The Happiest Weekend Trivia on Earth!

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Last weekend’s games of Pour House Trivia welcomed 42 teams across five venues.  PLEASE NOTE the changes to the upcoming weekend trivia schedule!


Opening round topics from last weekend included the city of Tallahassee, the scientific process of vulcanization, the martini, and the romantic comedy film Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.  Twelve teams began their game with a perfect first round score of 36 points.


Last weekend’s audio questions featured songs with Start in the title and college fight songs.  Our Saturday teams struggled mightily with the latter topic, as just 18% of the field earned wagering points by recognizing any two of the three fight songs from the University of Michigan, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Tennessee.  Other second round topics included Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, the first artificial heart, South American country namesakes, and British Prime ministers.  The most difficult wagering question of the first half asked our Friday teams to identify the primary nemesis of Inspector Gadget.  Only six teams responded correctly with Dr. ClawSexual Chocolate (Belles’) earned the only perfect score during last weekend’s second round.


Topics from last weekend’s halftime pages included biographical film roles, famous painters, songs with days of the week in their titles, and items named for figures from Greek mythology.  Across the board, the overall average reached 14.5 points, with three Friday teams earning a perfect score.  Here is last weekend’s halftime leaderboard:


All of our weekend teams were forced to deal with a wicked bonus question in their third round.  First up, our Friday teams began their second half with a Three Clues question that included these first two clues:

  • CLUE 1: In physics, this term is defined as the rate of change in acceleration.
  • CLUE 2: The name of this 1960s dance is found in the title of a song from the Capitols.

By opting to hear the third and final clue, none of our 21 Friday teams successfully earned a two-point bonus with the early correct response of Jerk.  Meanwhile, our Saturday teams dealt with this extremely difficult NBA query:

  • Identify any two of the three members of the Basketball Hall of Fame that won the NBA 3-Point Contest.

Only two out of 21 Saturday teams earned wagering points by identifying any two of Larry Bird, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce.  Other third round topics included the Broadway musical Avenue Q, the Michelangelo sculpture Pieta, and the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia.  Not surprisingly, none of our weekend teams swept the third round.


Final round topics from last weekend included the reality television show So You Think You Can Dance, the patriotic phrase Live Free or Die, the game Perfection, James Bond songs, and Santa Claus.  In their final round, our Friday teams were asked the most difficult wagering question of the weekend:

  • The loss of which sense is specifically listed as a side effect for prescribed users of Vicodin?

None of our Friday teams responded correctly with hearing.  Once again, the final round did not yield any perfect scores last weekend.  After four rounds of play, the weekend leaderboard included these teams:

FRIDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (23.8% success rate):

  • Only one song has reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart in which both the credited artist and the song title and are palindromes.  For your wager, identify both the artist and the title of this 1975 song.

SATURDAY FINAL QUESTION (71.4% success rate):

  • In the 1929 animated short The Karnival Kid, which character uttered “Hot Dogs!” as his first words?

The respective correct answers to these final questions were SOS by ABBA and Mickey Mouse.  Even with a relatively easier final question on Saturday, none of our weekend teams earned a Perfect 21 by answering all 21 wagering questions correctlyHere is your final weekend leaderboard:


Springfield Manor Winery in Thurmont, MD: Little Brains, Big Egos  (NEXT GAME ON FEB. 4 – FIRST CATEGORY: Magic)

P. B. Dye Golf Course in Ijamsville, MD: NO GAME THIS WEEK  (NEXT GAME ON JAN. 14 – FIRST CATEGORY: Famous Eyepatch Wearers)

Dragon Distillery in Frederick, MD: Trashbag Donuts  (NEXT GAME ON JAN. 7 – FIRST CATEGORY: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones)

Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD: Slightly Agitated  (NEXT GAME ON JAN. 8 – FIRST CATEGORY: 1980s Films)

Pretzel and Pizza Creations in Hagerstown, MD: Quality Guesswork  (NEXT GAME ON JAN. 8 – FIRST CATEGORY: Star Wars Prequel Trilogy)

Mason Social in Alexandria, VA: Wingardium Mimosa (NEXT WEEK’S FIRST CATEGORY: Dungeons & Dragons)