Thar She Blows! Weekend Trivia!

We welcomed the first weekend of summer with 33 teams across three venues:


Opening round topics from this weekend included Peyton Manning, the film “Congo”, and this claymation character:


For our audio questions, we listened to newscasters and songs whose titles contain the word ‘secret’: “Do You Want to Know a Secret” by The Beatles, “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers, and “Dirty Little Secret” by All-American Rejects.  We also discussed this manuever which became illegal thanks mainly to the exploits of Roy Willians (the former Dallas Cowboys star, not the UNC basketball coach):

Horse Collar

The only perfect score of the first round was turned in by Mother Cluckers Two (Springfield Manor), while Arrondissements of Ouagadougou and Cultured Heathens (both playing at Pretzel & Pizza Creations) replicated the feat during the second round on Saturday.


Weekend halftime topics included brand logos and celebrities with the initials “M.G.”.  Five teams earned perfect scores with an overal average of 16.7 points.  Here are your top weekend scores at the halftime break:


Friday’s most difficult wagering question was asked during the third round:

–> In 1948, Bill France, Sr. founded this American sports organization. Since then, both his son and grandson have served as its CEO.  Name this organization.

Only four out of our 16 Friday teams knew that the France family was synonymous with NASCAR.  Meanwhile, our Saturday teams were quizzed on this doll which could be described as “physiologically correct”:

Betsy Wetsy Doll

We began Saturday’s final round with one of its most difficult bonus questions, asking our teams to name any two of the three lightest alkali metals (all of which have atomic numbers of less than 20).  Only two teams earned bonus points with the three correct answers of lithium, sodium, potassium.  While none of our Friday teams earned perfect scores in the second half, Smarty Pants (Belles’) aced the third round, while Arrondissements of Ouagadougou (Pretzel & Pizza Creations) notched 36 points in the final round.  Here are your top weekend teams heading into the final question:

FRIDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (12.5% success rate):

–> The NAACP was created in 1909, but the organization’s founders pegged a specific date during that year to hold their first meeting.  It was no coincidence that the official founding date fell exactly 100 years after what event?

SATURDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (12.5% success rate):

–> After failing to find work building the Erie Canal, which author took a job at age 19 as a cabin boy on a freight ship named “St. Lawrence”, sailing from New York City to Liverpool and back in 1839?

On both Friday and Saturday night, only two teams responded correctly on the final question, with the respective answers of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and Herman Melville.  Only one team earned the Perfect 21 this weekend, but Demented and Sad But Social (Belles’ Sports Bar) earned the honor while playing “over the limit”.  Here is your final weekend leaderboard:


Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD:  Smarty Pants  (Next week’s first category: Glitter Butt)

Pretzel & Pizza Creations in Hagerstown, MD:  Arrondissements of Ouagadougou  (Next week’s first category: Fleetwood Mac – AUDIO)