The Scottish Play and more on Wednesday night with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday got a little of The Bard into things, but in the interest of keeping us all safe, I’ll go with the actor thoughts of calling it: The Scottish Play.

Check out how it all went down – and don’t say the name!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s Maryland Trivia Night opened up with a question about the movie “Airplane!” which ended up being a bit of a trap for a few teams who picked the question as their bonus. The question asked about the name of the inflatable automatic pilot, something that is never mentioned in the film but is listed in the end credits. The name is also a palindrome, so the teams ended up being split in their answers between “Bob” and “Otto”, with the answer being Otto. After that we asked teams how to spell anesthesiology, which almost every team spelled correctly. It was fun asking about Justin Bieber, and I was surprised anybody at all knew the name of his newest album (which is surprisingly good!).

I thought the audio question wouldn’t go well since the category was TV Talk Shows, but I was pleasantly surprised by how many teams knew the answer. I’ve never heard of the book “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” before but some of the teams knew that Mr. Chips is a teacher in the novel. I liked the U.S. Presidents question, asking about the only Vice President who went on to be elected to and serve two full terms as President (it’s Thomas Jefferson).

Halftime tonight featured celebrities whose last names are also a common first name, as well as matching countries to the territory/country name they were formerly known by. Tonight’s MLB teams question asked about the only team to win a World Series title despite NEVER winning their division, which is the Florida Marlins. We ended the third round with a question about action films, talking about the film True Lies which was the first film to exceed 100 million dollars in production costs.

The 6-4-2 question tonight talked about an American warship which was present at both the attack on Pearl Harbor as well as the Normandy invasion. Almost everybody immediately thought we were talking about the U.S.S. Missouri, but we were really talking about the Nevada. Tonight’s final round featured a few tough questions, such as the question about the TV show Wild Kingdom (NOT the Family Guy parody called “Damn Nature, You Scary!”) or which of The Great Lakes only border one U.S. State. We also talked about the origin of the “knock-knock” joke, which apparently comes from a line in the play Macbeth.

The final question in round four talked about one of the Incredible Hulk’s villains known as the Red Hulk. I was sad nobody really knew about him, as he’s actually pretty cool, and ends up being Banner’s girlfriend’s father who is a military general. Heading into the final things were pretty close, and the final question was a tough one. Only a few teams were able to get the Chemical Elements question correct. The question talked about the element which is nicknamed “The Devil’s Element” due to it being number 13 on the periodic table, as well as being used to make poisons. It also got that name from the Latin definition of the name “Lucifer”, which means “Light Bringer”. The answer ended up being Phosphorous, which only a couple teams got and it definitely shifted a few things around.

Taking third place tonight was Dalek Dance Party, who were close to the lead throughout the game but couldn’t land the final. Jumping up into second was the Carolina Reapers, who managed to snag the final at the last second. Our winners tonight, also getting the answer at the buzzer, congrats goes out to Suck It Trebek for the win! Next week we start with a question about “Beverly Hills 90210”, so make sure to study up for that! I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,

Sometimes in live trivia, everything changes in the fourth round. A confident category leads to an impossible question.

Tonight we had everything thrown into chaos when more than half the teams were stumped by a question about the Great Lakes. Almost all the scores flipped and a tight game turned into chaos. It didn’t help that the final was devilishly difficult; so difficult, no teams could get it. So it all came down to the strategic wager: Thinkers and Dreamers took third! Rufus II The Wrath of Chaka Khan brought in second! But first place with a wager of 1 went to Move Biff Get Out Of The Way!

Next week’s winner’s choice is appropriate for the hoilidays; National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

National Lampoon Trivia Christas trivia Live Trivia Maryland

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

Wednesday nights are special. They can’t be explained, and they can’t be duplicated. It really is a night of friends getting together to laugh, drink and blow off steam. We may even get in a few bar trivia questions here and there. I was going to try and write up something full of all of tonight’s funnies but frankly, you can’t harness funny like that. I was going to go with your suggestion of Sh*t happened, but I doubt the powers that be will appreciate that.

You won some, you lost some. A couple questions humbled you while some managed to drive you to drink. Some drove us all to drink 😉 I really can’t do tonight justice so I’m just going to give you the top 3- 3rd went to Wednesday, 2nd to Flight level Awesome and 1st was Killin me Smalls! Smalls will be flying solo next week so John is giving himself the best advantage he can- Ween will be next weeks category. You, it’s a band. and yup, they have a song called piss up a rope. Lovely. lol.

Have a good week all and thank you!



Bill was off tonight being the trivia whiz that he is, so I filled in for him at Bennigan’s in Clarksburg, So nice to see some old friends on Strangers Have the Best Candy and Blue Steel – makes me miss the old days at Atlantic Grille 😀

Nine teams battled it out tonight’s action-packed game. There were questions that stumped everyone, and obscure correct responses of “how tf did you know that?!” variety. Best answer of the night came from the question about Walgreens – the bonus was to name the song Walgreen’s uses in their adverts, and I had a team put “Livin’ On a Prayer.” Think about it, and you won’t be able to stop laughing 😛

Chuck Rodent couldn’t be caught tonight; they swept the game by a mile. Blue Steel finished second with Knock Knock close behind in third. We’re taking a blast to the past next week, where the winners’ choice category will be 1985 Nintendo Games.

Thanks for having me, can’t wait to see you again!

– Eric 😀

Nintendo Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

We’re starting to see several returning faces each week at Hard Times in Clarendon, so hopefully the new teams will keep returning over the next few weeks to get into the post-season events!  The playoffs begin in just six weeks!  Tonight’s game featured Two Girls and an Idiot pulling away from the field in a tough second half that tripped up several teams.  They did not quite have a runaway victory, but they had second place guaranteed, as they had a lead of 15 points on the third place team.  So, they decided to take the conservative route and bet zero on the final question.  That proved to be a smart move as only two teams gave me the correct response on the final.  In the end, Two Girls and an Idiot took home another win, with Wet Bandits jumping several spots with the correct response on the final, followed by Alice Alice.  Next week we’ll begin with a question on Christmas movies!

~ Matt


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

Memories was LIVE tonight! A few rookies in the house made it for a memorable evening for sure. We started to get into the holiday spirit with our Winer’s Choice on A Christmas Story and raced all the way through to a celebrity puzzle page.

The scores were dangerously close going into the second half, where the strategic wagers really started to come into play. After a tough-as-nails final on Chemical Elements, the scores were definitely notable! Taking home the third place prize was See What Had Happened Was! In second, just ahead of them with a full-team showing were the Polyamorous Virgins. But in first place, the only team to get the final right (even though they wagered NOTHING!) were the Men & Pausers.

Their choice of first category next week? BIO CHEMISTRY!! See you next Wednesday!

– Torie


The Overwood – Alexandria, VA

Anne’s Birthday Gun chalks up another win. They’ve selected, The Big Lebowski as next week’s first category.


 The Big Lebowski Trivia Category Maryland

The Tavern – Olney, MD

Even the dreary weather couldn’t keep away the teams of The Tavern for trivia night! The battle for the top spots was fun to watch also! Lots of ups, downs, gutters and strikes were traded and we still needed a tiebreaker after the final!!

After the dust settled, this is how it ended: Losing the tie and settling for 3rd was Suck It Trebek! Only 2 years off the actual answer to claim 2nd place was Twist & Berries! Reclaiming the throne for 1st place once more was John Lithgow’s Fan Club!!

The picked the tv show “Wayward Pines” for next Wednesdays winners choice category, so study up, and I’ll see everyone next week at The Tavern!!

~ Jon J


Another Virginia trivia night in the books! Tonight’s game of Pour House Pub Trivia at the Revolution Bar was a roller coaster, with a neck and neck race to the finish!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Seriously-Who-Cares”: Justin Bieber makes history by being super popular, Oh Ehm Gee! -.- Why should I care about how popular the Biebs is with teenage girls?

In “Classic-Rock-Selling-Out”: The Walgreens answers were easy. The CCR Down on the Corner answers however, seemed much harder to pull. Which seems odd considering i see those commercials and hear that song at least once a day on TV. Guess I should tone it back a notch!

In “WHY?!-WHY-MACBETH?!”: I am a former theater kid, who enjoys theater still. Why must we still have Macbeth questions?! It’s a jinx to say it! Last time I did things went crazy!

The final was a total whiff tonight, so our podium was pretty much set after 4 rounds of lead changes.

In third place tonight, Mess and Jegg!

In second place tonight, Green Machine!

In first place tonight, E=MC Hammer!

Good game tonight guys! I won’t be here next week but you will be in the capable hands of Mr. Jon. Be nice! You’ll start the game of with Christopher Nolan movies, so study up!

Until next time,

Christopher Nolan Trivia pour house pub trivia live trivia virginia

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Great times Wednesday at Valley Grill’s trivia night! I had the honor and excitement of filling in for Ronnie B. at the Wed. night trivia stop in Middletown, MD. And what a game it was!

Besides bringing back memories of reciting Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout with friends back in the day, I was also reminded of Wild Kingdom re-runs and the time when Snuffalupagus revealed himself to adults! Ohhh, the good ole days!


Congrats to our Top at the Valley grill:

1st: Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap
2nd: Scared Money Don’t Make No Money
3rd: Southpaw Fish

Ronnie will be back from Disney World next week andas much as I tried to get the winner’s choice to be “Ronnie Sings Disney Princess Songs,” Fat Kids chose “Star Wars.”

Thanks for having me everyone. It was great hanging with you all 🙂 Be well. Dg

star wars

Wolfie’s – Smyrna, DE

Another night at Wolfies Bar & Grille with two new teams! Tonight we had three teams total and a couple who moved into town this week who is interested in coming out for the following weeks.

Tonight, we had all ages joining us. Lots of laughter tonight and many jokes amongst us all. We all enjoyed the great food that was served to us tonight! Tonight, a team was trailing behind, so I told the teams, if you did not know an answer, be creative and make me laugh and you can receive points. This made the game more enjoyable for all teams!

First Place: Wrong Island
Second Place: Team Awesome
Third Place: Speshal Ed

Winner category will be Cuisine.

Next week, there will be NO Trivia (December 16) but will resume on December 23.

Italian Cuisine Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland Cajun Cuisine Trivia Pub quiz Mayland