Stalactites, Stalagmites and much more from Pour House Trivia on Monday!


Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday capped off a beautiful day with five awesome games of live trivia!

We mixed in a little science with those tricky stalactites and stalagmites, and had a blast – check it out below.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Thanks again to all the teams for packing the house tonight here at DRP in Alexandria! 15 teams, WHEW! Happy 4th to you all and I’ll certainly see you next week.

Here are the results of the game:
High School Prom in 1st
Tequila Mockingbird in 2nd
MSC in 3rd

Our first category for next game is Guitars.

~ Ronnie

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Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Sometimes games at the Greene Turtle can get really loud, with the basketball arcade game behind me that kids love to play on, as well as people cheering for their favorite sports teams. Tonight was one of those nights, as I was almost taken out by one of those basketballs!

Tonight’s game featured possibly the most sports movies I’ve seen in awhile, with half of the halftime page being family sports movies like Space Jam and Angels in the Outfield, and the second half having a question about The Bad News Bears, which is really funny movie. We also had a question about the Little Rock Nine, something a lot of people don’t seem to know much about, mixing them up with what happened in Montgomery, AL. It also turns out that current TV show hosts is a category that can be rather difficult as well.

Tonight also featured a tough final question, with only one team getting the answer correct, leading to scores largely remaining the same afterwards, only with slightly less points per team. In third place tonight we had Team 2nd Place, making the appearance out here with me tonight. Second place went to Cotton Candy, who made a defensive wager that paid off. Tonight’s winners were the only team to hit the final and did so immediately to secure the win; congrats going out to Sad, Fat Dragons on the victory! Nice job! I hope to see you all again next week, when we will start out with a question about Polish Black Metal which will most definitely get interesting.

Until next time,


il Forno – Frederick, MD

We were bringing in PATIO FURNITURE to accommodate for the large numbers tonight! It was a packed house as we continued the Summer Season at il forno tonight! We had all sorts of diversity in the crowd tonight including new teams, old teams, regular teams, traveling teams, it was a party down here!

Question of the night was the Science question. Entropy was gotten by less than a third of the field, most teams opting to go for the Most Common Wrong Answer of chaos. Entropy specifically refers to disorder within a system and relates more closely to thermodynamics than chaos. Or so I would assume based on the question, I actually had no idea myself, science isn’t exactly my bag.

But it did make quite an impression on the game. Going into the final we had Dewey Decimators, Better Late Than Pregnant, and Thundercats in the top 3. The final played very difficult with less than a 25% get rate. Here’s how the game turned out: Chicken McThuggets pulled a correct answer on the final, jumping into the top 3 as our 3rd place finishers! Dewey Decimators missed the final, placing them into 2nd place after leading for most of the game, and the winners tonight are the Thundercats, who jumped up 2 places with a correct response on the final! Great game all! Next week continues the summer season. More trivia. More fun. More drinks. Just a good time! Hope to see you there!

1st Place: Thundercats
2nd Place: Dewey Decimators
3rd Place: Chicken McThuggets

Next week’s category: Bill Sings Katy Perry


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

We had ourselves a nice evening of Pour House Trivia at the Roast
House tonight. Beer was flowing, food cooking, and the smack talk

Highlights of the Night:

In “OK-Someone-Else-Needs-To-Win”: When the winner’s choice question
was taken from the first few lines of Wikipedia, it could’ve been a
better category. Seriously, Digimon? Come on TBH!

In “Back-To-Science-Class”: StalaCtite. C guys! So its G for Ground
and C for Ceiling!

In “Trivia-Uh-Finds-Away”: The Science Terms Question saw a few too
many acolytes of Dr. Ian Malcolm. Entropy boys and girls, not Chaos

The final didn’t change much in the way of standings, so the podium
for the night was set:

In third place, John Lithgow Fan Club!

In second place, the triumphant return of Better Late than Pregnant!

In first place, the Ollie Monsters!

Congrats everyone on a good game! Next week’s winner’s choice category
should be fun: Over/Under 69 😉 See ya next time!

Until then,

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

It was an impressive performance by Jimmy’s in Vegas, as they led wire-to-wire tonight to take down their first win of the season.  They were also one of just two teams to pick up the correct response on the final question, so they ended with a pretty impressive margin of victory.  Second place went to Mike Hunt Loves Hard Questions, followed by Humanta Ray, who jumped a few spots by being the only other teams to get the final.  Next week begins with a question on the films of director John Ford.  ~ Matt