Take a Walk on the Far Side… with Monday Night Trivia!

Even though we were only gone for three days, it felt like it was a long time away from the game, so we were very happy that three of our Monday venues decided to get back into action right after the holiday.  Two of those venues featured more than ten teams each, and as usual, several staunch World Series contenders threw down in Arlington.

MONDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (29 teams across three venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: High School Prom (Spider Kelly’s) with 177

–> Highest Score after Round 4: High School Prom (Spider Kelly’s) with 170

–> Highest First Half Score: High School Prom (Spider Kelly’s) and Kitten Mittens (Spider Kelly’s) with 90

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): What Else Could It Be!? (Greene Turtle), Walking Talking Stephen Hawking (Spider Kelly’s), High School Prom (Spider Kelly’s)

–> The halftime page played to an average of 17.1, with five teams scoring a perfect 20.  Meanwhile, about half of our teams scored six points on the 6-4-2 question by knowing the 13th Amendment banned slavery in the United States.

–> Congrats to High School Prom for topping 175 points for the second week in a row!

MONDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (48.7% success rate):

–> Which comic strip artist is the namesake for three species of animals: a louse, a beetle, and a butterfly?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


DRP in Alexandria, VA

Today was the last trivia night of 2016 here at DRP.  We had a great turnout tonight for the day after Christmas.  We had some new teams coming in, taking with them their family and friends from out-of-town so it was welcoming to see new and old faces alike. 

We must have had some scientists with us tonight because everyone knew that bismuth, when oxidized, becomes pink and is the active ingredient in the aptly-named Pepto-Bismol.  Then, most of our teams were able to identify the first solid element in the periodic table was lithium.  And, some teams were able to piece together the Latin for “head” and “foot” to get the biological class of octopi and squid.

Then, after the scientists, we had the Anglophiles, who were both able to identify “Brexit” and the U.S. equivalent of the British Chancellor of the Exchequer.  But, that was also why half of our teams did not know which amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolished slavery.

 In the end, the scientists won out as they knew that Gary Larson of “The Far Side” was an ardent environmentalist and had three species of insects named after him.  That led to our last medal table of the year:

 First Place:  HR Puff ‘n’ Stuff

Second Place:  B-58s

Third Place:  Go-Karts

Next week’s first category: Movies of the 1980s

Until next time, have a safe and happy New Year’s holiday and we will see you next week on January 2 for the first trivia night of 2017!!


1980s Film Trivia 


Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, MD

Tonight at the Greene Turtle we had a little post-Christmas trivia, and things ended up being rather interesting.  Plenty of new faces tonight made things fun right up until the end.  We started things off with a question about the history of the Washington Redskins, asking about the NFL team the ‘Skins played four times in the NFL Championship in the 30’s and 40’s, which was none other than Da Bears!  Halftime asked teams to identify different versions of Monopoly, as well as matching SNL alumni to different superlatives.  Most teams did really well with the Monopoly part aside from the Game of Thrones one, but the SNL part was tough.

The final question of the night was about comics and artists, and teams managed to do pretty well on this one.  However, some strategy on the wagering led to teams moving around a bit.  Third place tonight went to The Cobras, second went to That’s A Niner, and tonight’s winners are What Else Could It Be?!?!.  Next week we start with a question about the film “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”, so study up!  I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

~ Chad

Next week’s first category:  “Plains, Trains, and Automobiles”



Morgan Inn in Woodbine, MD


Ronnie returns next week!





Hershey’s Restaurant in Gaithersburg, MD


Jon returns next week!






Uno Pizzeria in Frederick, MD


Ian returns next week!





Spider Kelly’s in Arlington, VA

Seven teams survived their eggnog hangovers to join us at Spider Kelly’s tonight.  As usual, the first question of the night seemed to be the hardest for some of our teams.  It seems not everyone is familiar with Radiohead’s perfect for Christmastime tune “Fake Plastic Trees”.   The rest of the round went swimmingly with three teams tied for first place.  Round 2 couldn’t fool our contestants – except for a bonus naming the new Vegas NHL team venue, not a one could do it.

Round 3 got tougher, so many teams were close in guessing Paraguay as the South American country joked about in the Simpsons, but we were looking for Uruguay.   And the 2002 comedy “The Sweetest Thing” must not have been every team’s cup of tea since a couple teams missed the question (fun fact: if you pause and look closely at one of the club scenes you can catch our gamesmith, Kate, clubbing it up behind Jason Bateman).

Round 4 caught a couple teams off guard, but strategizing in the final category is what really mattered in this game.  High School Prom had no problem keeping their lead and Kitten Mittens answered correctly to pull ahead of Walking Talking Stephen Hawking.  The winners were as follows:

First Place:  High School Prom

Second Place:  Kitten Mittens

Third Place:  Walking Talking Stephen Hawking

Next week’s first category: Michael Bay’s classic film “The Rock”


~ Kate

The Rock Movie Trivia


Il Forno Pizzeria in Frederick, MD


Bill returns next week!