Super Bowls and broken legs! Pour House Pub Trivia’s Tuesday!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday featured a Super Bowl question that stumped quite a few teams! Instead of posting a picture of Joe Theismann’s injury, I’m just going to let you mentally relive it. … Done? Pretty gross, eh? Cleanse your palate with trivia recaps!  

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

We’re winding down Season X at our newest Virginia location, but the trivia teams are heating up as we roll towards the post-season.  I hope most of you are willing to make the BIG DRIVE up to Hagerstown at the end of the month, since I know many of you could do quite formidably.  Tonight, it was a two-team race to the top, but in the end it was only Team Zissou came up with the correct response on the final and took home the win.  Capitol City Goofballs clinched the house championship with a second place finish, while the Valley Girls came oh so close on the final, and had to settle for third.  Next week, we begin with a question on the Green Bay Packers!  ~ Matt GB  

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

A very big thank you to a very big pub quiz crowd over at Champion Billiards tonight! While Sam was out, you all did a tremendous job of making me feel welcome, and for that I am grateful. Congrats to all of the teams who qualified for the post-season, and a big congratulation to Big Test Icicles for winning the house championship! We’ll see you guys at the World Series! Tonight’s game had nearly 20 teams competing for the top spot. Though I’ve never hosted here before, I did recognize most of the teams from other venues or just from popping into Champs on Tuesdays over the years! The second half seemed to beat up the teams pretty bad across the board, specifically the World Geography and the Video Games questions. As we fought our way through a difficult round, the scores were tight, but decisive. Going into the final question, we had Crystal Methodists up by 5 in 1st, 2nd we had Thundercats (who missed a big wager in round 3 to give up their lead), and 3rd place had Jungle Fever just one point back. The final question proved to be difficult; four of the top five teams missed it, making way for Thundercats to reclaim the lead AND take down the victory! Good game all. 2nd place went to Uncle Jack, who played as a duo and made quite a jump from behind! 3rd place went to Crystal Methodists, who were able to bet a bit defensively with a strong lead heading in. Sam will be back next week and trivia is ON! Next week is a pretty crucial game because it’s your last chance to practice before the playoffs start up, so make sure you all come on out! Thanks again for letting me play with y’all tonight; I’ll be back any time you need me 😉 1st Place: Thundercats 2nd Place: Uncle Jack 3rd Place: Crystal Methodists Next week’s category: Mathematics math trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

I would like to personally congratulate MoMo as they are our Season 10 live trivia House Champions here in Cugini’s in Poolesville, great job! Serenity Now was our first place finishers tonight, with Blue Barracudas making an incredible comeback from last at the half to 2nd when it was all said and done! MoMo again a force to be reckoned with, took 3rd. Our first category for next week is the US Marine Corps. Semper Fi! ~ Ronnie

Marine Corps Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

With playoffs looming, every team in the house knew what the stakes were going in, and the level of competition was fierce! With three teams all eligible for the coveted House Champion spot, this venue is going into overtime!

Throughout the set, teams grappled with difficult questions, and even harder two-point bonuses. New teams and old, everyone was playing to win, taking chances on the 6-4-2 and some high-risk betting on answers that they were unsure of. (Don’t worry, the whole world has also forgotten about Kris Humphries. That’s why he’s on the Wizards now.)
Headed into a game-changing final, every team had a shot to place “in the money”. With strategic betting and a couple of crucial pulls, there was plenty of jostling for position, In third, from behind, was Just Us (who really just wants to play Harry Potter trivia…). Second was secured by If We Only Had a Brain, and first was taken down by the American Outlaws! They’ve chosen Taylor Swift as their first category. 
taylor swift trivia

Markham’s – Bethesda, MD

We didn’t expect to have live trivia this week, but that doesn’t stop a good crowd like the one at Markham’s! And good thing too, because the race for House Champion here is about as close as it can get! How would things go down in one of the last night’s of the season? Highlights of the Night: In “OK-Maybe-We-Need-to-Tone-it-Down-a-Notch…”: It would go down in a blood bath is how it went down! The first round was a horror story, with several teams not even able to break double digits! It wouldn’t get much better as the night went on, with only two teams ending the night in triple digits! In “Holy-Latin-Batman”: Why is it when we have an odd person’s name we’ll get a pronunciation guide, but give us several latin words and we’re on our own?! I can only apologize so many times for botching the Latin guys; pardon my French! In “Don’t-Shoot-The-Messenger”: It’s not often I have to so rigorously defend a question, but when claims to be misled I have to take it seriously. Joe Theismann won Super Bowl XVII, and while Doug Williams WAS a Super Bowl Winning Quarterback for the Redskins, he won Super Bowl XXII. Sorry guys, but the question was fair! That would do little to assuage an otherwise roughed up trivia crowd, and the final would prove to be crucial! In third place tonight, a new team who started the night solo, The Tanks! congrats guys, good job! In second place, unable to catch the team in first they happily settled for silver, the Blue Barracudas! Well done guys, even if you’re repping the wrong Legends of the Hidden Temple Team – Silver Snakes all the way! In first place, they took a commanding lead early and never looked back: the Chronic Underachievers! Excellent job guys, and a great game! For their first round category next week, the Underachievers have chosen Harry Potter! So study up on the wizarding world, and we’ll see you next time! Until then, Mischief Managed, -Ian harry potter trivia question

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Start it off with an “F-Word” question at Monkey La La trivia night and you are in for an evening of insanity! And let’s face it – any time I get to say “Smelly pirate hooker” on a microphone is a good time for me! Our penultimate Season 10 pub trivia finale Tuesday was quite the event! We had a packed house of Frederick’s finest pub trivia crews throw down for a bit. Some fun questions helped shade the evening even more…some of my fav’s were:

– Well definitely getting to do 2 performances of this scene in mime was a highlight of trivia hosting career in general!

[th_youtube id=’R6CjCEyAJ2s’ name=’Face Off’]

​- I like the Macaw question – I have a Greenwing named Freddy.

– Sirius Black & Decker just packs a punch!

Congrats to our Top 3 tonight. The game was up and down all evening with a good handful of teams dipping into that top spot for a bit. In the end, however, our leader board went down like this:

pub trivia team in maryland

pub trivia team in virginia

Season finale next Tuesday night, and we kick off the game with “Shows (other than Breaking Bad) that feature Bob Odenkirk.” Until then, stay warm and I will see you soon my friends 🙂 dg