50: Beer Making or Crystal Meth Making!
Should be fun! See you guys when I see ya!

Until then,

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

First off, I’d like to thank the three teams from Spider Kelly’s that joined forces and made the perilous journey to Hagerstown, MD for World Series XI.  They turned in a great showing and would have been in the top five with a correct response on the final.  Just 30 hours later, we began our Summer Fling Season, and our top three teams were separated by just two points going into the final question.  They all got it, and so our final standings panned out as such: our winners to begin the Summer were ‘Mike Hunt Loves Hard Questions’, followed by Eleven is a Prime Number and Jimmy’s in Vegas.  Next week, we begin with a question on North Korean Sports!  Seriously!  ~ Matt