The final playoff tuneup! Pour House Pub Trivia Thursday!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday got into a little numismatist action at six venues! Seriously, I love that word, it’s a favorite (coin collecting, btw)! Our buddy Ike made an appearance in the form of the silver dollar! And boy was he ever one – look at that chrome forehead! Ow ow!

Eisenhower Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Check out the games!

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

We had a few smiling new faces at Bunker’s here in Leesburg, and they fit right in with these accomplished pub trivia masters! Good luck in the Playoffs and Pub Crawl, maybe I’ll get to see you at the final game of the night! Here are the results of tonight’s match-up: Cake or Death in 1st, Thoroughly Screwed in 2nd, and Jeffrey Dahmer’s House of Ribs in 3rd. Our first category for next week is Gilded Age American Heiresses! ~ Ronnie

Gilded Age Heiresses trivia Brad Pitt trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Now that was a Season Finale of Pub Trivia! Champions trivia game Thursday night gave me the jitters as I watched it all unfold! It had all the ingredients of what one would call, “a helva game!” Before I get to a recap, I’d like to say thanks to everyone for playing our pub trivia game on Thursdays at Champions this season! It has certainly been my pleasure to hang out with you all and throw down some trivia for a bit on Thursaday nights! I wish all of you the best of luck in the post season and the Trivia Pub Crawl this Saturday as well! Remember, sometimes a nice cold frothy bevi can open some neurons that contain otherwise inaccessible info.  that hasn’t been played with in a bit (no I can’t prove the previous statement :)). Either way it’s great times! Thanks for a great season everyone!

That said…


In order for this to happen, a collection of things needed to occur…and yeah they did! I’d like to congratulate both of our House Champions on a great season of trivia!

bar trivia in maryland

bar activities in virginia

Champions is no easy venue to House Champ at…so mad props to both of these crews. Y’all are going to have to duke this one out at World Series.

Tonight’s game had some fun stuff splattered about – I enjoyed the 3 second TV Theme songs, but Three’s Company is one of my fav’s either way. How many episodes can you write around double entendre’? Apparently it is a lot! And our Zip-a-dee-doo-dah sing a long was fun – gotta love some Uncle Remus! In the end, it was all about Eisenhower and that huge coin he managed to get his face on! And that final tossed the entire game into a craziness, and wrapped up an awesome season of pub trivia – and set the stage for what will be an insanely fun World Series of Trivia! Congrats to our last Season 10 Leader Board, and I will see all of you in the post season games!

maryland nightlife trivia

virginia nightlife

Next week we kick off Pre-Season 11 with some “John Carpenter Films” trivia! Hope you can join us for that one and get a little warm-up in for the World Series of Trivia that Saturday. Until then everyone, good luck this weekend, and thank you all again for the great times we hared in Season 10! I look forward to much more 🙂 dg

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Our season finished tonight with a smash! So many jokes involving Tom Brady’s private parts, thanks mostly to our winning team this evening, a duo by the name “Tom Brady’s Balls.” I kept enforcing that they were named for the playing equipment the quarterback used during his games but the teams were insistent his unders were the origin. Brady’s Balls pulled ahead mid 3rd round after sniping the Shakespeare bonus and the Sandler bonus and glided along for the win. 2nd place went to Liquor? I Hardly Know Her, who were just a point behind Brady after the final. 3rd went to Honey Badger who jumped up a bit after nailing the final! Congrats to those of you that placed tonight, and good luck this weekend at the playoffs!! We will be back next week where our first category will be “Famous Blowouts.” Until then 😉 Bill

Guido’s – Frederick, MD

I don’t know if it was something in the air but it was an exciting game of trivia at Guido’s last night! All the teams were just really into the game and having a lot of fun which made it extra fun!! It was a tight game when we got to the final question and after the dust settled this was how the top 3 looked… moving up to 3rd was a new team at Guido’s, the Dewey Decimators!! 2nd place was the always tough Stink Floyd! Clinging to a one point lead from round 3 til the last question was a new super group that joined forces for the win (maybe for all of season 11?), Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!!! After a long deliberation, they decided on “Costco” for next weeks winners choice, so study up and get back to Guido’s next Thursday night!! Good luck to everyone in the playoffs tomorrow night!!! ~ Jon J

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

I have seen teams not take the Half-time game seriously and usually, it doesn’t hurt them too badly. Tonight however was different!  The first half of our game was super-tight, lots of tie scores and only a few points between first and last place. But at half-time, the teams that put in the effort and got good scores on the half-time sheet ended up being able to pull ahead. Keep in mind players 20 points is a LOT.  When you’re talking about a game with an average top score of around 150, 20 points (the amount available on the puzzle sheets) is 13.3%. That is HUGE, so if you care about your score, skip the smoke break and work the puzzle. Also, pay attention to question details! There was a question tonight with an answer about OJ Simpson. The question included clues like “Football player”  “slashed” and “got away with.” Who else could it be but OJ? And the final question mentioned a coin minted in 1971, less than 2 years after a famous American’s death. MANY people thoughtlessly put down JFK. But he was killed in 1963, so his death would not make him a good guess! (it was Eisenhower btw). Old champs Anal Bum Covers played smart and took the win!  A few new teams tonight and always fun at the Oyster House! Winner’s Choice:  80’s Music 80s Music Videos Pub Trivia Category MD

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Our house champions for Season X at Quincy’s would go down to the wire, as I Just Quizzed My Pants held a one-point lead in the standings over Lowered Expectations.  But, it was a bit of a struggle our stellar teams, as they were stuck in the middle of the pack heading into the final question.  With most of the top of the leaderboard able to come up with the correct response, it was I Just Quizzed My Pants who were able to hang on to the house championship.  Great job!  Our winners tonight were Not As Smart As We Look, notching their first win since the first week of the season.  Way to bookend the wins there!  Second was Blue Collar, followed by Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends.  We’ll be back next week with a question on the U.S. Marine Corps!  ~ Matt   Marine Corps Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland