That was the windiest Wednesday I can remember! But it blew many teams inside for a night of Pour House pub trivia (Man I love puns)!

A blustery Wednesday evening brought out many teams for Pour House pub trivia at seven venues! 

What a wild set of questions we had! We covered some important topics:

The delicious GORP is a perfect brain fuel – maybe we should start serving that, eh?

We got a little saucy with Mayor Quimby in our audio clue!

Eddie Murphy’s poor, poor career. *Wipes away a tear*

Read on for more!

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

If there’s one way to make me happy, it’s to have multiple questions about Scotland in the set! Atlantic Grille in Urbana was exciting from start to finish – Strangers Have the Best Candy dropped from first to third and back again, finally finishing the evening in second with Moms’ Night Out rounding out third.
Top spot tonight belonged to Men & Pausers with their first win at Atlantic Grille! Next week’s winners’ choice category is Redskins in the last five years. I’ll do my best to work an impression into that one somehow 😛
– Eric 🙂
Redskins Pub Trivia Category

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

Top 3 Bernies Highlights from Wednesday’s Trivia game:
1. The number of naughty answers I got for “what does SWM ISO” mean in a personal ad?”
2. Our lovely bartender, Danielle, has been dubbed with the new nickname of “Yum Yum”
3. Apparently if you persist, Yum Yum will make a shooter named anything you want – and SWM ISO shooters ROCK BTW! 
WOW! Barefoot Bernies was nuts (and raisins) tonight (where my GORP fans at?). Must be the pre-St Patty’s itch or maybe the wind blew them out. Either way, we had a stellar pub trivia contest this windy Washington Co. Wednesday! And some crazy fun all night! We welcomed some new teams who tested the waters tonight as well as swam with some of the regular Bernies trivia sharks.
Our game was decided at the 6-4-2…Say Hi to Your Mom for Me was leading all night  but had to wait until 2pts to answer. That was just enough of a window for the crew over at Slapsgiving to attack attack! And that they did. They went ahead by one and milked that on into the final for the win! Congrats Slapsgiving! Say Hi to Your Mom for Me did maintain and took a strong second Place, while third Place went to Too Husky for Sandusky, who played a masterful and well timed ‘zero wager.’ 
Thanks for playing tonight everyone. Next Wednesday we start of with “Irish Drinking Songs.” Til’ then mates…here is a toast for you and yours..Have a great St. Paddy’s
May you have all the happiness 
and luck that life can hold— 
And at the end of all your rainbows 
may you find a pot of gold.”
– dg
Irish Drinking Songs Pub Trivia Category MD

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland 

The place was JAM PACKED tonight, but luckily everyone who wanted to play trivia managed to get settled into a seat by start time. Coming out very strong were one of our veteran teams Hot Dog Stigmata, and they did NOT look back. They remained in first throughout the entire game and sealed the victory with a correct answer on the final question. Congrats!
A respectable second place finish to Team Cocktail who eclipse the top three for the first time, I believe. There was a tie for third place between rivals The Kennedy Package and The 4th Spy. They had to nail the atomic number of Iron to win the tie breaker… and The 4th Spy did just that, hitting 26 EXACTLY! Very nice finish teams. We will see you all next week!
1st Place: Hot Dog Stigmata
2nd Place:  Team Cocktail
3rd Place: The 4th Spy
Things will kick off next week with seaQuest DSV!
SeaQuest DSV Pub trivia category MD

Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

We had a record turnout tonight at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax! This warm weather has been GREAT for trivia-hungry minds!
In third place tonight was a cameo from Movin’ On Up! In second we had No Brainz @ the Bar!! Our top team tonight, however, reclaiming their first place spot was Fake Block!!
Their choice of first category for next week? WOLF OF WALL STREET – THE MOVIE! See you next Wednesday!
Wolf of Wall Street Pub Trivia Category MD

T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

Over a dozen teams joined us for our regular Wednesday night session at T.J. Stone’s.  Eric Chen was leading the entire way, but could not come up with the correct answer on the final, which left the door open for Octothorpe to earn their SECOND straight victory.  That new team name is working wonders!  The B-58s also played great and took second, but the story of the night was actually our third-place team, Gone Squatchin’, who lost 14 points to the field on the first question (Moops!), but picked up vritually every available point the rest of the way, including the final question, and squeezed into third place.  Next week starts with a question on “The Big Bang Theory”.  ~ Matt

Big Bang Theory Pub Trivia Category Maryland

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

It took a Fran Tarkenton tiebreaker to settle the top two for tonight’s game at Valley Grill Sports Bar in Middletown! Fisted Sister pulled out the win getting only slightly closer to the target number than the Book Club Babes, who finished second.
Southpaw Fish rounded out our top tier tonight with a third place finish.
Our first category for next week’s game is the Academy Award winning film Patton!
~ Ronnie
Patton Pour House Pub Trivia MD