The Mother of All Tuesday Trivia!

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Thirteen locations on Tuesday played host to Pour House Trivia, and 115 area teams were ready to go!


After a question on the faces on Mount Rushmore, a Three Clues query on the first name Lisa proved to be a tough one to get; about two-thirds of the field got the right answer, but a round-low 29% were able to get it after only two clues for bonus points. The round came to a close with questions on the myriad ways you can use the word rally in a sports context and the finale of the NBC series This Is Us. Perfect scores were attained by Hundo (Cuginis), Comfortably Dumb (Smoketown Creekside), Not So Empty Nesters (Smoketown Creekside), and Family Jewels (Gentleman Jim’s).


The hardest bonus chance of the first half came in Tuesday’s audio question, which served up sweet titles. Only 10% of the field were able to name all three song titles (Milkshake by Kelis, Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles, and Ice Cream by Blackpink and Selena Gomez) for two bonus points. As for the most difficult wagering question of the round, we took a quick trip to Wall Street:

  • Added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1991, what is the only current member of the index classified as an entertainment company?

That company, Disney, was correctly named by two-thirds of Tuesday’s field. Other topics in the round included the MMR vaccine, oolong tea, and the Tuskegee Airmen depicted in the film Red Tails. A trio of teams aced this round, with Hindsight is 2022 (Cuginis), Irish Wristwatch (Dudley’s), and Prestige Worldwide (Ramparts) getting all 36 points each.


For the halftime page on Tuesday, teams had to first name celebrity voice actors for famous film characters, then figure out the missing member of various quartets. Our players averaged 16.7 points on the sheet, while 14 teams got all 20 possible points. At intermission, these were the high scores:


Two second-half questions ended up tying for hardest-question honors on the night, with the first showing up to start the third round:

  • About five years after winning the Heisman Trophy, which former Michigan Wolverine returned a kickoff for a touchdown in Super Bowl 31, thereby becoming the first special teams player to be named Super Bowl MVP?

Roughly 57% of the field knew that player was Desmond Howard, but only eight teams added bonus points for knowing Howard’s NFL career ended with the Detroit Lions. From there, we discussed our blood’s plasma, the Aerosmith music video history of actress Alicia Silverstone, and Grover Cleveland’s turn as governor of New York. Drunken Birds of Steele (Dudley’s) and Bar Backs (Ramparts) were your perfect teams in the third round.


Six teams stood tall with maximum points on a 6-4-2 question about the sport of boxing. The final round started with a rough bonus question, as only seven teams knew that Wolfgang Petersen directed the 2004 film Troy, which was (loosely) based on Homer’s The Iliad. The other wagering question that tied for lowest success rate came next:

  • What is the six-letter name of the bay bordering the western shore of France and the northern shore of Spain?

Once again, 57 percent of teams got that right with a correct answer of the Bay of Biscay. After that, we streamed Netflix superhero shows Daredevil and Jessica Jones, had a nice helping of Belgian waffles, and celebrated Bob Dylan’s 81st birthday with a three-parter on the musician. A perfect fourth-round score eluded all of our teams on Tuesday. However, these teams stood tall on the pre-final question leaderboard:

FINAL QUESTION (33% success rate):

  • Currently on display in Paris, what is the common title of the 19th century painting officially titled Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1?

That work of art is colloquially known as Whistler’s Mother, correctly named by a third of the field. A trinity of Perfect 21 efforts were achieved on Tuesday; Prestige Worldwide (Ramparts), Pink Flamingos (Solace Outpost), and Bring Your Daughter to Trivia (Solace Outpost) correctly answered every wagering question in the game. The final leaderboard ended up like this:


Vibrissa Beer and Kitchen in Front Royal, VA: Wade’s Girls  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Vibrissa Beers)

Cuginis Restaurant in Poolesville, MD: Hindsight is 2022  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Knots)

Upper Deck in Mount Airy, MD: Fabulous Killjoys  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Marx Brothers)

Olney Winery in Olney, MD: Killer Snails  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Whistling in Songs – AUDIO)

Dudley’s Sport and Ale in Arlington, VA: Hipster Fashion Consultants  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Salsa)

Ramparts Tavern & Grill in Arlington, VA: Prestige Worldwide  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Galaxy Quest)

Solace Outpost in Falls Church, VA: Pink Flamingos  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: U.S. Presidents)

Smoketown Creekside in Frederick, MD: Comfortably Dumb  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Michael Sings the Beatles)

Distilled in Frederick, MD: Little Brains, Big Egos  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Volatile Chemicals)

Antietam Brewery in Hagerstown, MD: That’s So Clavin  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Happy Gilmore)

Gentleman Jim’s in Gaithersburg, MD: Family Jewels  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: The Grateful Dead)

Epiq Food Hall in Woodbridge, VA: Apples  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Taylor Swift)

Nighthawk Pizza in Arlington, VA: Pat is Late  (FIRST CATEGORY: U. S. Legal System)

Coach’s Corner Grill in Purcellville, VA: Yerbol  (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Aviation)