The Day After Christmas Pub Trivia Extravaganza went down with love…and a beer chaser!

Six excellent trivia contests went down tonight on the day after the Christmas holiday.  And we did, in fact, see a lot of new sweaters, new phones, new Duck Dynasty beer holders, new teams and new players out at the games ;) Thanx for playing tonight everyone, on what was the last Thursday game of 2013…

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Rockin trivia game this evening at Champions! 12 teams came out to battle a bit – and some new ones as well. I did like the new team name of: “Everybody’s Twerking for the Weekend” – solid belly laugh there! I wish all of you a very Happy New Year…and I will see you in 2014 (next Thursday) :)

Our leader board turned out like this:

1st Place: Bats – in a textbook come from behind snipe on the final! GG Bats!

2nd Place: FnQ – dominated the whole game; missed the final…took a good 2nd!

3rd Place: Master Debaters – Nice defensive wagering earned them a 3 spot…nice!

Our 1st category if 2014 will be...HIGHLANDER (film)

highlander trivia

Shooter McGees – Alexandria, Va.

All the shopping, Christmas cookies, and egg nog behind us, we had ourselves a rather enjoyable game of Pour House at Shooter McGee! The Hashers pulled away a top place finish as a solo act, with LNTRS pulling into 2nd, and 11 is a Prime Number taking down third.

Cya next year, where our first category will be “Adult Film Stars Gone Mainstream” Cya! Ronnie

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Going into the final, Balls so Hard University were just 1 point away from ending their winning streak … the final question reared it’s ugly head and close contenders, Something Clever, were not able to change the course of history and took a respectable 2nd Place, just behind BSHU.  And Team Celebrate was having fun regardless of what place they were in…But they managed to come in 3rd tonight! Great Game everyone.

Next week stay tuned for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” –  the tv show not the weather and the city :) Happy New Year everyone…see you next Thursday :)


Its always sunny in Philadelphia trivia game


Fish Market – Alexandria, Va

Headline: Stink Floyd Strikes Again! One man wrecking crew Stink Floyd came from Frederick, MD into Alexandria tonight and took no prisoners on his way to a dominant solo victory at the Fish Market. Leading for most of the game, Stink Floyd was up 8 points on the 2nd place team, Gone Squatchin’ (last week’s winners), and with a final question that stumped the entire field, a low, strategic bet by Stink locked the W for him. Great game tonight. 2nd place did end up going to Gone Squatchin’. Rounding up the top places was Simple Minds, another travelling team from Frederick, with the 3rd place finish. Congrats to our finishers. Next week’s first category will be NFL Logos, courtesy Stink Floyd. Until then! Happy New Year :) Bill P

Guidos – Frederick, MD

I filled in for Torrie at the wild and crazy Guido’s Speakeasy tonight, and I’ld like to thank all the teams for not giving me TOO much of a hard time! (lol) The game was a little intense, and after the final question, I did have a tie breaker that had to decide 2nd and 3rd place. And after a small snafu with the tie-breaker question, this is how it broke down… In 3rd place was Quick Pink, in 2nd was the Armadillo’s, and pretty much leading the game after round 2, your winners… ColAngus@ClownPenis.Fart!! And fantastically enough, they chose “Actors who were in the Godfather but NOT in Weekend at Bernies” for next weeks first round category, have fun with that one Torrie!! I had fun filling in and getting my chops busted by everyone!

Have a good week!!  ~ Jon J

weekend at bernies trivia question

 the godfather trivia question

Bunkers – Leesburg, Va.

What a great night for my first visit to Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg!  We had a bunch of our regular teams battling it out for some post-Christmas trivia.  It was neck and neck throughout the first half between several teams, but in the second half, when the going got tough, it was Fish and Chips who got going.  They took a big lead by playing a near-flawless second half, including hitting the 6-point clue after round three.  A few more 2-point bonuses in the final round gave them the insurmountable lead heading into the final.  That proved key for the win as they were not able to get the final answer.  The only team who did was Thundercats, who moved up to second.  Indians rounded out our top three.  Samantha will return next week, when the game will begin with a question on “Game of Thrones”.  Thanks again!   ~ Matt