“Thank you for ruining Eskimo Kissing for me forever!”

I mean…we apologize. But yes the Inuit folk are apparently sweat sniffers and the rest of the world thinks its cute and makes a kiss out of it. That’s the pop culture machine at work! Wait til we tell you the Bear Hug came about…doh! 

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

It was Pour House Trivia at its best tonight at Champion Billiards in Frederick, Maryland. 14 teams brought it to each other in a fantastic live contest that culminated in a great final question. After some defensive plays and great pulls the leader board ended up like this:

1st Place: Momentary Lapse of reason

2nd Place: Master Debaters

3rd Place: Hump-n-Dump

Thanks for coming out in that cold and playing some trivia with us yall. I wish you a very good weekend. And until we meet again, Momentary Lapse of Reason has invited us all to brush up on some “Dave Grohl” trivia – next Thursday’s 1st category. Be well and I’ll see you soon :) dg :)

dave grohl

Fish Market – Alexandria, Va

Last week’s winners Put It on Seabass’ Tab were in the same form tonight, leading most of the game, though it was a very close one. They led going into the final question by a single point. Right behind them was last week’s 2nd place team Jackie Treehorn Sketchpad. Going into the final, it was anyone’s game. And with a difficult final question, that only one team managed to get correct… Put It on Seabass’ Tab makes it 2 in a row! Well played! 3rd place shout out to The Virgins! We will be starting next week’s game with a question about HR Puff n Stuff! Thanks guys, see ya on Thursday!

hr puff n stuff

Guidos – Frederick, MD

Tonight was CRAZY at Guido’s Speakeasy! We were all tied up after the second half, and had a TIE FOR SECOND in the end! In third, we had Buttsweat & Tears! In second after a harsh tie breaker was Col. Angus@clownpenis.fart! In first place holding strong was Stink Floyd! First category next week:Triple 50/50 Jai Alai or Quidditch. – Torie

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

It was a cold December evening, when the teams descended on Main Street Oyster House. They came to play, they came to laugh, they came to WIN. The game was hard fought, but in the end Balls so Hard University remained the champions for the 4th week in a row scoring 155. The pretty ladies and their gent on Team Black out stole second place with 129 at the last second from the wise If we only had a brain who had 124. Join us next week to see how this rivalry plays out, and we will start with a category called “NFC South.” – Natalie

Bunkers – Leesburg, Va

Bunkers, I have rarely seen a more competitive venue… I mean it- I have never had to  seriously warn teams about not turning it in to full contact trivia.. You’d think you got bonus points for being the first ones to answer! I’m just glad I exist in my trivia fortress, you all are impressive. Our final tonight took our leader board, flipped it upside down, and shook it like a snow globe in the hands of a 5 year old! We had Thundercats hold on to 3rd after leading the game by the grace of a strategic wager, it was Washington Foreskins who I got to welcome back to the podium with a well deserved 2nd (being one of 2 teams who got the final) and Indians took the win again with not only strategy but a correct answer! Awesome ending! I will see you next week with cookies and a first category of Woody Harrelson. ~Samantha

woody harrelson

Shooter McGees – Alexandria, Va

We had an EPIC finish to our game tonight at Shooter McGee, allow me to break it down for you. We have had teams that wager zero on the final jump to first place on a tough final before, but this was my first experience with that situation where said team was the only team to submit a correct final answer! Give it up to the Hashers for getting back into the top slot after a bit of a drought as of late. Movin On Up lead the pack all night, but succumbed to the final for 2nd. After a tie-breaker, it was Stop the Bus who finished in 3rd. Our first category for next week is Christmas movies. ~ Ronnie

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, MD

It was JAMMED inside Quincy’s tonight, as we topped double-digit teams for the first time since Opening Night.  All the teams kept it close throughout the night, but it was team Depends that snuck into the lead after a tough fourth round. We had one of the most exciting finishes in recent memory, as ONE TEAM was able to secure the correct answer on the final, and so it was a brand-new team, Preggers, coming from way back to steal the win!  Great job!  If you guys had your office Christmas party at Qunicy’s every week, you’d probably be undefeated.  The Usual Supsects got crafty, and jumped a few spots to take second with the strategic zero wager.  Team Depends had to settle for third.  Next week, you will have the talented Eric filling in for me, and he will be starting with a question on U.S. Tax Law!  Fun?  Well, the other 19 questions will be fun…..

U.S. Tax Law Trivia