The final World Series tuneup! Pour House Trivia Thursday recap!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday offered the final chance to warm up for an event Saturday, you might have heard of it…


I want to wish everyone the BEST OF LUCK! Come home a winner!

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Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

I thought for sure that Mother Nature was going to step on our little game at Bunker here in Leesburg, but I guess she knows to stay out of THESE pub trivia player’s way!

Angry Balls was our winner tonight, with The Indians pulling out 2nd. It took a tiebreaker to settle 3rd, and Your Mom came through with flying colors. Good luck at the World Series and I will see you there.

Our first category for next week is the SNL ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ skit: A Petit Dejeuner. Bon Apetit!

~ Ronnie

Celebrity Jeopardy Saturday Night Live Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Answer of the Night: “…PARTICULAR set of skills…”
Anal Answer of the Night: “PARTICULAR set of skills…”

Yup…we were “specific” about “particular.” That was a toughy as many teams recalled it as “specific.” Great quote. Great movie – part 2 and 3 though? Uhhh yeah.

Tonight’s live trivia game at Champions served as a good warm up for this Saturday’s Season 10 finale – World Series X! And most of the teams that are playing this weekend, played in tonight’s contest! And what a daggone good pub trivia throw down it was! We had a good handful of new meat in there tonight too to spice the sauce up a bit!

Things were off to a wild start with our early answer of “hair of the dog.” This seems to always bring up memories and anectdotes from the best of us. I for one, as mentioned, can NOT, “hair of the dog” it … ever ever ever! It gets ugly – that’s all I will say!

vomit trivia pour house live trivia maryland

It was all fun and games…then Round 3 hit! Liam Nieson hit! Meyer Lemon hit! And bam! It’s anyone’s game again. So this one could have gone any number of ways. However, in the end, after we got our Malware on; the leader board looked like this:

trivia pour house live trivia maryland trivia pour house live trivia maryland

trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Congrats y’all! And thank you everyone for coming out to hang with me tonight for some trivia-licious. Next week we kick off SEASON 11. And the Vitrifiers have asked us all to brush up on some “James Bond Film Trivia,” to open Season 11 up next Thursday night!

James bond trivia 007 trivia pour house live trivia maryland

In the meantime though, I wish all of you the best of luck in this Saturday’s WSX! Its going to be a pretty insane time whatever happens! See you soon! dg 🙂

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Next week starts Season 11, which means tonight was some off-season live trivia!

The game tonight was just as competitive as any other night though! We saw some of our regulars and some new faces, but tonight’s game was all about Welcome To You’re “Doom” (yes, note the spelling). Welcome To You’re “Doom,” tonight, consisted of a solo player named Josh Heit, a recent player of the Fish Market.

Josh started playing about a month ago and tonight his friends bailed on him and he said “Screw it, I don’t need them, I’m going anyway!” With determination in his soul, Josh attempted to do the nearly impossible, win a PHT game all by your lonesome. Josh was behind a point or so at half time, but as the 2nd half started crushing the other teams, Josh kept poised and was able to rise to the top. After a correct response on the final question, he was able to secure the victory and join the ranks as a Lone Wolf, taking down a solo victory at PHT! Congrats Josh! Great game, we’ll be sure to add you to the achievement list on the website! 2nd place tonight went to Food for Thought, 3rd place went to Team Predator!

Get the pre-season jitters out of your system and come join us for the start of Season 11 next week! We’ll be here, will you? Until then guys, later!!! 😉

1st Place: Welcome to You’re “Doom”
2nd Place: Food for Thought
3rd Place: Predator

Next week’s category: The Soviet Union

Soviet Union trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Guido’s – Frederick, MD

It was such a great turnout for trivia at Guido’s last night! Old teams, new teams and even some familiar faces I haven’t seen in a WHILE made it out to play! The battle raged for 4 rounds but at the end of it all, this is how our top 3 teams stood…. Finishing 3rd was a fun team that came in, Camouflage Condoms! finishing strong in 2nd, I’d like to welcome back Friends Of Dick Johnson! Our 1st place finishers also happen to be our house champions, Stink Floyd!! The winners choice for our official start to Season 11 next Thursday will be “David Lynch Films”, good luck to all my teams representing in the World Series this Saturday, and I hope to see another great turnout next Thursday night at Guido’s!! ~ Jon J

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

A quiet night here in bucolic Bel Air at the Main Street Oyster House- only 4 teams braved the elements to play. But it was a really spirited game. We had 3 veteran teams- all former champs- and a newbie “Team Binne” in the house for the night.

As The game was close, but round 4 stumped a lot of teams, and careless wagering in the final round cost “Clever Team Name” a strong lead. Equally clever bidding by “Anal Bum Covers” and Team “9 Years” allowed both teams to advance to first and second respectively and push CTN to 3rd place. Team Binne had a very respectable score for a new kid, but these veteran teams can be SHARKS!

Winner’s choice: Legal Jargon

Constitutional Law Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

The final game before World Series X, and it was certainly an interesting one…   A few teams had a bit of trouble with their film quotes, which shook up the standings in the second half.  That hiccup enabled a few teams to take charge with a commanding lead in the second half.  In the end, I Just Quizzed My Pants capped off a great season by taking down the win, followed by Blue Collar in second, and Barack You Like a Hurricane taking third.  Season XI kicks off in one week with a question Bungie Video Games (something I know absolutely NOTHING about!).  See you then!  ~ Matt