The Last SUNDAY NIGHT Pub Trivia game in 2013 goes out with multiple bangs!

Great times tonight everyone. Sunday is indeed proving to be a very fun and rewarding night to get out and about with friends and play some trivia. Thanx for playing this year and we will see you NEXT SUNDAY…2014 :)- Here’s how Torie and Jon’s games went down…

Hinode – Frederick, MD

There was a really good crowd at Hinode tonight for trivia!! So many good teams battling for 3 spots and leads were back and forth between at least 5 teams all night! But only 3 teams can win, and this is how it worked out tonight… In 3rd place was One Crow Short of a Murder, in 2nd place was I Don’t Know, and finally stepping back into the winners circle tonight, was The Witiot’s!! Welcome back to the top! They also chose “Monty Python’s: Search for the Holy Grail” as next weeks first round category   (which I LOVE).

ALSO… next Sunday night we are moving our game back to the newly re-opened Raw Bar and Grill on Bentz St. (New owners, new menu and the seafood is FRESH!!) so I hope to see everyone at the NEW(old) location next Sunday night!! I’m SUPER-excited and I hope you are too!!! Have a Happy new Year and i will see you at at the Raw Bar in a week   ~ Jon J

monty python's holy grail trivia

Captain Benders – Sharpsburg, MD

Great pre-New Year’s game tonight at Captain Bender’s!! We had a two-way tie for first throughout the second half!! Erin Go Braghless capped off the winner’s circle tonight with a third place win! In second, after a tough tiebreaker was Give Us Your Beer $$ in second! In first, getting the tiebreaker RIGHT ON THE NOSE was Gary Effin’ Cooper!! Congrats one and all!! HAVE A HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR, and I’ll see you in 2014!! First category NEXT YEAR 😉 — 1990’s ACTION MOVIES! Stay classy. ~Torie

happy new year 2014 trivia