Sundays we don’t work…but that don’t mean we aint about business! – Sunday Trivia is Intense!


It put me in the mood for a roller coaster ride. I had ups and downs and lead changes over and OVER again!! But after the ride was over, this is how it broke down tonight….  In 3rd place tonight was the newly resurgent Wesley Crushers, in 2nd was the always competitive team I Don’t Know, and pulling out an INCREDIBLE squeaker to win the game tonight… The Witiots!!! Nice win you guys!! They chose “20th century art” for next weeks first round category, so study up and I’ll see everyon

next Sunday at Hinode!!  ~ Jon J

marilyn monroe trivia

Captain Benders

Awesome game tonight at Captain Bender’s after our snowy hiatus! Cranius Mazimus fought hard to get in the money tonight, in third place! In second by a SINGLE POINT strategic wager, Gary Effin’ Cooper! Up top, though, were our champs Give Us Your Beer $$!! THeir choice for first category? COURT JESTER, THE MOVIE.  DON’T FORGET ABOUT OUR UGLY SWEATER CONTEST NEXT WEEK, winner will be announced at the end of our game! Also: the votes are in, and there will be CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES for you all, as well! See you next Sunday!! ~Torie

ugly sweater trivia contest