“Spelling should never count when talking about Kazakstan!” – Thursday night trivia mantra

And I am now in the camp that we should accept “dragon” for being what a male drake is :) I mean…it can breathe fire (okay okay not all of them can, but a lot of them can). If you can breathe fire, we should accept you…like all the time.  But a Ram is still a sheep…and sheeps will be upset if you call them goats! (exhale)…And this was Thursday’s very interesting trivia games :)

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

My good friends of Champion Billiards! We got all rowled up tonight for our little Thursday trivia get together. 20 teams packed into Champions tonight and splashed around a bit in what proved to be a great night of trivia for our Season 9 opener at Champions. 

It was “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades” who came out strong and developed an early jump on the pack. After a tough puzzle though, “Just Good Enough” managed to sneak up there and snipe the top slot near the 6-4-2 time. And they held that slot on in for the WIN! Congrats Just Good Enough – our Season 9 Opening Night Winner! 

2nd Place went to last week’s winners, the lovely ladies of Vitrifiers, who are no strangers to the top spots on a Pour House Trivia leader board. 3rd Place was a dicey little tie breaker that went in tthe favor of Shellby’s Heroes, who put the band back together for a  night and jammed out! Hope to see you all again guys! 4th and 5th shouts to Horsehsoes and Hand Grenades who earned a nice 4th spot and 5th Place; and to South Paw Fish who jumped like a million spots with a correct answer to a tough final question.

Exccellent times tonight my friends. Hope to see you next Thursday night when we will continue our Season 9 fun with a 1st category of “IT” by Stephen King – oh I love me some Pennywise ;) See ya soon everyone… – dg

pennywise the clown trivia question

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

13 loud, rowdy, and quite likely socially lubricated teams- that’s my bunkers! Always a blast down here with you in Leesburg but tonight you were especially loud- might have been the 2 recent engagements, excitement was in the air ;) Congrats to Hades and Gentlemen and Thundercats! We had a great game and a hard final, so it all came down the wagering yet again. In 3rd were the Mafia of Minivan, 2nd went to the Thundercats and 1st went to the ladies of Cake or death! Nice snipe on the final! I will see you next week when we start with a first question of Titanic- The Movie…

titanic movie trivia company

I’ll never let you go Jack.. I’ll never let you go…. Oh I’m going to have fun with that one… ~Samantha

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Team “To Sew O SO Chi” was new to Main Street, and didn’t know they knew so much! They ended the night in third place with 82 points. Second place was taken by house team If we Only had a Brain, andfirst place goes to Clever Team Name, the team formerly known as Balls so Hard University. Great Season 9 opener everyone. Next week we can look forward to 80s 1 hit wonders!

80s one hit wonder trivia

Guidos – Frederick, MD

Great season 9 kickoff at Guido’s Speakeasy tonight!! Teams came out and huddled their brains together to keep warm! We had Stink Floyd round out our winner’s podium tonight in third place! In second after nailing the final question was We Made a Huge Mistake! Up top starting Season 9 with a bang was A Pathetic 5th in an IMPRESSIVE FIRST!! Their choice of first category next week? SAD ROBOTS!! See you next Thursday!! ~Torie
pub trivia company robot question

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Great opening game tonight for pub trivia at the Fish Market! Leading all night was the duo known as Domari Nolo until a catastrophic 9+Bonus chip miss on the Century question, dropping them into 5th place; Hard Knox Life pulled the lead going into the last question BUT with a strategic wager, Domari Nolo stuck back up, losing the game by ONLY ONE POINT, holding onto 2nd place after what seemed like a lost game. Hard Knox Life did in fact take the W tonight though! Congrats! 3rd place honors go to our veterans Gone Squatchin’. Until next week ;-)

1st: Hard Knox Life
2nd: Domari Nolo
3rd: Gone Squatchin’
Category: Chemistry

periodic table of the elements trivia