Tempera and other t-related trivia on Tuesday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday mixed up the paint and the trivia in eight awesome venues!

Check out the games, y’all!


Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

Another great crowd at Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington on Tuesday night!  One of our resident powerhouse teams, the Capital Hillbillies, was playing as ‘Tom Brady Demolition Derby’ tonight, and they were absolutely demolishing tonight’s set and the rest of the field.  At the end of round three, they had a double-digit lead and an outside chance of breaking that elusive 180-point barrier.  Then, the wheels fell off.  Let’s just say they left 15 points on the table at the start of the final round.  Suddenly, it was anybody’s game, but TBDD managed to sneak in a few two-point bonuses to close round four, and held on to a slim lead.  The final was a tough one, as we needed three correct answers from our teams, but most were only able to give me two.  The one team to correctly answer the last question, TBDD of course!  What a roller coaster victory!  Second place went to Happy Birthday Paige with the Valley Girls (playing as ‘Orrazib’) taking third.  ~ Matt


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Wow-this is my second night training and 24 teams turned out for this great night at champions, the highlight were the drawings on the answer sheets of Dolly Parton’s particuar feature. Only one team out of 24 got the last one as well so again-a crazy night for my first night hosting!

1st Wiser but still dead
2nd 2 live clue 2
3rd Pulpit Fiction

First catigory next week is a Triple 50/50 -Lennon or McCartney!


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

The folks in Poolesville never fail to disappoint as we had another packed house here at Cugini’s!

I am getting a little worried though as we seem to have a “sanguine” theme beginning in regards to first category picks.

Here are the results of tonight’s game:

MoMo in 1st

Level 3 Booksellers in 2nd

U Talkin’ to Me? In 3rd

Our first category for next week is the Netflix series: Bloodline.

~ Ronnie

bloodline trivia netflix trivia pour house pub trivia


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Tonight’s game got to be pretty exciting at Celebrity Bar & Grill! Two different teams kept trading their lead in first back and forth by 1 point every time!

Now, how you wager on the final can com-PLETE-ly change the game for the top 3 spots, but when every team gets it wrong, it doesn’t seem as effective. In 3rd tonight was Jersey Shore! 2nd was American Outlaws!! Tonight’s game winners haven’t been in for a while, but it sure was nice to see them again, Udderly Nuts!!!

They also picked German Breweries for next Tuesday’s winner’s choice question, so study up and come by and see us at Celebrity Bar & Grill next week!!

~ Jon J

German Beer Trivia Pour house pub trivia maryland


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Between “Dew Point,” “Shag,” and “Turn your head and cough,” we had a recipe for some craziness at La La Tuesday night live trivia night! Bada Bing and what a dish was indeed served up! And oh yes, we all indulged! And that is the beauty of Tuesday night La La trivia! Great times everyone. After the game I was thinking about getting a Puli dog:

dog trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

… I changed my mind. But for some reason I do feel like taking up macrame.

What a finish to our trivia contest! A tough geography question was responsible for the late game nuttiness that went down! It seriously was anyone’s game going into that final. And after it was all said and done our Top board looked like this:

20150728_215508.3 20150728_215434.2 20150728_215338.1

Congrats everyone on a great game! And thanks everyone for coming out to play some PHT. We should do it agian next Tuesday. In fact, I am thinking we should start off with Feminine Hygiene Products Throughout History.

That should be a fun one to brush up on. Have fun absorbing whatever you can on that gem of a subject 😉 See you next Tuesday. 😉 DG

feminie hyguene

Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Today at the Orioles Nest we started out with a question about The Big Lebowski. Turns out the question might have been a bit of a spoiler about the end of the film, with something that happens to Donny at the end, but most everybody got it anyway. The first round led to the first and only big challenge of the day, with everybody thinking distillation was actually wrong and was meant to be desalination, although both were actually accepted as correct. I also found it surprising how many teams missed the curry question, I think they overthought it and were probably kicking themselves afterwards. In round two, the celebrity couples question led to some hilarious guesses pairing some rather unlikely couples together. I thought the Lucy Liu/Peyton Manning guess was funny, but not quite as funny as the Andrew Luck/Yoko Ono pairing that Black Steel came up with, that one had me rolling. The Glad question made pretty much everybody groan, thinking it was too easy, but Tom Bosley was a bit harder as the elusive two-point bonus. The halftime page with the JJ questions proved to be pretty easy for most of the teams, and almost everybody knows their bones it seems.

Round is where things started getting tough, with the Meade/Mead question and the triple 50/50 dog or cat questions giving teams some trouble. The 6/4/2 might have been a little too easy, prompting one team to ask me if I accidentally read all three clues at once (I didn’t, I swear!). Round four continued with the difficulty, with most of the teams thinking Wales is the smallest constituent of the UK, but actually Northern Ireland is smaller, costing some teams a fair amount of points. Sports A+B was tough too, and we found out several teams have NO idea what the shot clock in the NBA is (it’s 24 seconds). The funniest question though had to be the last one, with the hernia question starting out and everybody yelling “whoaaaa” and realizing that was EXACTLY where we were going with it. Also, ballistics was a pretty funny euphemism for what the doctor is actually checking for hernias.

The final question had some serious kick to it, with only one team getting the correct answer. We also had some crafty wagering by one team in particular, and a tie to break when it was all said and done. The tie ended up being for third place between Smarty Pants (who were the only team to get the final) and Three Stooges, but the Smarty Pants were closer on guessing the UK’s population, so they took third. Second place went to Black Steel who narrowly held first place heading into the final, but couldn’t quite hang on. I know you’re trying to get that ridiculous category in, Carl. Winning tonight’s game with some strategery of their own, congrats going out to One Crow Short of a Murder, who were lurking just behind in second heading into the question. Next week we start with Chad Sings Mumford and Sons (Oh joy, one of my least favorite current groups out there. Thanks for that Crows). I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time,

Mumford and sons trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

We had an exciting game of trivia, as veteran teams squared off against each other in a battle of wits. With no newcomers to our game, scores were close and high all throughout the game!

We learned all about the Game of Thrones RISK game (hint: don’t buy it, get the older, pre-TV show version), all those songs with numbers in them, and just how many of you REALLY know the countries in the U.K.???

As the game wound down, the NoTalent Rummies had pulled ahead, but it was still anyone’s game. With the final category inspiring courageous betting, it all was for naught, as every team missed a particularly tough final. In third were the ever-changing freeprostateexams.com (who have a new name every week, and this week brought new players for their team!). Second went to Suck It, Trebek, and first place was successfully defended by the NoTalent Rummies.

They’ve chosen “Archer” (the FX series) as next week’s first category, so cue up a Netflix binge watching and I’ll see you all next week!


archer trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

I’m still super diggin’ the new set up! More spacious, less clunky and in the way, I’m definitely a fan! Perhaps you all like it better too because we had a HUGE turnout tonight! Double digit teams, packed house, great game of live trivia!

Question of the night was a no-brainer. Round 2 Art question that went DEAD! Egg yolk based paint technique. That would be TEMPERA. I’ll cut some slack, I’d only recently learned the term this past Fall while at Academic Team practice, but it was quite a spectacle to see it wipe everyone out. I have way more fun with those kinds of questions than I should!

Our top 3 tonight had commanding leads on the field, up almost 20 on the remaining teams. The final played difficult too so it came down to wagers as to who would finish in what place. Uncle Jack was up 10 on the field going in, so with game theory, they only had to bet 3, which they did. The 2 teams behind them, Bazinga and D+M, both locked in the 12 bet. Bazinga, in 3rd, missed and stayed put. D+M, in 2nd, missed, and stayed put, leaving Uncle Jack to take down the victory! Summer tournament just about a month away, keep coming out and prepping for that one! We’re back in a week guys, see ya soon!

1st Place: Uncle Jack
2nd Place: D+M
3rd Place: Bazinga

Next week: 70’s Pornography