Summer Fling 2014 Trivia Championships Are in the Books!

It was one great summer of pub trivia. We’d like to send a HUGE thank you out to all of the teams that hung out with us all summer long. And that summer of fun culminated into what turned out to be a stellar day of pub trivia at three bars in MD and Va!  That’s right, we had a 3 Bracket Championship go down, a ton of fun, lotsa good trivia, and 11 of the 50 or so teams took home a lil $$boom chicka-boom$$ for their efforts. Thanks to our three fanatstic host venues: Ramparts, Belles’ Sports Bar, and Champions Sports Bar in Alexandria, Va and Frederick, MD. Thanks to our awesome sponsors for helping out with the aforementioned $$boom-chicka-boom$$ – Budweiser, Goose Island, Peggy Patschak of Coldwell Banker and Ronald Regan, Jr. of State Farm Insurance. And again, thanks to all of you, for coming out and spending your time with us and throwing down some bar trivia chops for a bit. Let’s most definitely do this again next Summer! 

So how did these games go down? Who took home the boom chicka-boom? What were their scores? And, perhaps most importantly, how was their victory photo? Well…read on my friends…


Frederick Division – Champion Billiards

The Frederick Division trivia finals were held at Champions in Frederick, MD. And from Duck Sauce to Atari it was anyone’s game! Samantha and I hosted this game and we got to see our friends from the Frederick Division bars come out and grapple a bit over what proved to be some very fun questions. We had some cameos from: Kid-n-Play, Pee Wee Herman, and of course the Sour Patch Kids! 

The first half went down quick and after a fun half-time page, it was Smarty Pants who was in the lead going into the 2nd half. There were a few ties in the mix and teams were bunched up all over the score board. And then…the 3rd Round happened! Oh yes! And what a 3rd Round it was. It was what I will call a “snowglobe round.” It turned everything around. But we did get some fun facts out of it (btw…Anyone in for the International Pi Day Party 3/14/15 at 9:26pm – PARTAAAYYY!)

math trivia joke washington dc

Going into the final question we had some strategery on the wagering – had a few teams go aggro, and a few played some D. After the Atari bomb hit though, our Top 5 Summer Fling 2014 Board looked like this

Maryland Pub Trivia Champions

Maryland Bar Trivia Winners

 Trivia Company Winners

Trivia company contest

Hired A Bar trivia Company

And that my friends was an awesome day! Congratulations to all of our winners. And thank you again to everyone who played this summer and came out today! I wish you all the best of luck in Season 10…we’ll see you at the World Series of Trivia in January (just a couple of months before Pi Day!)- Rock!

Thanx again everyone…lotsa love to you. See you soon 🙂 dg and Samantha


Maryland Division – Belles’ Sports Bar

The Maryland Division came to play at Belles as we wrapped up the Summer Fling, again thanks to everyone for their support! The leader board really moved around in the game and it was a tight one going into the final question. Slapsgiving pulled out the win from a tie situation, with Montgomery County’s own Uncle Jack nailing the final to take 2nd! Hot Dog Stigmata rallied in the 2nd half and held on strong, a correct final launching them into 3rd. Congratulations to our Top 3…here are some pics of their smiley faces 🙂

Hagerstown Trivia Company Winners

Gaithersburg Trivia Company winners

Rockville Bar trivia company

It surely was an epic end to a great summer of trivia in Maryland and Virginia. And both Eric and I look forward to seeing you at your venues for Season 10! ~ Ronnie


Virginia Division – Ramparts 

Thanks to all of the teams who joined us at Ramparts Tavern in Alexandria!  We had nearly 20 teams competing on Saturday, and there were many of them that had a great chance of taking home our top prize.  Early on, we had several teams cruise through the first half, as there were four teams who topped 90 points after the break.  At 92 points were Wee Baby Seamus and Rubber Sheets Club (the latter of which are the defending PHT Season IX champions).

The second half definitely got tougher and separated the pack, but it was Rubber Sheets Club who was able to maintain a slim lead over Ramparting Ways heading into the final.  After much deliberation, RSC gave us the correct response and took home first place (and $300)!  Fantastic!  Jumping up a few spots to take the other cash prizes were Lloyd’s of London in second and Reverse Polarity in third.  We can’t wait to get Season X started on Monday!  ~ Matt and Bill

Bar Trivia in Virginia

Virginia Pub Trivia Contest

Virginia Pub Trivia Contest