Sunday PHT Retreat!

We will get a blog together soon with all the happenings from Saturday’s World Series craziness, polishing up all the photos and standings. Until then check out how the games went down on Sunday night as we had our very first games of Lucky Season 13!

Cpt Benders in Sharpsburg, Md

We were back in action tonight at Captain Bender’s in Sharpsburg! Now that the blizzard has passed and spring seems to be trying to sneak its way in, you all managed to dig yourselves out for a night of white hot competition. You guys graciously took it easy on me as the winter bug has made its way around to me and I was downing hot tea between rounds. But the show must go on, right?! After a raucous return to the game, the scores looked like this: Coming out of a 3+ month hiatus was Rice Rice Baby with a new tiny trivia player in tow! (Shoutout to little Bailey!) In second place after a killer tie breaker were our Boh’s and Hoes who lost out by a sliver of a margin to the illustrious Fisted Sister! Their choice of first category next week? The movie “Snatch”

TIME CHANGE REMINDER: Next Sunday’s sign-ups will be at 3:30 with a game start at 4 PM so we’ll be done before kickoff for the Super Bowl.

See ya next Sunday!! – Torie

The Beacon in Frederick, Md

 What a GREAT start to Season 13 last night at The Beacon! We had an awesome team turnout for the first official game of the season and they ALL came to play! Now that everybody is equally back at zero, everyone has a chance to grab an early points lead. It looked like One Crow Short of a Murder had the win locked up since they were sitting in 1st place the entire game, but then the final changed EVERYTHING!! Moving up into 3rd was The Witiots, moving up to 2nd was The Vitrifiers, and moving up into 1st place for the first win of the season was a visiting team, Poovey Farms!! They picked the t.v. show “Firefly” for next weeks winners choice category and I hope they will consider making The Beacon a second home for Sundays!!  ANNOUNCEMENT! Next week for Super Bowl Sunday, our game will start EARLY!! We will start sign-ups at 3:30 with a 4:00 start time!!! That way we can get our game in so there be will plenty of time to get to your Super Bowl shin digs!! DON’T FORGET!! 3:30 WE START SIGN-UPS, 4:00 WE START THE GAME!!! See y’all next week at The Beacon!!     

~  Jon J