The mere threat of Snow-mageddon can’t stop a round of Pour House pub trivia! Wednesday night recap

We hope you’re safe and warm inside on this absolutely absurd day of snow! Thanks to all of you who are out there, especially those of you trying to dig us all out!

 Wednesday brought us some fierce and fiery pub trivia competition at seven Pour House venues! Grab a warm drink and read on for a full recap!

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

As the east coast succumbed to cryostasis, we at Atlantic Grille in Urbana staved off the cold with an exciting game of trivia!
Mom’s Night Out snagged second while Strangers Have the Best Candy slid into first (ooh, perhaps a bad pun considering the roads).
They’re stretching my impression abilities – next week’s winners’ choice category is Eric does the Terminator. So snuggle up warm, grab some hot chocolate, and spend your snow day with cyborgs :) Keep safe, y’all!

Terminator Trivia category maryland

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

It was 7:45pm and I left Frederick for Hagerstown with snow already hindering my pace. I was keeping my fingers crossed that my Hagerstown friends would venture out for some pub trivia game-age. And that they did… We had a stellar Snow-pocalypse trivia game tonight! Thanks a bunch everyone for venturing out in this craziness…so happy we got to play :) And thanks also for the offers to crash if I couldn’t get out…home safe :)
Things I learned tonight
1. I apparently have “Umami” issues
2. If the word “beer” and the words “red, white, and blue” are in the same sentence…that sentence refers to Pabst Blue Ribbon. PERIOD! Even if doesn’t. It does!
3.At least 1 out 4 people I talk to would like to travel to Laurel and try CURLING (road trip???)
Great times in Hagerstown tonight my friends. Apologies to Too Husky for Sandusky for ALMOST saying your real team name out loud, but it was good to see the whole fam out playing some bar trivia ;) and you did it well, took down the WIN! Props all around yall! Shhh the kids will hear ;)
2nd Place went to Stink Floyd, who drove from Frederick in the snow to play a little Wednesday pub trivia,  Barefoot Bernies style. And SOLO might I add! Awesome finish Mr. Mike! Mr. Mike incidentally holds the Pour House trivia record for most individual venue wins, AS A SOLO, in Pour House history at 14!
3rd Place went to Say Hi to Your Mom for Me who hung in there all night as a duo and managed to close for another Top 3 feather in their trivial caps.
Much love and thanks again everyone for braving this cold, white craziness. Next Wednesday we begin with the 1980 Mens Olympic Hockey Team – Miracle on Ice
Between now and then I wanna see some SNOWMAN PICS! 
Be well, see ya next Wednesday… dg :)
Pub trivia Maryland hockey category

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland 

Tonight’s game was a good one!
As usual, we had our powerhouse Uncle Jack leading going into the final question.
Unable to nail the final answer, Uncle Jack left an opening for the teams behind them to make their mark here on the Bennigan’s scoreboard.
The 4th Spy came from behind to steal the victory by nailing the final question, one of just a handful of teams to grab it! Excellent game guys. The Usual Suspects also got the correct answer, moving into 2nd place.
Uncle Jack was able to pad their miss well enough to take down the 3rd place prize as well as the extra points for the venue standings. I have a feeling this is gonna be a good one to watch unfold as the season continues!
1st: The 4th Spy
2nd: The Usual Suspects
3rd: Uncle Jack
Category for next week: Famous Men with Famous Hats
Trivia Category Maryland Hat

The Cellar Door – Frederick, Maryland

Well, the snow is coming down so I will make this quick!

Thank you to all of my teams for handing my speed induced flubs with grace tonight ;)

In 3rd it was a duo! We Made a Huge Mistake! No mistake there tonight, nice pick up.

2nd went to TNC, who are no strangers to the spotlight but they couldn’t touch Team Wednesday who came up with the correct answer on the final in record time!

Nice game, I will see you after the snow when we will start with To Kill A Mockingbird- the movie! ~Samantha

To Kill A Mockingbird trivia category Maryland

Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

 WE DEFIED THE SNOW! Trivia triumphed tonight at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax, VA!
Our medal podium looked a little something like this: BRONZE went to No Brainz @ the Bar.
SILVER went to Fake Block after a strategic final wager, and GOLD went to Mess & Jeg who stole the lead after halftime!
Their choice of first category to start next week’s competition?! 3 CLUES: 1 BEARD! See you next Wednesday! ~Torie
Beard trivia company maryland

T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

 I’m glad everyone was up for the ‘speed version’ of Pur House Trivia at T.J. Stone’s on Wednesday night, as we rolled through the set in order to beat the snow.  Our winners from each of the last two weeks, the B-58s, stumbled out of the gate as they confused Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-girlfriend with her current wife.  So, we had a two-team race for the top as Eric Chen and Winners in Life took command in round two.  Eric Chen hit a few bumps in the road in round three, so Winners in Life held a comfortable lead as we hit the final question.  Dr. Seuss stumped our top teams, and it allowed the B-58s to come from behind and take down three in a row!  Great Job!  Winners in Life took second with Eric Chen sneaking itno third.  The Presidential Birthday cavalcade returns next week with the first question on George Washington.  ~ Matt

George Washington Trivia Alexandria

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Some true hardcore trivia players rolled out to Valley Grill to get in a quick game of PHT before Pax begins to dump the snow!
Southpaw Fish returned to the winner circle with a fine first place finish!
Fisted Sister rolled into VG for their first time and took 2nd, and DuFrane Party of Four nailed the final to land 3rd.
Please be safe going home, and join us next week for our first category, Billy Joel lyrics. ~ Ronnie
Billy Joel Lyric trivia maryland