Sunday was gross out…but a game of Pour House Pub Trivia is always beautiful!

It might have been nasty out, weather wise, but that couldn’t stop Pour House pub trivia!
I can’t wait to stop being concerned about the weather. Seriously! It looks like get a moratorium on snow, sleet, hail, rain, locusts and what have you this week. Let’s enjoy some nice weather for once, eh?
  • The 56/100 of a percent in Ivory soap? REAL IVORY! That’s why it floats!
  • The Rolling Stones also get 56/100 of a percent of ALL SALES at Ruby Tuesday restaurants!
  • The hidden Gatorade ingredient they don’t want you to know about? 56/100 of a percent of each bottle…is actually gator!

Let’s see what happened in the games!

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD

 We had an awesome game of trivia tonight at Captain Bender’s!  The beer was flowing and the scores were too close for comfort!  We had a few different ties throughout the game!
In the end, our top three spots were reserved for these teams: The third place spot was fought for in our last tie-breaker of the evening and POG MO THOIN TOOK IT HOME! In second was Fisted Sister with some excellent strategic wagering, but they couldn’t beat the wits of Boh’s & Hoes who took FIRST PLACE!!
Their choice of first category is no surprise… SHEPHERD FOOTBALL!! See you next Sunday! ~Torie
Shepherd University Football Pub Trivia Category Maryland

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

We had a very intimate game of trivia at the Raw Bar & Grill tonight! I don’t know if it was the rain, the gloominess, the wind or a combination of them all, but we had a showdown of epic proportions!!
Every round had a two or three-way tie for first as well as two way ties for third every other round! I was DREADING how many tie breakers I might have to deal with when it was all said and done, but the wagering in the final question sorted EVERYTHING out perfectly for me so there was no need for a single tie breaker.
In third place tonight was the Witiots. In second was Optimus Prime Rib, and with the smartest wager of the night AND stepping into the winners circle for the first time in a while, please welcome back The Wesley Crushers!! They chose the tv series “Farscape” as next weeks winner’s choice category, so do some studying and I hope to see you at Raw Bar next Sunday for some Pour House sexiness!!  ~ Jon J
Farscape Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland