That’s a Tuesday Folks!

You know what they say, you win some- you lose some- but you always enjoy them Tuesday nights at PHT! Ok, maybe they don’t say that but we do! Many thanks to the teams who joined us out and about tonight!

Whole Foods in Ashburn, Va 

 A quieter night at Whole Foods as we had six teams come out to try to take the prize. It wasn’t an easy fight-and after a few bad puns and some well answered questions Just Two took first-their first win as well!

1st Just Two
2nd Get Smart
3rd Taco Tuesday
First category next week is the Boston Marathon. See you then!
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We had a really competitive game on Tuesday at Zepheira Sports Bar! There was lots of trading 1st place between our top 3 teams throughout the game, and it seemed only fitting that once we got to the final question, there was a tie for 1st! Each team took the opposite choice for the final wager, one went with the “go big or go home” style, while the other team rolled the dice with the “mathematically strategic” style. I’ve seen both work for teams, but it’s always 50-50 how it works out. But at least this way I don’t need a tie breaker! In 3rd place we had Sanford & Son, 2nd went to Blank Space, and winning 1st with the go big or go home style was The Avengers!! They picked “To Kill a Mockingbird” for next weeks winners choice, so study up and come out for some fun next Tuesday at Zepheira Sports Bar!!   ~  Jon J

I’ve been hosting here at Cap City for little over a month now, and like MLB legend Graig Nettles, I have to say that two of my childhood dreams have now been fulfilled: hosting an awesome trivia night and joining the circus.  NoVA’s finest trivia diehards were fired up and playing to win Tuesday night, and they didn’t mind giving their host a little guff about some allegedly ambiguous questions.  No matter though – at the end of the night, we’re all here to have a good time, knock back a few brews, and listen to Jimmy Fallon’s awful singing impressions.  Your winner’s circle:
1st: Show Me on the Doll
2nd: Stop the Bus and Let My Brother Jack Off
3rd: Capital Hillbillies (playing as “The Waco Kids”)
Best Wrong Answer goes to Penultimate – also the sole 6-point winners in the 6-4-2 – who blanked on Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” and surmised that their hit ’80s single might be “Twerk Like an Egyptian”.
The winning team, Show Me on the Doll, have chosen “Game of Thrones” as the first category next week – so get your Valyrian steel and boiled leather ready!
–Maester Austin
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When you’re hot, you’re hot and when you’ve got 17 teams- it’s gonna be hot! Champions was full of the good stuff tonight. Lots of people looking to get down and dirty on a Tuesday night!

We had lots of ups, a few feisty moments (No, you don’t get to be rude) and over all it was a kicker of a night. The Other Sarah was leading for a good portion of the night, but they fumbled the final and fell out of contention. With the way clear it was Swipe Left and Comfortably Dum who battled to sudden death in the tie breaker! Swipe left picked it up and took 1st, for next week they want Oregon Trail (Not the game people, no dysentery here…) Dum finished with an impressive 2nd after losing a bonus early on. 3rd went to the dark horse team- Crystal Methodists! Nice job everyone! See you next week!

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.Cugini’s in Poolesville, Md

Great game once again here at Cugini’s in Poolesville, and we had a couple of tough questions really move the furniture around a couple of instances this evening. Thanks again for coming out, and here are your results:

Never Mind in 1st

WWBS in 2nd

Drunk N Disorderly in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the reality TV series “Survivor” ~ Ronnie

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Bit of a late start tonight due to some technical difficulties but thanks to everyone who stuck it out and played! Mostly veteran teams tonight though we did see some newcomers trying to get a taste of what we’ve been doing for the last year or two! Always glad to welcome new teams to the game; come on out and try this competition, it is FIERCE in here!
We had a tie going into the second half between If We Lose the Terrorists Win and Screaming Death Monkey; Uncle Jack would’ve been right in the mix had they not missed a bonus in the 1st round. Still, they managed to fight back and hold on to 3rd place after halftime. Round 3 was littered with difficult questions, many teams falling victim.
If We Lose had a rather triumphant 3rd round, getting through fairly unscathed and holding a 10 point lead after the 6-4-2. They’d carry that lead into the final, up 157 to a 147 second place team. The final played fairly easier tonight than usual so no change in the standings after the final. Your winners tonight are If We Lose the Terrorists Win! 2nd place to Screaming Death Monkey, 3rd to Uncle Jack!
We’re back next week for one of the final weeks of the summer season! Be sure to join us and get those last minute points towards the summer fling finale in mid-September! See you all in 7 days, thanks!
1st Place:     If We Lose the Terrorists Win
2nd Place:    Screaming Death Monkey
3rd Place:     Uncle Jack
Next week:     Parks and Recreation
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Tonight’s game ended up being quite the finish, as we had a tie for the lead going into the final question.  Before we got there we had a really fun audio question, as we asked teams to identify three different rock stars that Jimmy Fallon impersonated.  I absolutely loved this question, as the Fallon impersonations were so funny, especially his Jim Morrison.

We also had a tough question about 1980s rock groups, which asked about a band that got their name from a poster about Frank Sinatra’s move to LA from Vegas.  Apparently that’s where Frankie Goes to Hollywood got their name, who had one big hit with Relax.

The final question asked teams to identify the Washington DC building that has statues of Alexander Hamilton and Albert Gallatin at its North and South ends. Most teams got the answer of the US treasury building. The final didn’t do much to clear things up, as we still had to break this tie after the final question was wrapped up.

We had to break the tie, and break it we did; when the dust settled Black Steel emerged victorious, with The Know Nothings taking second. Third place tonight went to Fractured but Whole.  Next week we start with a question about Stranger Things, so study up and I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

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 With the Summer Fling tournament only three weeks away, teams battled back and forth for dominance over this week’s set. With a few surprises along the way, every team managed to stay within striking distance of the podium.

Third Place: Dave’s Not Here
Second Place: Dewey, Cheatem and Howe
First Place: Poovey Farms
Poovey Farms takes it down, and goes for the ol’ general topic strategy, selecting “Information Technology” as next week’s first category. Good luck studying for THAT!
See you next week!

Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, Md

Another Tuesday game of Pour House Trivia is in the books for Senor Tequilas!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Who’s-That-Pokemon?”: Clearly, some of you aren’t as boned up on your Pokemon as you should be! Come on guys, there’s only like 850 of them! It’s not THAT difficult!

In “Who’s-That-Singer?”: Or rather, who is that Jimmy Fallon is impersonating. Had a lot of wild answers on this one, ranging from both Simon and Garfunkel, to Weird Al…Yeah…

In “Ain’t-Nothing-But-a-G-Thang”: The 6-4-2 was murder tonight, and the looks on teh group of engineers’ faces when I read off the 4 point clue, after they turned it in on 6, eek! I had no idea they had those names though, that’s a cool little fun fact!

The final was mostly a done deal; we just had a last second switch in places due to wagering.

In third place tonight, Axl’s Doghouse!

In second place tonight, Beer Pressure!

In first place tonight, the Fan Club!

Great game everyone! Next week we’ll kick things off with a Red Hot Chili Pepper question! So study up and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,


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Once Chief arrived, it didn’t look promising. One bar patron even asked: did everyone forget its Tuesday? Fortunately, not long thereafter, players started “Pour”ing in. Most wanted to know why Denny wasn’t present. No mind, I said! He’ll be here soon enough and all your fears will melt away. (LaLa’s really loves Denny, I’m telling you.)

Once Denny arrived and everyone’s nervousness allayed, we set up together with the intent of me hosting and Denny evaluating. Alas, like most things in life – and trivia! – the unexpected happened and Denny was called away to put water to a fire. Unfazed, Chief got right into the business of the evening and all the players settled into their routines. By the time Denny returned, the game was nearly over! LaLa’s was fortunate he did, though, because Chief may or may not have forgotten to give a break between rounds – and there were restrooms to be visited and smokes to be had. Lesson. Noted.

The players themselves were rather consistent – no real surprises or sudden moves up or down the standings. Chimp-an-A eked out a one-point victory over the tenacious Demented, Sad but Social and solidified their spot in the Summer Fling Top Ten.

I think this’ll be the last time I’ll host at LaLa’s – I’m off to other bars to begin hosting on my own. I certainly enjoyed – and appreciated – my time at LaLa’s and wish you all the best luck ahead.

Fair winds and following seas,